How To Dispose Of Kitchen Knives With Some Easy Steps

You will never find a kitchen without knives. Knives are mostly used item in every kitchen. According to types and designs, there are enormous options for this. People use it for different purposes. However, this is also a complex object to destroy or dispose of.

Since it is a sharp object, you cannot just throw it somewhere and get rid of it no matter how old it gets. Unlike other wastes, it can harm anybody and cause severe accidents because of its sharpness.

Therefore, you should think about all the safety measures before you go to get rid of your old knives sets.

On another note, a little mistake while disposing of the knives can cause significant harm. For instance, they can destroy disposal machines, break packages, and also destroy containers. All this can happen inside of a single dustbin by a single piece of the knife.

How To Dispose Of Kitchen Knives

Therefore, once you are sure about the sets, you are ready to throw them out, find out the best idea to do it. Well, let’s know how to dispose of kitchen knives with safety and sound.

1. Donate

Charity begins at home. Right? In this case, start the charity from your kitchen. Try donating all the unnecessary knives to your nearest charities. Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Keeping that in mind, if you think your knives still look good and are of re-use, you should rethink about just wasting them as someone else can even use them. After all, the donation is always a good idea.

2. Resell

Many shops that sell knives also buy knives at a small price. Since the shopkeepers need several spare parts to repair their customers’ knives, they buy old knives to get those parts. Therefore, old knives are no more useless.

So do not just throw your knives. Before doing it, contact the nearest knife store and try selling them even if the price is minimal. So, do not wait and make some money out of the old knives. if you want buy new kitchen knives read our product review article Emojoy knives and best sushi knife.

3. Recycle

Recycling is the best way to use something and not waste it. In the case of too old knives that seem unable to sell or re-use, you can recycle them.

Even if you are unable to recycle, go to the nearest recycler shop. They used to take different metals for their purposes. Sometimes, they even make other materials out of such old and recycled items. Therefore, recycling is one of the best options.

4. Sell Like Scrap Metal

Did you hear about scrap metals? Let us tell you. As many knives have parts that consist of expensive metals, some metal shoppers buy them. Sometimes, it buys such parts even with a lot of money. You don’t know which of your old knife consists of such a valuable element.

Therefore, if you do not feel like selling or re-using them, ask scrap material handlers to buy them. This is going to be a good deal, indeed.

5. Disposal as Garbage

This one is probably the last way when you failed to attempt all the methods mentioned above. However, disposing of them is not so easy as there might be some local restrictions. So do not forget to check them out.

How To Keep Kitche Knives Securely

However, before thinking about disposal, try remembering some steps to secure the sharp things properly. Here are some ways to secure knives.

1. Wrap with a Bag

As we said before, it’s dangerous to throw the knives just like that. Therefore, apply this decent way of covering them when you are ready to hand them over to re-use.

Thus it looks presentable. Also, it makes the whole process safe for you and the receiver both. Therefore, do not forget to wrap them before handing them over.

2. Use Newspaper and Clothes to Wrap

If you do not have a bag to wrap them correctly, use the newspaper in that case. Also, some old and clean clothes can help you either.

Pack the knives and cover the sensitive parts, most importantly. Cover them the way the blades no more look sharp. Pad the blades thickly and secure the whole package with tape. For more security, do not forget to remind the other person to unpack the package with safety.

3. Use Cardboards

A cardboard is also an excellent option to secure the knives. In this case, you need longer cardboard than the blades. Just keep the knives properly and excellently wrap the board.

In this case, you need tape for securing the package too. Just make sure that the knives are packed so that it will not fall or the blades don’t come out.

4. Use Plastic Containers

Everyone has free bottles at their homes. This is another right way to carry the knives without any harm. Carrying the knives inside of the bottles is a good idea, indeed.

However, you have to cut the bottle in a way that the knives go inside. Put the blades at the bottom and make sure the knives do not come out. Wrap it thickly with old newspapers to ensure more safety. Thus plastic bottles can help you carry old knives with safety and security.

5. Bubble wraps

On another note, bubble wraps can help you with ease in such a case of disposal. It doesn’t require rocket science to do it. You got to wrap the knives well with bubbles wrap and tape it properly to stop unraveling.

On the other hand, no matter how you are trying to dispose of all your old knives, security is essential. You can recycle, re-use, sell, or whatever you do. Just make sure you are wrapping them well before handing over.

The Bottom Line

Just make sure that the blades are not exposed, and the knives do not fall whenever you are packing them. Taking care of this much is enough, and you are all set to do whatever you want to do with your old and favorite knives. Be careful and serve the best to others.

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