Yoshihiro Knives Review: Top 7 Best Yoshihiro Knives

You most likely know Japanese cutlery comes with a priceless spot in the crafting history. Because of this, you’re seeking the Yoshihiro knives review as it’s one of the best Japanese knife brands.

Forging of the Japanese knife is broadly regarded as well-known with a standard that has nobly appreciated for centuries. You’ll search for one of these best chef’s knives at least one time in a lifetime if you’re an authentic culinary expert or enthusiast.

So, get advantages from our complete guide on the top seven best Yoshihiro knives that have included everything from their design to performance and quality.

Here is what you need to about these knives.


Yoshihiro Mizu 8.25-Inch Yaki Blue Multipurpose Chef Knife

Here, we will present the feature of the Yoshihiro knife. One will able to see the skill of the company of this knife. Moreover, if you want to search for the best knife, then have a look at the below. Hopefully, one will get the details about several valuable knives here.

First of all, who made the fake version of this knife that person is famous. To make this knife, the craftsman did not use high skill and expenditure. Besides, he used several Japanese conventional techniques of sword polishing.

Besides, the craftsman used the steel -1 blue of the Yoshihiro Aoko and the water of Mizu Yaki. Moreover, this water is used for the mirror finishing of the knife. In brief, Yoshihiro is the peak quality product in the Japanese crafting of a knife.

Now the question is, what is the exact meaning of the above information? And how can they fix the four digits cost of this knife? Well, Honyaki of Mizu is an effective way to extend the firmness of the product’s material.


  • Nicely finished
  • Highest quality
  • Solid material
  • Great design


  • A bit expensive


Yoshihiro Ice Hardened 8.25-Inch Gyuto Knife

Are you searching for the premium version of the Japanese knife? Then a chef’s knife of Yoshihiro is the best option for you. Though it is not exotic, it is almost the same as a Gyuto knife. So, we can say it Yoshihito gyuto knife that’s mainly made for the users of the western country.

Additionally, the knife’s spine is 3 mm, and it has a little curve ended blade. Besides, it has a traditional and stylish handle that is comfortable to hold for hours. Like, you will receive the easiness and the effectiveness of the blade of both western and eastern.

Finally, this knife will provide one the best experience of using both states knife. Also, the cutting feature of this significant knife is VG 10. Also, it has a 50/50 double bevel feature. That can cut things entirely at ease.

Also, this knife has water-resistant coding. Most importantly, it has a well-controlling handle. As a result, the left and short-handed people can cut easily with it.


  • Full-tang blade
  • Incredibly sharp
  • Extremely durable
  • User-friendly


  • It doesn’t retain an edge in any way


Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers 6.3-Inch Chef Knife

The knife of NSW chef claims the VG 10 of Hammered Damascus structure by 46 layers. That separated into two sides, and the rating of the hardness scale is 6o. Moreover, this knife has a double-edged blade, and it is perfect for both handed people.

Besides, the slope has layered steel that makes this Yoshihiro chef knife polished and stylish. Also, the upper side of this product is artistically attractive. Moreover, the sharpness of a blade is suitable and ergonomic, but it has no sharp tip.

So, you do not need to think about bending and breaking—this knife covered by the natural Saya of Magnolia that prevents this knife from damaging. Also, one can keep this knife in the drawer of your kitchen. Moreover, this knife has a long-lasting wooden handle.

Also, one can complete the vegetable cutting within a short period. It is a fantastic knife that can cut the vegetables without hassle. Mainly, this knife made for vegetable cutting. Lastly, to piece the veg items, one can go with it.


  • Top grade knife
  • Premium material
  • Double-Edged
  • Highly strong


  • Users complaints about its handle


Yoshihiro VG-10 Damascus 7-Inch Santoku Chef Knife

Firstly, you may consider the chef as an expensive knife. Also, sometimes people do not want to buy it for the price. But one should think to look at the features of this knife once. After that, you may change your thinking about costing.

Indeed, it is a long-lasting knife that will be your kitchen partner for the lifetime. Therefore, for the whole life, one can consider the cost of this knife. Moreover, the feature of this product is Damascus Santoku of VG 10.

Also, it has a structure of 3 layers with the Japanese steel of VG 10. So, it grips the edge ideally, just like the Samurai one. That is an inspiration for the excellent Yoshihito cutlery. Besides, the blade of this knife has 16 layers of hammered steel.

It makes the knifes more durability and stylish. Most importantly, it has a feature that prevents the foods from sticking on the edge. Additionally, this knife has a handle made by the Mahogany wood.

Just think about the feature of this knife and consider the price that’s the key thing of this knife and this Yoshihito knife review as well.


  • High-quality material
  • Stain Resistant
  • Thicker spine
  • Mahogany Handle


  • It doesn’t hold a sharper edge


Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer 8.25-Inch Gyuto Chef’s Knife

Firstly, the 16 layers VG 10 of Hammered Damascus is a box of six different knives. Honestly, this set of knives is famous for people. As one will get six knives in one box, it is a little expensive. First of all, one will get every cutting tool in this one set.

For example, one will get the Gyuto 240 as well as the Gyuto 210. These are perfect for cutting fish, meat, and veggies. Besides, you will get a slicing knife Sujihiki that is best for the slicing meat and fish. Also, one will get more two knives, such as Santoku and Usuba.

We all know that Santoku is the Japanese multifunctional knife, and Usuba is famous for chopping vegetables. Hopefully, you will understand that it is a complete set of knives.

