Cutco Vs Wusthof: Comparison To Find Out The Best One?

Do you want to buy a new set of a kitchen knife? Cutco, an American company or Wusthof is a Germany company which one does you prefer. Let me help you. Here we will discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between Cutco vs Wusthof. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide between buying a kitchen knife.

A Brief Head To Head Comparison Of Cutco & Wusthof

Here is some information about wusthof vs cutco kitchen knives that you need to know:


Cutco has been doing its business for nearly 70 years, and all the knives are made in the United States. On the other hand, Wusthof has been doing its business for 200 years, and all the knives are produced in Solingen, Germany.


Both the price is almost the same. But the actual amount depends on what type of knife you want to buy. You can order a Cutco knife sitting at home online while Wusthof knives are readily available in all retail stores.

Manufacturing Process

Cutco makes specially stamped knives. They make the blade from a large sheet of steel. Wusthof makes forged knives though they have two collections of stamped knives. They made it from a single piece of steel. Forged knife quality is better than a stamped knife.


Cutco has only one very comfortable design handle. Wusthof has seven styles, which are in synthetic material and wood.


Cutco offers three styles blade whether Wusthof offers seven styles blade.


Cutco gives both warranty and guaranty forever, even if it is gifted. Also, Wusthof will repair only to the original owner from defect in material or craftsmanship.

Cutco Knives Overview

Here, we will provide you all the facts that you should know about Cutco. We will cover Cutco’s history, blade style, warranty, care, and so on.

How Cutco manufacture their knives

Cutco makes all their knives in America. They make it through stamping or laser cutting process. Stamped knives are laser cut from a sheet of steel. After that, they give it a heat-treat, buff, ground, clean, and provide a protective layer.

The handles have thermo resin mold, and nickel silver rivets attach it with the blade. Then they clean all the sand. Skilled craftsmanship whets the edge to a 30-degree angle (15 degrees per side) accurately. Before shipping, they check it through 25 quality standards.

How you should care of Cutco Knives

Cutco recommends handing wash the knife in hot water with a mild liquid dishwasher. It is advisable to avoid dishwasher for better use and long term durability.

What Customers Say

Customers are quite happy with the Cutco knife. The blades are sharp from the beginning and a good warranty and sharp the knife lifetime for entirely free. That is why it is less risky.

It is less preferable for the expert as they use stamping rather than forging. The cost of production of stamped knives is less and offers less durability, sharpness, and sustainability than a forged knife. You’ll get more details about the Cutco knives reviews from another post.

Wusthof Knives Overview

In this part, we’re going to cover what you require to know about Wusthof. These include the manufacturing process, care, and customer reviews of the brand. It’ll help you to realize how effective their products are. Well, let’s get started.

Manufacturing Process of Wusthof

Most of their knives have forged with one portion of high carbon stainless steel that’s molded and heat-treated into a durable and thick blade. Wusthof has refined more than the last 200 years with the 40-step process.

So, they involve careful coordination with more than 300 skilled artisans as well as modern proprietary technology. Molecules in its steel are reorganized to make the blade durable and more energetic during the method of preparing a forged knife. As a result, forged knives become heavy, thick, and grasp on to their sharpness for a long time.

How you should care of Wusthof knife

Wusthof suggests its customer wash the knife after use instantly. They give advice not to put the knife in the dishwasher as it is not safe for the blade. After washing the user should dry the knife soon.

What Customers Say

According to the Amazon website, Wusthof customers love their knives. They are delighted. Wusthof keeps a long track record about it. Though they don’t give forever warranty like Cutco, the customer doesn’t need replacement frequently.

Wusthof customer doesn’t complain usually. But some customers have impractical expectations because of the premium price they paid. If you compare the price with Zwilling, Cutco, Shun then you will find it is in the chain though these other companies don’t offer a forged knife.

Comparing Of Cutco & Wusthof Brand

Let’s take a look at the comparison of the two brands of Cutco and Wusthof in terms of different points.


Cutco and Wusthof correctly make knives for decades. And they have some similarities.


Both companies offer highly performed knives. They are truly durable and long-lasting.


Both the company is ancient. Wusthof has been in business for 200 years, and Cutco has been in business for nearly 75 years.


Both Cutco and Wusthof offer a very comfortable handle. The handle is produced from various types of materials.


They provide a sharpening service through mail order with a very minimum cost.


Both suggest to hand wash the knife immediately after use. They recommend not putting the knife in the dishwasher.


Both are customizable by engraving and monogramming the blade.


They offer different collections of knives. Both the price is almost the same.


Now, it is time to see the differences that Cutco and Wusthof have.

Manufacturing process

Wusthof has five collections of the forged knife and two collections of the stamped knife. But, Cutco only has a stamped knife.


Wusthof offers a more durable knife than Cutco. So, the forged knife is more durable and sharp than a stamped knife.


Wusthof offers 28 degrees angled(14 per side) sharp knife. While Cutco offers 30 degrees angled (15 per side) sharp knife. Wusthof is sharper than Cutco.

