How to use a meat cleaver?

Out of the all-professional knives used by chefs, you will always find a meat cleaver among them. Meat cleavers are used to cut through thick chunks of meat and easily cut bigger pieces into small ones. Meat cleavers are also great for spitting large pieces of bones and ribs. Be it a soft or a ...

How to sharpen a santoku knife?

Santoku knife is generally a multipurpose knife that can be used to cut and chop vegetables, meat, and fish. It can slice, dice, and chop at the same time. Due to the versatility it provides to the user, it is one of the most used knives by professional chefs. The flat and robust blade provides ...

Useful tips on how to sharpen a sushi knife?

Everyone loves and admires the precision and beauty cut in sushi pieces. You will definitely notice evenly, smooth, and endearing vegetable cuts inside all sushi dishes.  A perfect blade specifically designed to cut is a sushi knife. It also cuts all the ingredients used to make it, such as fishes ...

Best practices and tips on how to sharpen shun knives

Kai Corporation specifically designed the shun knives for both skilled chefs as well as home cooks.  The artistry, style, and quality of this knife symbolize the legendary sword-smiths of Japan. It is worth mentioning that life, as well as the performance of the blade, all depends on proper ...

Foolproof tips on how to use a boning knife?

The secret behind achieving accurate and even slices in the kitchen is using the right blade for the right purpose. There are different blades that we use in our day-to-day lives knowingly or unknowingly. Incorrect use of knives damages their blades and decrease their life and performance.  We are ...

Learning Process : When Must a Knife be Cleaned and Sanitized?

We cannot provide a precise answer to when must a knife be cleaned and sanitized for several reasons.  It is, therefore, important to note that some knives require more detailed cleaning than others based on their usage.  It is important to understand how you used your blade to choose an effective ...

How to sharpen a Gerber knife?

If you are looking for a small and compact pocket or tactical knife that can be used for various purposes when outside, or something that could come in handy while camping, then Gerber is the brand to go for. Gerber is an American knife making company that offers consumer knives and multitools in a ...

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