Top 10 Best Tom Brown Tracker Knife Reviews – ( Update For 2021 )

A quality tracker knife can help perform numerous and varied tasks, whether outdoor camping, hunting expeditions, or even essential outdoor sports. The fact that they fit in a pocket makes it even easier for wherever the spot. The knife type of Tom Brown Tracker is a multipurpose instrument that performs multiple and diverse survival tasks. Its fundamental architecture has engineered to allow practices such as slicing, cutting, grinding, hammering, engraving, and carving and, remarkably, even metal wire breakage to perform effectively. This is an excellent accessory for any outdoor expedition created by TOP Knives and followed by a traditional Kydex sheath. So, let’s go through the Tom Brown Tracker knife reviews to choose your favorite one.

Top 10 Best Tom Brown Tracker Knife Reviews

The Tops Tom Brown Tracker is the perfect survival knife for outdoor use. A durable Tom Brown style with a steel blade and convenient micarta handles provide this high duty fixed blade.

As for what a survival knife can be, the Tom Brown Tracker sets a new level. Below are the top 10 best Tom Brown tracker knives.


Tom Brown Tracker T-2 Tan

The knife produces cheap, no-nonsense blades intended for people who need to live in the wild. Since bushcrafting is two-thirds survival, one-third hobby, there’s a lot of crossover between bushcraft and survival.

Two types of steel are available for the Tom Brown: stainless steel 12C27 or carbon steel 1095, providing you choices if you choose corrosion resistance or a better edge.

Regardless of hot or cold, wet or dry, the handle is polymer and rubber, making it soft and grippy. For both light and heavy jobs, the blade is well-sized. A branch may be chopped and then whittled into a feather stick.

Don’t baton with a companion, though, unless you’ve got a spare weapon. The tang goes through the handle just three-quarters of the way. The Companion also has other models, including the Heavy Duty and Emergency versions.


  • Inexpensive
  • Swedish steel
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable


  • Not a full tang


Tom Brown Tracker

As a piece of emergency gear for pilots who could shoot down over enemy territory, the Tom Brown Tracker survival knife has made. It is similar to other knives from Ontario, such as the USMC combat knife, but it’s made for survival rather than fighting.

However, you should always stick a pig with it! The 5-inch blade is thick enough to withstand a hole that has sliced into the surface of an airplane. It’s more than up to the challenge of firewood processing.

Though instead of absolute, the tang is rat-tail because while it will baton through tiny logs, you would not want to do this endlessly. The handle has made of leather and, in a wide variety of conditions, offers sufficient grip.

At 0.1875 inches, the blade is very thick. For stabbing, the clip point is fine. The back is serrated but not too thick to be used as a wood saw. The pommel is heavy steel, so, if you need to, you can use it as a hammer.


  • Durable pommel
  • Sharpening stone
  • Tough blade
  • Flexible


  • Heavy


Tops Knives Tom Brown Tan Tracker Fixed Blade Knife

When you hold this knife, you can see that a lot of thinking has gone into its construction. It fits well, and the hand feels normal. The shape is easy but quite effective. The blade measures 6.2 inches in thickness.

For specific assignments, this could be longer than optimal, but the A1 would also function for them. To the very end, the altered drop point gives you leverage. Its diameter is what’s special about the blade.

It’s incredibly durable at about a quarter of an inch thick. The total tang covers a Kraton handle. Mix the thickness of the tang and the blade, and you have a survival knife that you can use as a bludgeon.

Roughly all the way from tip to pommel, this and the straight back let you baton this blade through every wood in the world! Also, the exposed part of the tang is there so that you can use the pommel as a hammer.


  • Coated steel blade
  • Great survival knife
  • Nice to feel on hand
  • Very effective


  • Expensive


Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker T-2 Fixed Blade Knife

After being asked if the ultimate survival knife exists, legendary tracker, Tom Brown Jr. developed the Tracker knife as an all-purpose survival knife. Eventually, it found its way into a film called The Hunted in 2001.

