Hampton Forge Knife Set Review & Buying Guide For 2021

The best knife set consists of both the qualities of expensive brands and cheap groups. Those who are interested in the culinary field, they genuinely need a quality knife set. It is not only their luxury but also a necessity. Most of their learning experience and future performances depend on a single knife set that they are going to use throughout the journey. Therefore, keeping them in mind, we are presenting one of those ruling knife sets that have been ruling the industry for a long time. Although people think that knowing the brand’s name is enough, there are a lot of details in this Hampton forge knife set review to understand among the specific products.

History Of Hampton Forge Knife Brand

No matter what you expect for your kitchen, be it decorating it in a presentable way, entertaining the guests, or innovations, Hampton is always there to meet your expectations. Starting from flatware to cutlery, they have absolutely everything to make you a happy client.

They destine their modern interpretations to make themselves memorable in every kitchen and dining table. Also, their trendy materials are there to match up with every kind of classy kitchen.

Moreover, they have recognized as one of the key innovators who are providing quality housewares and table accessories from the very beginning. Also, they offer invitations to their clients to join their celebrations where they display all their successful products.

On another note, they offer different lines of knife sets, including Skandia, Argent Orfe’vres, Signature, Tomodachi, and Hampton Forge. These lines provide beauties in various categories.

Also, some are elegant and dynamic. Some are fun and colorful, too. In short, clients have a plethora of options to choose according to their choices or needs.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best Hampton Forge Knife Reviews

A perfect knife set can be your best friend in the kitchen. However, before choosing a set, you need to know every detail about that. Only then you can compare your requirements and the knife quality.

Therefore, we are going to put some details on the following knife sets given below. Hope you will benefit after reading this as it will help you to make the best purchase.


Hampton- Black- Mirage- Santoku Knife- 3 Pieces

This knife set consists of a unique design that offers the most robust construction. With the help of ergonomic contour, the handle can provide you with a comfortable and clean-cut. Also, the blades are supremely sharp that will run so many years without even any maintenance.

Besides, this set offers nine different types of knives that are super sharp and come in a beautiful storage case. Also, you can keep that case on your countertop and enhance its beauty. It slices the elements as smoothly as the professionals do.

Speaking of the handles, it offers such an excellent grip that provides a proper balance. The dark black handles give an elegant look to the knives that make you feel like a smart professional while chopping things.

Although it comes with nine different knives, there is a total of 18 pieces of various accessories along with those nine knives. That means you can do whatever you want in your kitchen once you have this single set. That is a great deal with no doubt for anyone who loves spending time in his kitchen.


  • Sharp blades
  • Proper balance
  • Huge collection of knives
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Not rust-resistant


Hampton Epicure– Quality Knife, Stainless Steel, four pieces

Speaking of the handle first, the grip is so soft that you can keep working for hours without having any rash on your hands. To cut efficiently, this set holds all the necessary qualifications. Also, the handles are supremely balanced and give you a comfortable feeling.

Also, the blades come with beautifully grounded hollow-edge. It doesn’t only cut smoothly but also makes your countertop looks gorgeous and elegant when you place it. That’s a complete bonus because nobody buys a knife set expecting their kitchen countertop to look good.

Moreover, the stainless steel gives it the best quality that knocks out every other set that fools people with their fake advertisements. However, this set is exactly what they tell in the manual. Therefore, there is no chance to be a fool after spending your money.

Nobody can deny the fantastic knife sharpener that is the best addition to it. This is so tiny yet so effective that sharpening the knives need no effort. Also, it is very lightweight and easy to carry. The knives are easy to clean too as there is a resistant formula to stains and fingerprints.


  • Lightweight
  • Grounded hollow-edge
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Looks good on a countertop


  • Might not be sharp enough


Hampton – 5-Piece- Kobe- Utility Knife Set–5 Piece-Silver Color

Firstly, the handles are going to fit so beautifully in your hand that you do not need anything else to fall in love with this set. Kobe’s knives are exceptionally efficient to cut, slice, and chop anything that you want. The stainless quality makes it look like an elegant machine and works accordingly, too.

The extra clean look and polished edges will give a classy look to your place. Also, it requires a tiny position to keep it. Therefore, placing gives you no extra worry. Just keep it wherever you want and give your kitchen a sleek look.

The beautiful black finish makes this set a fantastic addition to your house. Be it your dining or your kitchen; everything looks gorgeous at its presence. Also, the block surprisingly looks better in reality than the pictures.

