Yoshihiro Vs Shun: What’s better Yoshihiro or Shun knives?

The challenge of two Japanese knife brands, Yoshihiro vs Shun, is finally right here for you. It’s time to decide which one will win the title of the victory in the battle of these hand-made and time-tested knives.

Indeed, you have landed on the comparison page because you’re seeking the best knife from the Japanese-style brands. So, we’re going to make some fundamental and products’ comparison to ensure you the most preferred one for you.

Well, here we go and continue reading on!

Yoshihiro Vs Shun: Brand Comparison

First off, we’re going to start by comparing two brands of Yoshihiro and Shun. These Japanese producers manufacture the most types of standard kitchen knives.

Also, they’re both extremely well-known for their durability and higher performance. Let’s know a bit of detail about them.


Yoshihiro knives are likely to be done the place along with the knives they’re producing. They’re indeed unlike most other knife manufacturers are not getting a strict knife’s line-up of collections. You genuinely understand the rarity to feel from these knives while shopping them.

Their knives for slicing are indeed top-rated, and they come with their yanagibas or sushi knives when they make different types and sizes of knives. As this brand makes very conventional Japanese knives, it should have lots of different options.

While we’re writing this brand comparison, it looks like they make as single as dual-bevel knives with more than 20 various steels. They create make of the toughest steel knives around with the rating of Rockwell Hardness in the mid-60s.

It means that many of their knives have made with durable and high-carbon materials. In most cases, you buy these knives for a single time. Also, this is nothing surprising that these knives have made by hand with expert artisans.

Moreover, it includes some engraving on the knives themselves. It’s also not surprising that they’re quite fantastic to think you can buy. Most importantly, these knives are entirely hand-made from beginning to the end. You can learn more about this brand from the Yoshihiro knives review.


You might have read the Shun Knives review. So, you know the Shun Cutlery products come from the famous manufacturer of the Kai Corporation in Japan. Interestingly Yoshihiro knives have made in the same city!

In reality, many Japanese knife brands are locating in this city, and most of them they’re out there for a long time. But, Shun that pronounces as “shoon” knives have made with the care and expert hands of the artisan.

As a result, they obtain the greatest attention to feature. The Shun knives as lovely to look at as extremely durable that you can use for years without any issue. Also, because of their hand-made individuality, they’re of higher quality.

At the same time, they also carry a comparatively high price when evaluated to other kitchen knives like Yoshihiro. In the Shun collections, there are seven different standard knives where each one of them has made with unique Japanese steel.

The steels include VG2, VG-Max, SG2, and Blue steel. With some options amid these steels, they deliver a wide range of chefs and kitchen knives. So, they have affordable knives with some of the high-end products as well.

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Yoshihiro Vs. Shun Knife Comparison

Both of Yoshihiro and Shun brands of knife come with revered and premium quality suitable for the professional chef. Let’s know two knives of these brands.

Yoshihiro Gyuto Vs. Shun Premier

Many chefs consider Yoshihiro knives as one of the best Japanese knives because of their durability and higher quality. They might be a bit pricey but deliver exceptional performance. The same things go for Shun premium knives. Let’s know them below.

1. Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer 8.25′-Inch Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

It’s an incredible knife from the Yoshihiro brand that has made for western users. The knife’s lines have influenced by Japanese gyutos classic with a 3mm thicker spine.

Also, the knife has curved slightly to its belly with a conventional mahogany handle, which is beautiful to look at. So, this gyuto is an ideal choice if you need a first-class Japanese knife.

But, the knife is not very exotic. The knife is very sharp beyond the box that comes with a forged blade along with a full tang like almost all other high-defined knives. As it has water-resistant clad steel, it helps you to prevent the rigors of daily kitchen use.

The VG-10 is sturdy steel with fairly an HRC of 60 that’s exceptionally excellent at grasping an edge. When it’s time to talk about its blade core, you don’t need to sharpen the knife frequently.

2. Shun Cutlery Premier 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

If you notice, you’ll find this is the most widely used knife in most kitchens. You’ll need to get it that you feel like an addition of the arm if you want to like most other cooks.

Indeed, this knife is not just breathtaking; it’s also light in weight, unlike Shun or any other knife brands. Also, the knife as agile as offers you a very comfortable grip. Again, this knife’s blade makes it lighter and not tiring to utilize than equivalent European-style knives.

