How Many Slices in a Loaf of Bread? Flowing Proper Answer

Have you ever wondered how many slices are in a loaf of bread? Bread is a delicacy in every home! Children, as well as adults, get attracted to such sumptuous dessert. However, most people never bother to know the exact number in a packet.

What is bread?

Bread is a baked food product that is made from kneaded dough. It is mostly moistened and sometimes fermented.

What are the suitable ways of slicing bread?

Do you want to slice your loaf into a specific number of slices? If you’re going to get the desired amount of sliced bread in a roll, there are effective techniques to get evenly matched sizes of your choice. Here are ways to help you cut your dough into great sizes.

Allow your bread to cool down.

Let your bread cool before you start slicing it. Bread taken out from the oven is usually very soft and can quickly get mashed if you slice it immediately.

Use a bread slicing guide.

If you want to produce different types of bread a loaf slicing guide will come in handy. The guide will help you get favorable sizes of bread buns.

Use a serrated knife.

Most bread made in homes tends to get mashed up or crumbles when sliced using a wrong knife. Use a serrated knife to ensure that you get great sizes.

Consider using an electric knife.

If you love eating bread, consider purchasing an electric blade. Slicing bread every day can get monotonous and tiring. Make your slicing easy by buying one that won’t require much effort.

How Many Slices Are in a Loaf of Bread?

The slice number is determined by loaf size. However, with industry standards in mind, most numbers vary from one bakery to another.

What are the types of bread and the exact number of slices?

Depending on the bakers’ preferences, many types of bread, have a different number of slices. Exact slices count is also determined by the ingredients used to bake bread. Therefore, to get the precise amount of slices in the dough, we will have to look at various types of bread rolls.

Slices of bread come in different types, flavors, and sizes that determine the count of slices. To know the exact number in a loaf, you first need to understand different kinds of loaves of bread in bakeries.


Wholemeal Bread

It is bread made of wheat flour. Unlike white bread, whole wheat bread uses the entire grain of wheat with the germ and bran used wholly. Therefore, a 400g of wholemeal bread has 8 to 10 slices of bread.

Its slices are so thick with an evident coat of seeds on the crust. As a result of its thickness, they crumble easily and require careful handling.



Sourdough is yeasted bread used as a starter in most homes. It is made from fermented wheat flour with water to create many slices of bread. Interestingly, the resulting loaf is soft, with big air bubbles to apply cheese or margarine.

A round top of sourdough bread has 24 slices of bread with every slice weighing 36g. Every piece is a half-inch thick to avoid unnecessary crumbling.


White bread

It is a traditional type of food preferred in homes by most people. A standard loaf of white bread weighs approximately 566g and produces 26 to 28 slices. Most of its slices are thin and do not easily crumble because of its size.


Rye Bread

It is a type of bread made of wheat and rye flour. With a tight crumb and rye flavor, its slices are 24 in number. Bakers give the food an earthy flavor by adding dill together with caraway seeds.


Target bread

Target is a bread brand with s standard number of companies selling rolls of dough to a variety of customers. Their sliced bread weighs a standard size of 480g to 680g with 16 to 26 slices depending on the firm. These companies include:

Apple Fritter

It has 14 thick slices in a pack with each slice weighing 41g.

Market Pantry

Each loaf contains 22 slices with every slice weighing 20g.

Archer Farms

It contains 12 thick slices in the packet, with each weighing 45g.


Walmart bread

Most of the food sold in Walmart by its vendors and associates have a standard size of 566g with an approximate of 22 slices.

Popular brands of Walmart bread include:

Great Value Bread

It has a standard count of 17 slices in a pack.

Sara Lee

It has branded loaves of bread, with each weighing 566g with 22 slices in the count.

Nature’s own

It has 22 slices of bread with every slice weighing 25g.


Bunny bread contains 20 slices in a loaf, with each weighing 20g.

Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave’s bread has 17 slices of in a pack with every slice weighing 45g.



It is a prestigious firm that offers a variety of bread, ranging from 670g to 1.2 kg loaves. Consequently, their rolls have 20 to 34 slices of in a bun. Therefore, their popular brands include:


It has 14 slices in a loaf with every slice weighing 40g each.

Furlani Texas Bread

It Has 24 slices in every loaf of bread.

Rudolph’s Bread

In every pack of Rudolph’s bread, you will find 24 thick slices.


Trader Joes

Do you need a variety of sliced loaves for your family? Trader Joes has a perfect selection of pastries for you. Most of these loaves are of standard sizes of 453g with 16 to 17 slices.

Their popular selling brands include:

  • Dempsters -has 22 slices in a loaf with each weighing 30g
  • Oak run -12 slices with every slice weighing 40g
  • Greenhouse – has 17 slices of bread in each roll.


It is a top bread company that offers freshly baked bread to a good number of customers. Most of their loaves weigh 453g with a standard quantity of 14 to 17 slices, respectively.

Its top brand includes:

  • Pumpernickel with 14 slices of bread in each loaf.

If you want exact answer watching this video.


Bread is a tasty meal that cannot miss in most homes. If you want to know the adequate size of what would feed your family, you need to know how many slices are in a loaf of bread. Our guide above comes in handy to help you understand different types of buns and the exact count of slices in every pack.

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