However, besides all the right sides, there is a single uncomfortable matter about this. This set is not safe for the dishwasher. Therefore, you need to use your hands to wash them. Although it’s not safe, using thick gloves can quickly solve this issue.


  • Exceptionally efficient
  • Sleek Design
  • Well balanced handle
  • Easy to place


  • Not safe while washing


Hampton Knight Black Knife Set

Preparing food is relatively easy when your kitchen has a Knight set. This shining set has become so popular in such a short time that anyone can guess its quality with closed eyes. Preparing food has never been easier than this with the help of a knife set.

People who are fascinated with cutlery sets and love to show them this stylish set is precisely what they want. The gold titanium piece is beautiful and expert at making your kitchen look sleek and gorgeous.

Besides, it offers terrific utilization of 13 pieces of knives. Starting from the well-finished blades to the perfectly balanced handle, everything is as perfect as one would desire for his kitchen. Therefore, the user gets the feeling of working in a well-decorated restaurant at his own house.

Moreover, this knight package can help you in every work that you want by it. It never fails to amaze you by its looks and performance. Therefore, if you are up to buy the best knife set for your kitchen, close your eyes and go for it.


  • High-level materials
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting


  • Plastic handles


Hampton – 4 Piece Knife Set-Silver, Black

Lastly, this set comes with all the qualities that a knife needs to give you an efficient cut. It has lasting qualities including stainless steel, mirror finish blades, and extreme edges. Also, the serrated blades can cut anything with ease and complete smoothness.

Speaking of the looks, this set will run for years without any maintenance and keep shining on your table. No matter it’s a formal meal or a casual get together, it is always there to make the dining look sleek and perfect.

Since cooking or preparing food is not as easy as we think, knives should be comfortable to use and carry. Or else, it’s an extra pressure on your hand while making food for additional people, sometimes. Keeping that in mind, it comes with a very lightweight feature that doesn’t require much of your effort while preparing foods.

Starting from an amateur to a pro chef, everyone will be happy to use it as it has that level of comfort. So it’s time to try this fantastic set and give your culinary talent a new break.


  • Lightweight
  • Sharp Edges
  • Easy to use
  • Easily placed


  • Hard to clean


Hampton Forge HMC01E550S Rainbow Titanium – 10 Piece Knife Set

Now it is time to present the ultra-trendy Hampton knives that provide extra fun to cut the food items. These knives are best for superior sharpness—also, Hampton knives created by high-quality materials.

The sharp edge of the knives helps one to cut all most every food item.

For example, one can cut the green vegetables and the bread slicing as well. Most importantly, one set of Rainbow Titanium presents eight unique knives useful for cutting and slicing as the materials of these knives are stainless steel.

That is why it can slice dense vegetables, thick meats, as well as hard nuts. Moreover, these knives provide an ergonomic handle that is very easy to hold. Also, it will help one to maintain the balance of the knife during you slice the things.

The most exciting part of this knife is razor- edge, and sharpness. Also, one will get a matching knife cover to keep the knives safe away.


  • Eight knives in one set
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Sharp edge
  • Safe enough


  • Oxidized


Hampton Forge HMC01A656D Rainbow Titanium 12 Piece Cutlery Set

The model number HMC01A656D is another excellent knife of Hampton Forge. It presents the non-stick coated, colorful, and holographic stainless steel. These things will help to make your cutting job easy and enjoyable.

Mainly, it offers a modern black handle that makes the knife more attractive and durable. If you love the perfect combination of knives with ultra-sharpness, then this would be the best choice for you. First, we want to tell you that you will get twelve pieces of knives in this Hampton kit.

Additionally, all the knives do their job correctly, and they are handy for every cutting. Moreover, the sharp edges of the knives will help you to cut the things fast is a proper size. The material of these knives is carbon steel that has outstanding reliability.

Also, the elegant design makes the knives unique than the other knives as well. Therefore, this set of Hampton knife could be the perfect option for any party or occasion.


  • Durable and trendy
  • Fantastic deal
  • Holographic stainless steel
  • Bright and smooth design


  • The handle is a little bit weak


Hampton Forge Kobe–13PieceKnife BlockSet–Silver, Metallic

One set of Hampton Kobe provides thirteen pieces’ knives that are very sharp, sleek, and stylish. Most importantly, they are very comfortable to use while cutting. Most of the chefs and reviewers consider this set as the ideal kitchen tool.