Its sharp edge and perfect length are suitable for precise slicing, chopping, and dicing an extensive range of vegetables, fruits, and many other foods.

While moving cut food to the pan, the broad blade maintains knuckles off your cutting board that comes with extra handy. You can rock the knife softly through fresh spices or herbs to get a fine mince with its bent belly.

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Shun Nakiri vs. Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife

Because of their durability and higher quality, lots of chefs consider Shun Nakiri and Yoshihiro Nakiri knives as one of the best knives. Although they’re a bit pricey, they deliver exceptional performance. Here we’re with two Nakiri knives of Shun and Yoshihiro brands.

1. Shun DM0728 Classic 6.5-Inch Stainless-Steel Nakiri Knife

If you need straight cuts and precision slicing, the Nakiri-style knife is perfect for daily functions. As the shape of the blade has made in Japan, this Nakiri knife is suitable for vegetable slicing, chopping, and dicing.

Even if you have large vegetables, you can deal with them with ease while using this knife. It delivers very even and fine cuts because of its vast and thin blade. You also can control the blade without any difficulties.

It has a stunningly gorgeous line of traditional cutlery features with its look and advantages of Damascus-style steel. But, it doesn’t have any issues like rusting or discoloration even after years of use.

Apart from the VG-10 blade, this classic knife comes with a unique and handy D-shape handle. As it has the asymmetrical bolster, the position is more on its right side. So, it provides a proper finger position with a secure and comfortable grip.

2. Yoshihiro Aoko 6.5-Inch Nakiri Japanese Vegetable Knife

It’s the ideal product of Yoshihiro; that’s another great Japanese knife brand. The knife is indeed a vegetable knife, but you can cut almost everything using it. When you get this knife in the hands, you’ll find and feel it’s suitable for good domestic cooks and even for the professional chefs around the globe.

That means this beautiful is an efficient tool when you have loads of vegetables or fruits to slice, chop, or dice. Because of its straight blade, spine, and edge, the Nakiri is not a rocking knife like the other chef’s knife, such as Shun.

In its place, it comes with a natural push cut to enjoy the swift and clean work it offers while cutting all types of vegetables. Also, when you need to prepare salad regularly, this knife helps you chopping vegetables for a fry up. This is an unbeatable knife when it comes to fine chopping of onion with ease and quickly.

Yoshihiro Vs. Shun Knife: Similarities

The first similarity of these knives is their origin means both of them are made in Japan. Likewise, they use almost the same types of materials, like steels, VG-MAX, and AUS-10V. Moreover, both of the knives have a full tang ad forged design.

With a sturdy hammered finish, they have an amazing-looking Damascus-style steel pattern. Also, they have almost the same shape and size as a high-quality blade and durable at the same time.

Likewise, both of them come with a robust handle that challenges each other for the nose to nose face off. Last of all, these knives have designed with a beautiful pattern on their blade. As a result, the blades are making them look extremely high-end.

There are more similarities between these two knives, like their versatility that allows you to accomplish all significant tasks. However, if you like to use these knives for some other purposes, they might not work properly.

So, one should purchase another knife to perform better-cutting tasks for the rest of the stuff. But, one more thing is typical of these two knives is that you can cut almost the same thing using them.

Indeed, both of the knives are multi functional, which means you can do many types of cutting tasks, including chopping, mincing, and slicing.

Yoshihiro Vs. Shun: Conclusion

We have pit two knives against one another, and this time were Yoshihiro vs Shun knives. And we have provided you almost everything from the brand comparison to their two products with some of the similarities in this comparison blog.

Yoshihiro and Shun are quite diverse companies despite both being great Japanese brands of the knife when comparing them. But, it’s not all to be fair when we compare two knives of these brands. However, the brands and their knives are most likely to be orange and apple.

That means both of them to have similar and unique features for their users. Despite this, Yoshihiro creates some extremely high-end knives while Shun can’t even imagine fighting with them.

It doesn’t mean Shun knives are not suitable to work with. Indeed, choosing any one of them depends on your tastes and preferences. So, the choice is widely dependable for you. But, in any case, and our onion Yoshihiro is the winner of the debate.

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