Top 10 Best Gyuto Knife Reviews And Buying Guide For 2021

Gyuto knives are the same to chef knives that you maybe know it. No matter the food under consideration or the style of cutting, these knives have made to deal with all sorts of kitchen works. And lest you know it or not those chef knives are one of the most preferred kitchen tools. That’s because we went a long way to discover the best Gyuto knife existing on these days’ market. After judging of lots of factors and features, we have selected the below ten products that are the optimum knives in all terms from quality to price.

Moreover, at the end of the review, there is a buying guide that also will make things simpler to get your desired Gyuto knife.


JapanBargain Gyutou 7-Inch Stainless Steel Sushi Knife

To start this list, we get the perfect knife that’s better fit into the budget of most people. Indeed, this knife is not pleasing in design and a high-end kitchen tool. But, we have chosen is not to see its appearance but its capabilities.

If you consider the price, this knife is something more than what you bargained for. The knife has made from a blend of stainless steel and high-carbon. The combination of these two things makes the knife as durable as hard and high-performing.

Also, stainless steel alone is hugely corrosion resistant that makes the cleaning of the knife simpler. That’s why this knife comes with the best features of both worlds. Because of its higher wear and rust resistance, it lasts for years without making any issue.

But, don’t forget that this knife is just suitable for light chopping and slicing tasks. So, you should avoid chopping through bones and meat for higher durability.

Although this knife is not extremely strong like some other premium knives, it’s certainly light in weight. That means you’ll be able to use it with safety without making any injury.


  • Sharp
  • Comfortable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rust & corrosion resistant


  • Many users complained about its unbalance


Okami Knives 8-Inch Japanese Gyuto CHEF KNIFE

You want a knife that’s able to accomplish in all given kitchen challenges when buying a Gyuto knife. Fortunately, we came upon this Okami 8-inch chef’s knife. When we inquired for quality, design, and performance, we must admit that it checks all the boxes out!

Because the knife has made from VG-10 steel, it delivers the identical properties that all other knife of this steel has featured. Exceeding our expectations, this knife has shown fantastic edge retention and strength with corrosion resistance.

You’ll feel this knife light in weight if you compare to Western-type of knives. But, this one is a bit heavier than the Japanese-type of knives created by some other brands.

Slightly additional weight is nothing terrible for its performance and capabilities because this increased weight offers a better balance that’s a vital feature for amateur cooks.

Thanks to its precise and exceptional sharpness, it’ll factually make your kitchen tasks more manageable. With 67 Damascus steel layers, the knife comes as sharp as resistant for corrosion and rust.

Likewise, these layers offer this knife an outstanding appearance. Also, its core allows the knife to cut through things with ease without sticking to its edge. So, it would be telling a lie if we say that this knife has not impressed us by its performance and properties.


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design
  • Strong & durable
  • Extremely sharp


  • A bit heavier for some users


Misono UX10 Gyutou 7.0-Inch (18cm) Chef Knife

The Misono UX10 comes with the authentic edge profile that gives the knife extra contact with your cutting board. So, it provides a bigger cutting surface that’s huge than European-style knives.

As this knife doesn’t require lifting higher, it results in more professional cutting with less fatigue. Moreover, the tip of the knife will be slightly lower and more aligned with the gravity center as opposed to the spine’s higher and closer sitting.

Because of this feature, the knife is suitable for detailed, finer work, and decorative presentations. Both sides f the knife is sharp and typically measures from 8 to 12 inches with a dual-bevelled edge.

With around/octagonal profile that usually makes of hardwood, this knife is available with the Western-style with ergonomically-formed handle. Moreover, this is an all-purpose knife with light in weighing that boosts your precision tasks like cutting, mincing, and preparation of vegetables and proteins.

But, don’t forget that this knife is not good enough to cut through thicker stuff like cartilages or bones. If you come back from this drawback, you’ll find everything perfect for this knife. Among lots of handy features, the major ones include its better balance, sturdy construction, and extreme sharpness.


  • Well-balanced
  • Stain-resistant
  • Exceptionally sharp
  • Very light & sturdy


  • Somewhat long for domicile cooks


Tojiro DP Gyutou 8.2-Inch (21cm) Chef Knife

The Tojiro DP is another great Gyutou chef knife that’s a personification of the authentic Japanese cutlery. Apart from eye-catching design, this knife will indeed steal your hearts because of its properties that come with it.

With a combination of high and low carbon stainless steel, it has altering layers of the VG-10 material. Again, you know that the VG-10 is a prevalent metal for knife manufacture. For this knife, the VG-10 delivers the durability, strength, and rust resistance.

ue to the higher degree of Rockwell hardness, the knife is strong enough to retain its sharpness and edge. As the knife is sturdy, it lasts for years without any issue. Along with precise, this is one of the sharpest knives we tested so far.

With an advantage of the premium material, the knife has designed with an outstanding Damascus pattern. The manufacturer paid a higher attention to their process that made the knife very impressive.