With a semi-circular front, hooked midsection, and saw back, the 6.25-inch blade has a distinctive feature. The premise is for this knife in the woods to perform whatever job you might require. Ok, the hooked part is a knife for a passable draw.

It would help if you carved feather sticks since the micarta handle and jimping provide good control. However, for sensitive tasks, the knife is balanced too far forward overall.

The part of the saw is good for nothing but not as good for sawing actually. However, it does chew on every bit of wood you use for this knife to baton, which seems counterproductive.


  • Great to chop
  • Includes a manual
  • Multipurpose
  • Versatile


  • Very expensive


Tops Tom Brown Tracker T-2.

For a survival knife, the Tracker T-2 is a little thin. The blade has made of stainless steel in an unstated shape, so that’s not the best either, but it’s in an efficient Tanto style and has outstanding jimping.

This is not a decent knife for primary survival. It’s both conveniently hidden and very inexpensive, though. You can potentially buy an eight-pack of these knives and still don’t waste as much money on this page as any of the knives!

This makes it a great knife for backups or emergencies. Specifically, the magnesium fire-starting rod and nylon cord handle included unravels when you need cordage.

You should throw one in your bag, glove box, boot, any pair of trousers you possess, and somewhere else you may think of because no matter what happens to you, you can always have this knife.


  • Included with a magnesium fire starter
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Concealable
  • Removable cord handle


  • Small in size


Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker #4 3.5in Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife

You’ve read the right: this Tom Brown Tracker #4 is a Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife. Not “companion,” even though some of the government records say otherwise.

There was an intern who felt, by using a spellchecker, they were oh-so-clever, I think. According to Ka-Bar, the Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife is a high duty survival knife designed to “work for a living.”

The blade is a quarter of an inch thick and 3.5 inches long. This has a fat drop point and is 1,625 inches tall, which makes it a hefty baby. This is fantastic for prying, slicing, and batoning.

Even though the knife is big, the flat grind is still good for finer activities, such as skinning and food preparation. For people with small hands, the Campanion is well balanced but can be too large.


  • Included hard/soft sheath
  • Full tang
  • Thicker
  • Heavier blade


  • Delicate jobs may be difficult.


Tops TBT-031 Tom Brown Tracker T-3

The Tracker T-3 is not a knife that looks very impressive. For a survival knife, however, it reaches any point you like. It has made of 1095 carbon steel with a long, large blade that can bear a good edge and use for prying and batoning.

For better power, there’s slight but efficient jimping on the spine. A layer of black-powder protects against corrosion. If you need to scrub the blood from under them, the Micarta handles are removable.

Except for the lanyard hole, they occupy nearly all of the tang and a part you can use for hammering. It may have a large tip, but the 6P is not a heavy knife. It’s hard enough to chop, yes, but it’s not going to be heavy enough to tire you out.

In fact, for finer tasks like whittling, it’s shockingly effective! A molded silicone sheath that holds the knife well comes with the 6P. Instead of a belt loop, it has a belt clip, if that matters to you.


  • Jimping
  • Excellent warranty
  • Pommel hammer section
  • Surprisingly lightweight


  • Expensive


Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker with Rocky Mountain Tread Handle

I’m usually not a Tom Brown Tracker user, but the Tom Brown Tracker impressed me with its features and consistency. The fact most of them have a liner lock is one of my concerns with folding knives.

As you begin to fold the blade closed, liner locks require you to place your finger in the blade’s direction. There is a plunger lock on the Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife, however. That’s a side press, significantly minimizing the odds of opening the finger during a survival scenario.

With the Quick 2.0 spring-assisted opening mechanism, opening the knife is simple, too. Using one of the two thumb studs, undo the safety and flick the knife open.

This solves the second big concern of folding knives because they are not as ambidextrous as fixed weapons. The blade is 7Cr17MoV stainless steel from China, which is decent enough. Not the best, not the worst, either. The handle is rubber and light orange fiberglass-reinforced nylon.