Also, they have stainless steel and a sharp edge. Moreover, every knife of this set has a wooden handle. That makes them unique and durable. Also, they are very comfortable to hold and work for a long time.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Well construction
  • Stylish design
  • Great balance


  • Blade gets crooked


Yoshihiro Shiroko Kasumi Sushi Sashimi Chef Knife

It’s another best Sushi knife on the current market that has made of high-carbon Shiroko steel. As the blade of this knife scores 62 to 63 on the hardness test, it has designed for sushi lovers. At this reasonable price, this knife delivers a particular purpose.

The knife is not just suitable for sushi; it’s also good to deal with vegetables and filleting. That means it’s a complete single knife set perfect for sushi enthusiasts. This handmade knife has crafted by expert artisans with optimal care.

As a result, you get this luxury knife that comes with outstanding performance and exceptional value. The knife is as sturdy as beautifully created with forged iron that has crafted in Japan.

Also, the knife has an entirely smooth grind on its front side, a curved in the grind, and a smooth rim on its back. The knife comes with a combination of the Shinogi and Urasuki that help its blade to cut things without damaging to the cells and surface.

So, you’ll not get any spoiling taste and texture. When it comes to the handle of the knife, it has a D-shape handle made with a Wa-style handcraft


  • Outstanding value
  • Extremely sharp
  • Made in Japan
  • Complementary handle


  • Not easy to maintain sharpness


Yoshihiro VG-10 Gold Stainless Steel 3-Piece Knife Set

If you’re a non-professional chef and looking for a fantastic knife, Yoshihito knife set is the perfect selection for you to use at home. It comes with a stainless outside that keeps it more comfortable to look after while it’s made with great care and knowledge.

As the earliest knife has featured on this page, this knife has got the identical standard mahogany handles. No matter this knife set doesn’t feature bright Damascus lines. But, it has a quite noticeable wave where the exterior of stainless meets the solid interior.

Typically, this is a full tang knife set with expert craftsmanship. These knives have made from gold-standard steel with 60 of the HRC rating. That’s why they make the knives them little bit flexible than many other Yoshihiro knives.

But, they’re harder than those knives because each of their blades comes with a double edge with a grind of 50/50. So, this knife set is a must take if you need to get more than a single knife.

Most importantly, you’ll find the knife easy to maintain and with a western-shape handle. Despite premium material and incredible craftsmanship, this knife set is comparatively cheap. That’s why we recommend this knife set for our readers.

Here is the option to compare Yoshihiro Vs Shun knives for your best conveniences.


  • Premium material
  • Wonderful craftsmanship
  • Solid interior
  • Affordable price


  • Chipped & damaged easily

Buying Guide For The Best Yoshihiro Knives

All knives in this review have made by expert craftsmanship, followed by the highest standards of this industry. They might be a bit expensive, but you’ll find them as handy as long-lasting.

With these facts, there are some more things to consider while buying a chef’s knife. Let’s know about them below:

The Sharpness

If you get a knife with an ultra-sharp blade, it’ll get an edge for a long time. However, Yoshihito knives need occasional edge protection to stay sharp and competent, just like some high-end knives of Shun and Wusthof.

So, if you need to keep the kitchen knife beautiful and workable for years, you have to care for them correctly and with honing them regularly. That means a knife should be extremely sharp at any cost to deal with your kitchen tasks.

The Construction

For any knife, the construction is very vital. That’s why the most impressive thing about the Yoshihito knives is their excellent construction. In this case, they use different types of handles, styles, and premium materials to ensure durability and strength.

These things offer an extensive catalog where anyone can get their preferred Yoshihito cutlery review with pieces. Indeed, all Yoshihito knives have tailored to the requirements of a particular type of people.

That means you can select a suitable knife for your kitchen instead of getting a general knife that comes with the features that you don’t want.

The Style

This is another factor and question to know about the knife you’re going to buy. In the case of Yoshihito, knives that we have reviewed above add significant value with style.

You’re indeed not wrong if you’re thinking about the style of the knives. That’s why it’s worth getting one or more knives of Yoshihito brand in the possession to reveal when you have some guests.

The Handle

The handle is another great considerable thing before you buy a knife. Most of the Japanese knives come with traditional Japanese or Western types of handles. If you get the western handle, you’ll find them heavier.

They don’t just feel sturdier; they’re also perfect for force cutting jobs. But, the Japanese handle is a bit awkward to feel. However, they’ll give you delicate touch with better control over your tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know that you have some questions in your mind. Let’s check some FAQs if you get one of your one.

Will My Knife Rust If I Don’t Dry It?

Yes, it’s because these Yoshihiro knives have layers of high carbon as well as stainless steel. As a result, they may get rust. So, it’s always good and recommended to keep them dry.

What Is The Issue While Using Knife In Left Hand?

If you but a knife with double edge or bevel, you have nothing to worry about it. That’s why we have reviewed suitable knives that come with a double bevel. So, any type of person can use them regardless of left or right-handed.

Is Yoshihiro Knives Perfect For Sushi And Sashimi?

These knives are all-purpose knives that allow you to cut anything you want. That means whatever tasks you have in the kitchen; you’re all set to get them done in no time.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the Yoshihiro knives review, we can say that you’re just some clicks away from getting one the best Yoshihiro knives to accomplish your kitchen tasks right away.

Even if you’re a user of Santoku or Gyuto knives, you’ll forget them after the first use of Yoshihiro knives. It’s because these knives are not just visually pleasing; they’re also incredibly sharp and highly durable.

So, investing in anyone on the above-said knives will give you the best returns of your money. Now, it’s your time to choose and buy anyone from our reviewed list to initiate your cutting, chopping, and mincing tasks right the way you prefer.

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