Also, if you notice you’ll find that this knife has a solid load when you’ll first get hands on it. It happens because of its metal bolster that includes balance. Also, the knife is very hygienic as the dirt don’t stick on its body while working with it.


  • Beautiful design
  • Great quality
  • Sharp & precise
  • Strong & durable


  • Somewhat heavier


Misono Molybdenum Gyutou 8.2-Inch Chef Knife

The Misono 8.2-Inch Knife would be the sort of knife that comes with superior qualities. Since it has made from higher carbon stainless steel, it resists rust and corrosion. With a molybdenum steel blade, the knife is as sharp and durable.

The knife is top-rated because of its thinner profile that allows you to sharp and use for a long time. Thanks to its asymmetrical-type of the slope with the blade face of a vertical angle than the reverse, it comes with exceptional sharpness.

Also, this feature ensures making a thinner cutting edge that move towards the sharpness of the traditional Japanese-style edge design. Due to this sharpness and well-balanced options, the knife can cut through about clear pieces of almost all things.

Unlike some other model of knives, this one is as less heavy as easy to work with. As a result, it’s perfect for people with issues to use heavier knives. It’s especially suitable for the people who are suffering from health issues like arthritis.

Indeed, this is a fantastic knife to buy that’s all set to accomplish the most types of kitchen tasks. That means this knife is a clear winner for everyday use and we highly recommend it.


  • Extremely sharp
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Better balanced
  • Exceptionally light & sturdy


  • Slightly long for some domestic cooks


Yoshihiro 8.25-Inch Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife

It’s an 8.25-inch Gyuto knife from the renowned Japanese production house of the Yoshihiro. The knife has beautifully designed to offer you ‘black-forged’ that’s an exclusive style of making knives to get striking design. At first sight, the knife provides a rustic view.

But, you can seriously consider keeping it away with other precious Chinese knives that you use just for some special events. However, you also can get a ‘trial-ride’, and you can’t appear to keep it down if you’re a chef’s knife lover.

With two-layer clad, this knife has made from carbon steel, which is full of Kurouchi-style stainless steel. Its carbon steel is well secluded due to this. As a result, the knife is typically not just durable; it’s also incredibly sharp to cut through things with ease.

It has scored 62 in the test of Rockwell hardness. That’s because the knife has excellent edge preservation and comes with an exceptionally sharp edge. Again, the blade of the knife is very moisture resistant because of its two layers of stainless cladding.

Also, it comes with a handy handle that will never go you down while working in your kitchen. As it has the octagonal shape, it goes after the arc of the hand. You’ll find it lightweight as well.


  • Rustic design
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Striking rosewood handle


  • A bit pricey


Sakai Takayuki 21-cm Gyuto VG10 33 Chefs Knife

If you’re looking for a hammered knife, this is the best example of that type of knife. The blade of this knife has created with 33 Damascus hammered layers with an alloy core of the VG 10 material. Indeed, the VG10 is a type of stainless steel with vanadium that offers to boost the hardness and wear resistance of this knife.

As the knife has equipped with the aesthetic desertwood handle, it adds a level of pleasant appearance of it. Also, this is a balanced weighted knife that has a feel of heavy in hand, but this is nimble and performs exceptionally well even if you have the slightest mincing tasks.

Coming with a hammered blade, it means that almost nothing fastens to this knife. When you unbox the knife, you’ll find a nicely designed and very sharp knife, which is much benefiting from an inspirational keep going a whetstone.

No matter you’re a professional chef or home cook, this is a high-quality chef’s knife. The knife’s handle is what that will undoubtedly impress you about this handy kitchen helper.

While mincing leads you to play roughly with cutting something like onions for thirty minutes for fun, it amazes on your cutting board exceptionally well. In any case, this knife will not make you disappointed anyway.


  • Alloy Core
  • Beautifully designed
  • Extremely sharp
  • Durable


  • Expensive


Kikuichi 9.5-Inch Warikomi Nickel Gyuto Knife

We’re with another great Gyuto knife that comes from Kikuichi product line. It’s a 9-inch chef’s knife that has crafted in Japan with premium material and through the Kasumi process. The process covers various materials together that provide the benefit of the potency of apiece.

From the Warikomi series, its blade has made of durable VG-10 steel that makes the knife as sharp as excellent edge retention. The knife has designed wonderfully with multiple layers of stainless steel on both sides.

That’s why this knife helps out to care for the blade, support stability, and offer stain resistance. The knife has manually tempered and hammered to ensure its lovely look, and it prevents sticking foods on the body of the knife.

As it comes with a solid wood handle, it provides the best balance and toughness. Also, you can get it as a fantastic gift idea to give someone on their special occasions.

That means if you wash this knife by hand, you’ll be able to use it for years without losing its edge. It’s because this knife has excellent edge preservation with an exceptionally sharp edge.