Handle design

Wusthof has seven different designs to handle. And Cutco has only one with varying shades of color.

Handle material

Cutco uses Thermo Resin to make the handle and Wusthof uses synthetic material and natural wood to make the handle.


Wusthof gives assurance their product is defect-free. On the other hand, Cutco gives forever guarantee, even 15 days unconditional money back offer that is a relief.


Cutco produces its knife in America, and Wusthof produces its knife in Germany.


Cutco provides an in-home demonstration while Wusthof knives are available in all retail stores.

If you want to get more comparison of other brands you can check it out: Shun Vs Wusthof.

Direct Comparison Of Cutco & Wusthof Knives

Stuck between Wusthof and Cutco kitchen knife! It’s a big dilemma. Of course, we want a cutlery set that will complement our kitchen as well as gives all preferable features.

But it isn’t easy to find all in one until you met wusthof knives vs cutco. Based on all this information, it is clear that both are incredible. So which one you prefer is depending on which particular features you want in your knife set.

Cutco Knives with Microfiber Polishing Cloth 6-Pcs

Cutco gives absolute freedom to each of its customers. They can buy the exact product that they want. You can buy an individual product or a full set from a different collection. This feature is beneficial. Sometimes you need some specific knife or anything.

But for this particular item, you have to buy the whole set of cutlery, which is annoying and costly. They offer six pieces of a knife set. If you buy a set of knives and find that not all the items are according to your choice, you can pick items from different sets.

Stand-alone Cutco chef knife, the Outdoorsmen set, the table settings are top-rated among all the sellers. You might be thinking of how you sharp your Cutco knife. No worry! Cutco gives sharpener with some sets and also offers free sharpening service forever.


Cutco is growing its manufacturing strategy continuously while keeping some traditional aspects from the very beginning. It is a family of 600 employees and over 14 million faithful customers. Again Cutco offers performance and sharpness guarantee forever.

Your knife quality will decrease after the daily use, of course. But the relief is Cutco offers replacement service forever. There is a Double-D recessed edge in each knife. The three razors sharp edge protects the blade from touching the surface as the surface can damage the knife’s delicate edge.

The knife is safe to use in every situation. The edge is so sharp that you can cut in forward, backward, and straight lines. The hollow ground on the side of the blade blank is newly offered by Cutco increase the precision of the cut.

After cutting, you won’t find any part of the food attached to the knife. Cutco is durable, and it is worth buying it. We can say that Cutco knives will complement your kitchen.

WÜSTHOF Classic Six Pieces German Knife Set with Kitchen Spoon

You can buy a Wusthof knife individually from the website or third party seller. If any particular item is missing from your Wusthof cutlery set, then you can buy that specific item. Each chef, whether professional or not, has a distinctive cooking taste.

Keeping it in mind, Wusthof design its website with resources and knowledge from experts in this line. From their website, you will be able to find out your specific need and which knife is right for your particular task.

You’ll get more details about the Wusthof knives review from another post.


Here is what the Wusthof Pro 6 Pc Peeler comes with and what makes it more unique than others. It comes with a forged and sharp blade surface made from a single large piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel. After that, it has hardened up to 58° Rockwell before putting on the market.

This making process makes its blade sharper, and it’s also simple to sharpen when you take it at home. The most important advantage of the knife is its blade and edge last for life. No sharp edges are out there that can press into your thumb to create an uncomfortable feeling because of this design.

As the bolster well balances the knife, it’s a mid-section that connects its handle and the blade. Because of this feature, you can hold the knife with ease. Also, it’s easily adjustable in your hand. Thanks to its stainless steel made rivets, it’s typically strong, which is why it ensures the durability of the knife.

The cutting edge if the knife allows for an excellent cutting experience because of its PEtech technology where every cut is as clean as precise. Moreover, every piece of the knife has marked with evident proof that it has made by Wusthof.

Since its finger guard care for your fingers from falling down the blade, the Wusthof kitchen knives are safe to use for anybody. This knife allows you to hold safely with a guarantee of better cutting experience due to the unique handle and grooves with the tang.

Conclusion Of Cutco Vs Wusthof

Who desires to get messed with contacting the manufacturer to return their knives, albeit Cutco backs their knives with an incredible warranty? Also, we highly suggest going with Wusthof’s forged knife lines if you’re ready to invest in first-class kitchen knives.

As they’re durable, sharp, and have different handle designs, they do not just look great; they’re also safe and comfortable. Wusthof gives you more options to make your needs happy even though you’re selective about the design and feel in hand.

One more thing we like is that Wusthof offers five different knives that all are forged. You’ll find the difference while picking up this type of knife in your one hand and the other hand with a stamped knife.

Apart from being durable and balanced, the forged knives are heavier and better to hold. In the debate of Cutco Vs Wusthof knives, Cutco knives are indeed very durable. But, you’ll not feel the sturdy finish that you get from Wusthof knives.

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