First, all the knives manufacture with reliable stainless steel. Also, they provide the exceptional features of sharpness and hollow- ground edges. Besides, the design of the ergonomic handles fit on every hand.

As a result, you will able to grip the handle nicely and will get them clean and perfect cutting items. However, one can use all the knives for a different purpose. Five wide knives are best for the cutting kitchen items. Also, medium five knives will be better for the often use.

Most interestingly, you will get two knives of Santoku that will be perfect for slicing, cutting, and dicing. Additionally, you will get one wooden case to keep the knives in a safe and protected place.


  • Straight blade
  • Japanese style
  • Reliable stainless steel
  • Amazing blade design


  • Poor quality


Hampton Forge HMC01B010H Epicure Pistachio 17-Piece Block Set

If you want to purchase a full set of kitchen knives, then Pistachio of Hampton can be the best decision for you. This set will provide you several pieces of kitchen knives that have different sizes and shapes. In a word, these knives can be the best kitchen tools for everyone.

People like the modern features, sharp- edges, and soft handles of Hampton knives. Most importantly, all the knives of this set are very fashionable as well. Indeed, you will get the opportunity to polish up the cooking and cutting skills with this set of knives.

First, you will get three tools with stainless steel; that is why they are beneficial for cutting. Like, one can cut vegetables, fish, meat, and slicing the bread as well.

Also, you can cut hard items like nuts, watermelon, and walnut, etc. Lastly, it would help if you cleaned the knife properly after using it.


  • Three excellent knives in one set
  • Sharp edges
  • Very fashionable
  • Soft handles


  • Very light


Hampton Forge Atlantis–20PieceKnife BlockSet, 20-Piece, Black

At last, we will present the beautiful and bold knives of Hampton Forge. Firstly, these knives will help you to be more confident in the kitchen job. The full set of these knives helps to get all the necessary tools that you need in everyday life.

Also, they will make your regular cutting job easy and comfortable. Most importantly, this set will provide you the long-lasting and stainless steel knives. Also, they offer the ultra-sharp blades that are amazing for the appropriate cutting—most of the reviewers like the handle of these knives.

The grip is very comfortable to use to easily maintain the balance of the knife and get a unique slice of vegetables. Though you will get only two knives in this set, you can use them for any cutting.

Last but not least, you must take care of the knife in a proper way. Otherwise, your knife will be rusty and not durable.


  • Nice handle
  • Affordable price
  • Great balance


  • Smaller than the usual knife

Buying Guide for Purchasing the Hampton Forge Knife

Now we will present several tips that one must follow to purchase a knife. So let’s read the below to get buying information about the knives.


You have to check the sharpness of the knives before you buy them. Everyone wants fast tools to spend less time in the kitchen. Also, they want to make their cutting fast. Therefore, a perfect- sharpen knife can help you in this case.

Specifically, a sharp kitchen knife provides an excellent and comfortable deal while cutting. Also, it can support one to cut the things fast at ease. So, you have to ensure the sharpness of the knife. Besides, it is essential to ensure the longer edge of the knives.

The Hampton knives are very sharp as well as comfortable to use. So, you can go for the Hampton knife to enjoy the best performance of the kitchen knives.


One of the essential noticeable parts of the knife is its materials. If you want a long-lasting and useful knife, then you have to ensure the best materials of the knives. The stainless steel, carbon, and Japanese steel are considering as the best materials for the knives.

And the Hampton provides all the knives that make with these significant steel. Also, the handle of the knives is durable and stylish as well. Most importantly, they are very soft and easily fits every hand. That is why one can maintain balance while cutting.


The handle of the Hampton knives is unique, stylish, and easy to grip. Also, it is effortless to maintain the balance. That is why one can use it comfortably without being irritating.

The Bottom Line

In the above Hampton forge knife set review, we have mentioned the details about the Hampton knives. For your kind information, we have collected all the data from the customer’s review. So, you can rely on us without any doubt about buying the Hampton products.

Most of the users of Hampton are very happy for the excellent materials, sharpness, razor-edge, and unique design. Most importantly, they love the handles due to the softness and perfect grip.

Moreover, this is the complete knife set that would be the best friend of your kitchen and make the cutting lob easy. Finally, the amazingly affordable price makes the buyer happy and enthusiastic to Hampton Knives. So, do not forget to take a set of Hampton to make the smart kitchen.

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