How To Clean Stainless Steel Knives With Some Easy Tips

Firstly, we want to tell you that knives are an essential part of our kitchen. A good quality knife makes your cutting job easy and fast. Therefore, we have to take care of knives in proper ways. Otherwise, one will not get the best result from the knives. Besides, the knives will be cranky as we as they will get the rust too. Most importantly, one should clean the knife properly after using it. Mainly, your knife will get rust or not; it depends on the cleaning process. Moreover, you have to maintain several restrictions to clean the knives as well. However, we have researched the knife cleaning process and got some useful tips. In the below content, we are going to present them. So, if you want to know how to clean stainless steel knives, then continue your reading until the end.

The Reason of Getting Rust on the Steel Knives

Now we will present the reason for the getting rust on the steel knives. Mainly the knives get stain due to the long exposure of water. Also, it is the final condition of the corrosion of iron. Therefore, there is a high chance of getting rust on steel and iron metal.

Initial Tip

Primarily one can avoid the scouring pads that have made with the heavy metal. When you clean the knives with this significant pad, your knives will turn into the rust fast. Instead of the hard cleaning pads, use the soft one while cleaning the sharp tools.

Another important thing is doing not leave your knives in the water for a long time. You have to clean the knife gently and soak the water with dry clothes. Lastly, one has to ensure that the knives are completely dry before you keep them away.

Top Tips to Get Rid of the Rust from the Kitchen Knives

Now the time is to present the best tips to remove the rust from the kitchen knives. We cannot but share that we always try to gather information from the expert. As a result, you will ever get useful and most popular tips and tricks from us.

Therefore, you can select any tips among them in your convenient way. Hopefully, you will get the best result by applying our tips. So, let’s move on to the below-cleaning tips.


The first ingredient is the potato that may help you to clean your steel knives. Indeed, potato is the best natural stain remover. Firstly, you may know that the potato contains plenty of oxalic acids that help eliminate the rust.

Just one has to take one potato and keep the rusty area on the knives inside of it. Then you have to leave the knife for the whole night or 8 to 10 hours. After that, you have to remove the steel knife from the potato and gently rub it. Honestly, this is the way that works like magic to remove the stain from the steel knives.

Lemon Juice

Another magical ingredient is a lemon juice that also works amazingly to remove the stain. Lemon contains Citric acid that supports to release the rust from the knives. To remove the rust, you have to make one glass of lemon juice.

Most importantly, you have to take the larger glass than the knife. Also, one can use one sizable mug as well. But make sure that your knife will be completely deep into it. After that, keep the rusty knife inside the glass full of lemon juice.

Then leave the knife for 10 to 15 minutes inside the lemon solution. However, you can keep the knife until the rust become loosen. Lastly, take out the tool from the solution and rub softly. Honestly, these simple tips will help you to get the stain-free knife.

Baking Soda

Well, baking powder is another element that also works amazingly for removing the stain from the sharp tools. First, take some water and add one or two tablespoon baking soda. Then make a thick paste of it.

After that, apply this paste on the rusty steel blade. Then leave the knife for 15 to 20 minutes. After drying the paste, take a lightly wet scouring pad and rub on the rusty places in circular ways.

Now wash the knife with the clean water and rub with the dry cloth. Lastly, you have to make sure that there is no particle of baking soda and water on the knife.

Detergent or Bar Soap

If you think that there is minor rust on the knife, then you can try detergent or bar soap easily. These two ingredients work to remove the little spot of rust. Usually, there are two ways to apply them to the rusty area. The first one is sprinkling some detergent on the satin area directly. Then use a wet cloth or pad to rub the stain is.

Another way is making a thick paste of the detergent and applies to the problematic area. Then wait for 25 to 35 minutes to loosen the stain spot and then rub with the clean pad. Moreover, one can try these tips reputedly if the knife has a vital stain.


Now we will present one of the best household elements that help to remove the rust excellently. And the magical rust removing an item is vinegar. Just take one full glass of vinegar and keep the knife inside the glass. It will provide a better result if you keep the knife for overnight. But if you do not have enough time, then leave it for 9 to 11 hours. After that, rub the knife with the soft cloth to remove the stain.

The Bottom Line

The knife may be full of stain; then, it will be the perfect time to purchase the new knife. Though more ways are available to clean the rust, it takes lots of time. Also, you have to spend a large budget to do this. So, here our suggestion is wrapping up the old knife and go for the new one. Lastly, one should always follow the tips of the manufacturer to keep the knife protected.

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