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It’s the Tomodachi knives reviews where we’re going to take a look at the top 6 best Tomodachi knife sets. You might know right now, but some of the best Tomodachi knives are out there. The knives of the set are as colorful as vibrant and bold.

They will make your kitchen stand out, along with adding a bit of fun. They may be fun in design, but they’re durable and sharp. It’s because these knives have made up with truly masterful craftsmanship. These knives are also very high-tech as they have made of premium materials.

Indeed, these knives have made of high-quality stainless steel with titanium and ceramic. Although these knives come with sharp blades, they’re well balanced. So, you can control them with ease. Well, let’s know more about them in the below topics.

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Top 6 Best Tomodachi Knives Reviews

In the kitchen, the Tomodachi package will unlock your powers. When cooking some food, it will be your dream partner. This review will tell you all about this fantastic collection of Tomodachi knives in the kitchen.


Hampton Forge Tomodachi 12pc Knife Set

The Hampton Forge 12-Piece Collection contains five knives with assorted cutting blades polished to make their surfaces non-stick with titanium powder. Both handles are wooden, dense, and use a rivet-less technique to fit in place.

With corresponding sheath safety covers that fit over the blades while they are not in service, all the knives on this package have sold. We liked these knives’ simplicity, which mixes an outdoor atmosphere with a sleek, trendy look.

Along with elegant and stylish blades, it does this by using ergonomic wooden handles. To make cutting with them fast and straightforward, the combination balances the knives correctly.

With no food stuck to the blades’ surface, the non-stick titanium mask over the blades keeps the blade free. As such, it’s easy to clean the knives, so all you need is to scrub them to extract sticky food products from their back.

Users of these knives request that the knives clean by hand. It’ll ensure that they have thoroughly dried before being stored in the storage.


  • Easy to clean
  • Well balanced
  • Handles are durable
  • Comfortable to hold


  • They need sharpening occasionally.


Hampton Forge HMC01E550S Rainbow Titanium – 10 Piece Knife Set

There is a wide range of cutting blades, shears, and a storage block in the Hampton Forge Epicure 10-Piece Package that keeps all the knives safely in place while they are not in operation.

The handles on the knives and shears have made of stainless steel with a soft silicone grip. Blades on the knives also contain stainless steel material free of rusting, scratching, and pitting.

The style that incorporates a chic soft-grip handle, a bolter between the blade and grips, and an end cap is what we like about this range of knives. This mix provides an outstanding balance to the knife and makes it easy to cut with every countertop.

The stainless steel blades have a streamlined appearance with a hollow-ground edge and maintain long-term sharpness. Like the wooden block included, consumers who ordered this knife package save room in the kitchen while the knives are not in operation.


  • Storage block
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Easy to clean


  • Easy to break handles


Hampton Forge Tomodachi 6 Piece Kitchen Knife Set

The knives on the Signature Knight package stand out when put on every kitchen counter with their finely made blades with gold paint for finishing and non-stick titanium coating.

The package also contains a storage block for “peek-a-boo” that comes in black. When stored, the block exposes the knives’ edges subtly, allowing the cook to select the correct knife if they need to choose a knife.

In this collection, we like the unique look of the knives. The titanium coated blades quickly cut through food products while minimizing the food that sticks to the blades’ surface.

The knives in the dishwasher are suitable for cleaning, but we recommend washing them by hand to increase their longevity. To decrease the chances of stains appearing on the blades, ensure that you dry the blades properly before storing them in the storage block.


  • Easy to clean
  • Well balanced
  • Storage block
  • Elegant look


  • Colors of blade wear faster.


Tomodachi HMC01A612C Raintree Ash – 3 Piece Knife Set

Three santoku knives of varying lengths are part of this three-piece collection. The knives’ handles are triple-riveted on both sides and fit tightly above the cutting edge on the blades that have a dimpled finish.

The knives’ weight is uniformly distributed, thereby ensuring a fine match for the knives and cutting rapidly and comfortably. We like the dimpled edge above the cutting edge on these knives for its effectiveness in releasing food items that appear to cling on the blade.

The handles fit tightly on the knives to make for accurate cuts, and their weight balances out with the blade’s weight. Under warm water and soap, the blades clean quickly and comfortably.

To prevent scraping their surface, which contributes to staining and deterioration of the edges, we suggest that users minimize these knives’ washing in the dishwasher.


  • Well balanced
  • Sharp edges
  • Dimpled edge
  • Attractive


  • Not dishwasher safe


Hampton Forge Tomodachi HMC01A597A 8-Inch Bread Knife, Purple

The knife and its corresponding safe sheath covers form the Rainbow Forged Titanium Kit. A multicolor titanium coating is added to the knives’ blades, while the handles have a single color that depends on each knife.

Protective covers have closely colored to the handles of each knife for quick recognition. We like the specially shaped blades with a distinct shade on the non-stick titanium coating on each blade.

The blades are secure for food usage and last for a long time provided proper maintenance guidelines are followed, without scratching the titanium coating.

The ever-sharp edges need less sharpening and, thanks to the multicolored non-stick coating, food does not stick to the surface of the blade. When picking a knife from this package, matching handles and protective sheath covers helps the cook recognize each knife and choose the correct knife each time.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Non-stick titanium cover
  • Protective sheath
  • Durable


  • The blade loses its color over time.


Hampton Forge Tomodachi Santoku Knife, 7-Inch, Green, HMC01A592A

We like the single piece knife that comes on both the blade and the handle is a beautiful green hue. It comes with stainless steel alloy used to make the blade.

And an associated covering sheath that fits over the blade covers the resin non-stick coating that protects the blade when it is not in operation.

The dimpled surface above the sharp cutting edge allows the knife to distinguish the food products from which the blade slices, while the well-balanced handle allows for simple and accurate cuts.

While the rivet-less mechanism used to connect it to the blade allows the knife to be light, the handle has tightly fitted over the blade.

To prevent rubbing the titanium layer on the blade, consumers should be vigilant when sharpening the knife. Just hand wash the knife with warm water and soap to ensure you use it for a long time.


  • Protective sheath
  • Easy to clean
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Well balanced


  • Its knife needs extra care.


This is all about Tomodachi knives reviews that will fit precisely into the kitchen and add a bit of fun to it. All these knives will fulfill their purpose, and with them, you will be able to prepare your favorite meal.

That is because each knife has its intended function, and from slicing to paring, you can do all sorts of cutting. There are many knives made of stainless steel, but these knives are made of titanium, contributing to their toughness.

Hopefully, you’ve found this insightful article and analysis. Tomodachi knives have been top-rated over the years because their collections are multi-purpose. Enjoy our another review article

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