  • Plunger lock
  • Comfortable handle
  • FAST assisted opening
  • Liner lock


  • Requires break-in


Tops Knives Tom Brown Tan Tracker Fixed Blade Knife

Tan Tracker is a design that is years old that is still used today by hunters and outdoorsmen. For survival conditions, the drop point LT variant is much better.

With brass bolsters, the standard 110 has ebony scales and even has a clip point. The LT has a textured handle made of polyester that decreases weight and improves weather resistance.

It also has a drop point, which for fine detail work, such as carving, is not quite as successful, but it is more robust for survival activities. You’re not going to baton a folder, but you should withstand harder challenges than many other folding knives in this edition of Folding Shooter.

The blade has made from 420HC stainless steel and is 3.75 inches long. Buck uses a patented heat-treating process too make their 420HC superior to the same steel by other manufacturers.


  • Tough blade design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Rust resistant


  • A bit annoying hump where the blade meets the handle on the backside


Tom Brown Scout

A new variant is the Tom Brown Scout, more mature, but not annoyingly so. The most common size is the Tom Brown Scout, with a 3.25-inch blade.

Compared to the classic wood-handled “Carbone” of high-carbon steel, the Outdoor Range variant has Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, which can turn very sharp while avoiding corrosion.

The blade’s shape is the same to that of a Turkish sabre, with a slight concave segment and a convex tip halfway between a clip and a drop end. The Opinel Outdoors is partly serrated, which improves its flexibility. There is a 4 mm to 10 mm shackle key as well.

All of this adds to a sword that slices far above its weight class. And it’s in the featherweight class; 2.2 ounces weights the Opinel No. 8 Outdoor! The handle has made of silicone that is black and orange. It has slight curves that make the knife relaxed in your hand and is not vulnerable to swelling in humid weather, unlike the classic Opinels.


  • Great cutting ability
  • Integral whistle & shackle key
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong safety collar


  • Sluggish to open & close

FAQs & Answers Section

You may get some questions in your mind. That’s why we have answered some most frequently asked questions. So, check them out.

Who Makes The Best Tracker Knife?

There are several suppliers of high-quality tracker blades, as should be shown in the list above. As such, the maker of one person’s best tracker knife” is likely to vary from another person’s, and who is to tell who is right?

We will comfortably say that all the companies that have manufactured the knives on this page are seasoned suppliers of high-quality knives.

What Is A Tracker Knife Used For?

You can chop, break, carve, score, scratch, see, notch, and drill the Tracker Knife with wood, bone, and even antlers. It may be used to remove an animal’s gut and skin, and then scrape the hide.

Also, it can lash to a pole for use as a weapon, and it can cast just like a tomahawk. It is a knife that is highly flexible and useful.

What Knife Was Used In The Hunted?

Among the most unique and identifiable knives, TOPS has sold. Crafted by Tom Brown and used in both the BLADE Magazine cover and the movie “The Hunted.” The Tom Brown Tracker, one of the most famous knives that we make, speaks for itself.

Where Are Tops Knives Made?

Since its establishment, TOPS has manufactured its knives in the United States, specifically in Idaho. It has created by soldiers, TOPS Knives funds the Wounded Warrior Initiative and other humanitarian organizations.

TOPS Knives has over 200 versions of knives in development, with far more no longer produced.


For those who need a truly trustworthy wilderness knife or a survival knife, it isn’t easy to make a much better option than one of the ten of the Tom Brown tracker knife reviews mentioned above.

It’s because they are all crafted for their intended purpose from SAE 1095 Plain Tool Steel with an acceptable Rockwell firmness. Plus, along with canvas Micarta working with sizes, they each feature full tangs with incredibly relaxed management modes.

Therefore, each of the TOPS survival knives mentioned above will last you a lifetime without exhibiting any visible wear. We have a complete line of TOPS Knives available for sale.

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