  • Full tang
  • Rustic look
  • Durable
  • Great edge preservation


  • Prone to rust


Masahiro MV 8.2-Inch Gyutou Knife

The MV series knives of the Masahiro brand are a bit smaller in size, and this one is also the same. But, this knife is light in weight and extremely sharp. Also, it retains sharpness for a long time with proper care.

The knife has made from sturdy Molybdenum Vanadium steel; that’s why it’s as durable as long-lasting. As this knife has quenched and tempered by sub-zero, it offers you the optimal balance of blade strength and sharpness.

Because of its high-quality stainless steel materials, it promises to give you a better experience on the kitchen tasks. It means that the knife delivers an incredible cutting performance to get done your cutting tasks in no time.

Apart from the exceptional sustainability of cutting performance, its thinner blade is easy to use with safety. While doing hours of preparation tasks in the kitchen, the large handle also goes towards a knife that has a comfortable and secure grip.

With a long-term edge, this knife’s light and sharp edge assure you to use it for years without any significant issues. Also, you’ll get it easy and safe to use without making any injury.

The knife is something more than what you bargained for if you consider the price. And the blend of these features makes the knife as durable as hard and high-performing.


  • Stainless steel
  • Extremely thinner blade
  • Durable & hard
  • High-performing


  • A bit smaller in size


Suisin Inox 8.2-Inch Western-Style Gyutou Knife

Last but not least, this knife is smaller in size, but you’ll impress by its features and performance. While purchasing a Gyuto knife, you want a knife that’s able to accomplish in all given kitchen challenges. Auspiciously, we came upon this Suisin Inox 8.2-Inch Western-Style Gyutou Knife.

We must admit that it checks all the boxes out when we inquired about quality, design, and performance. The knife delivers the identical properties that all other knives of this steel have featured because it has made from stainless steel.

Also, this knife has shown fantastic edge retention and strength with corrosion resistance that will exceed your expectations. If you compare to Western-type knives, you’ll feel this knife light in weight.

However, this knife is a bit weightier than the other Japanese knives created by different manufacturers. Because of its increased weight, it offers a better balance that’s a vital feature for amateur cooks.

It’ll make your kitchen tasks more convenient due to its precise and exceptional sharpness. Also, this knife comes as sharp as resistant to corrosion and rust with multiple layers.


  • Bacteria preventing handle
  • Huge build quality
  • Sleek appearance
  • Conventional Japanese steel


  • Fragile blade

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Gyuto Knife

As these knives are top-rated, the market has loads of different types of gyuto knives. Although most of them look similar, they have unique and individual features and advantages.

So, you should look for your preferred functions or factors that you like to get to your one. Let’s explore what those factors are you should have.

Blade Material

Most all gyuto knives have made from SG2 or VG10 stainless steel. No matter which one you go after, they’re as durable as sturdy. Therefore, they ensure excellent edge retention because of this; you don’t need to do any maintenance.

Especially, VG10 is a different style of stainless steel that has high-carbon materials. When it comes to performance, VG10 and SG2 are almost the same. But, in the Rockwell test, VG10 scores 60 to 62, and SG2 may reach 64.

Because of the powder metallurgy steel, this SG2 contains stainless steel with high-carbon and high-alloy. Since it’s very hard, it ensures exceptional edge retention and capable of grasping an edging of a lower angle. So, VG10 and SG2 made knives are high performing and highly recommended.

Handle Quality

There are two types of handles for gyuto knives are including western and wooden Japanese. Among these two options, wooden Japanese handles are light in weight, but they’re a bit heavier. Besides, the western handles are well balanced but bulkier.

While using a knife with a weighty handle, it can end up your tasks with fatigue. However, we suggest buying a knife with a more massive blade because it’ll support better when you cut something.

Cutting Edge Angle

It’s another useful factor and feature to have in your gyuto knife. Indeed, this feature indicates how a knife looks from its edge and sides. It might be either western or eastern profile. The first one comes with a significant rounded edge, which is why it’s ideal for rock chopping.

But, the other one has a larger flat spot with a steadier belly that’s good for push cutting. When you talk about the gyuto knives, they have various types of edge angles. Regardless of the kind of knives, they must have an optimum cutting edge angle for the best results.


It’s not just for gyuto knife, it’s also for any type of knife, and you have to think about the price of the item. It’s some knife brands that are likely to charge more money for a product without offering the expected quality and performance.

Also, some models are highly-priced, but you can buy the same product at a lower cost from other manufacturers. So, you should buy a knife that comes with a combination of reasonable prices and better quality with higher performance.


After reading the entire review and buying guide, you’re all set to purchase the best gyuto knife. Even you can buy anyone from the above-said list as we have selected them after comprehensive research upon loads of different models available in the market right now.

Buying one from our inventory will not let you down anyway from quality, durability, and performance. So, we have done the job from our side, and it’s your time to decide which one you’ll go after.

Happy Cooking!

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