10 Best Chef Knife Under $100 – { Update Reviews 2021 }

The knives that chefs use are very popular kitchenware, and everyone likes to use them to prepare different types of foods with ease. However, the best chef knife under 100 dollars might be a bit expensive than other ordinary knives.

That’s because we have collected some professional and high-quality knives to ensure the best investment of your money. Having an excellent quality of chef knife signifies you’re all set to cook anything in your kitchen without facing any difficulties.

These knives come to play a significant role when you need to make various types of delicious foods. But, it could be a tricky task to find out the best product as per your need.

Don’t fret; check out our reviews with the latest and top-rated checks knives that are worth buying.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best Chef Knife Under $100 Reviews


ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife, 8-inch

Henckels International is a leading cutlery manufacturer. As an old knife manufacture ring country, they’re supplying their products to different countries across the world. In this sequence, the ZWILLING is also an excellent product of this producer.

The knife is not just premium quality in build; it’s also professional in grade with German-made stainless steel. With stable performance, it lasts for the long term. Thanks to the wholly forged system, it provides a flawless conversion from its blade to handle.

The product is the right choice for comfort and balance with triple-rivet handle and ergonomic design. Most importantly, the handle of the knife fits perfectly in your hand as you’re wearing hand gloves.

The knife is large enough with an 8-inch length and suitable for chopping slicing, mincing, and dicing. Many users love to use a knife with a short blade because of its lightweight and compact design.

However, professional users can handle all types of knives to get optimal performance. Also, they know better than others which type of knives are preferable to regular tasks.

In any case, the ZWILLING J.A. Henckels is the best item and a great choice for home and commercial uses. Overall, this knife should be your most affordable kitchen stuff if you’re new at cooking or even if a professional chef.


  • German-made stainless steel
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Anti-stain carbon steel
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The edge of the knife might not resist


Shun Sora 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Handcrafted in Japan

If you’re in search of a Japanese knife, Shun Sora is your perfect selection. That’s because the knife comes with lighter/thinner blade, straighter edge, and harder steel. As a result, the item is as useful as durable to accomplish your food preparation task without finding any issue.

Because of the knife has a profile of the Japanese blade, it’s straighter enough than German products. So, it stays in touch with your cutting board for a long time. With an attractive wavy design at the top and core blade meeting point, the blade has a mirror finish and excellent polish.

The cutting edge of the blade is made of VG10 premium steel. That’s a blend of cobalt makes it as harder as vanadium. Apart from the durable blade, its synthetic material made handle hard, dense, and simple to maintain.

Also, you’ll like its stylish design, which is very common in the Japanese knife. Its butt end has finished with a sharp, practical angle that adds a curve on the bottom. The knife is ultra-lightweight with just 6.8-gram of weighing that’s combined with an eight-inch blade and a six-inch handle.

So, it’s 3-inch longer in total than some other models like Wusthof. On every side, it has a 16-degree angled sharpen the edge with a full 32-degree angle. Overall, this is the best chef knife under 100 dollars, among many other models in the market.


  • Stylish Japanese knife
  • Higher in quality & performance
  • Affordable in price
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Not dishwasher safe item


DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Chef Knife

If you ask the name of some top-quality and affordable chef knives, we must say DALSTRONG Gladiator very first, among others. Because of its sophisticated technology and stunning design, this knife is the first choice of many chefs across the world.

That means the knife has made for home cooks and professional chefs, which is why anyone can use it from a first-timer to the expert chefs. It’s perfect to say that you’re incomplete while cooking foods without using this knife.

While using this knife, you can handle all types of kitchen tasks like slicing and cutting with ease. If you’re with a tight budget and need to buy an excellent quality knife, this one is perfect and affordable for you.

Yes, this wallet-friendly knife is ready to rock you when you work in the kitchen. Aside from its affordable price, the knife is designed beautifully with the latest cutting-edge technology.

With is durable and sharp long blade along with stylish design, it’s an excellent option for you to use for any purpose while cooking. As the knife has made of German steel, it delivers a high-performance and aggressive blade!

The blade of the knife ensures rust and stain resistance with the ultra-sharp edge with 14 to 16-degree of angle for optimal cutting performance. That’s why we recommend this product for most types of kitchen workhorse.


  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Easy to hold
  • Premium materials
  • Cutting-edge technology


  • Not perfect for beginner


Global G-4 Cromova 18 Oriental Chef’s Knife, 7 inch

When a premium quality chef knife is your preference; choosing the Global G-4 Cromova is nothing wrong. It’s because the product comes from a renowned production house of the Global cutlery.

Ideally, patterned for the professional chefs, this knife is the right choice if you prefer top-rated chef knives. With a lightweight design, the item is not just stylish looking; it’s also a superior performer. As a result, it’ll certainly make you pleased than the ordinary chef’s knives.

The model is one of their most selling knives of the G series that’s balanced enough while working. Thanks to the durable vanadium/molybdenum stainless steel, its edge works well and lasts for an extended time without sharpening.

For its selected materials, its edge is very sharp and thin, that’s just ideal for chopping and slicing. Its edge is so sharp that you have to learn how to use this knife before you use it.

Like some Western knives, both sides come with ultra-sharp by 15-degree just for easy slicing and cutting. Because of its plastic D-shape handle, it’s lightweight and suitable for easy managing with a comfort gripping system.

It has small dimples on its handle to prevent slipping with rounded touch notch. That’s why you can use it with safety and better control while working it with like slicing and cutting. Overall, the G-4 is excellent for home and commercial uses for its all-rounder performance.


  • Lightweight & balanced
  • Ultra-thin & extremely sharp edge
  • Best grip & comfort
  • Safe & secure to use


  • Doesn’t come with a bolster


Mac Knife Series 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Hollow Edge

You can use the chef’s knife of Mach Series in most types of kitchen works. Cooking professionals and experts love the knife because of its satisfactory performance of cutting as well as slicing. With razor-sharp, light blade, and bolster, it helps you to enjoy flawless cutting for all kinds of foods.

Featured with hollow edges, the knife allows you to cut foods like apples and squashes. If you want to make your cooking task fun and simple, the Mac Knife is a must extravagance for your kitchen.

Indeed this is a fantastic knife makes you feel happy to work it with let you realize the distinction between this one and other typical knives. Also, it’ll be your best choice if you desire a professional-like knife and need to get benefit from it at your home cooking.

The knife has made with high-quality materials and is sharp enough to deliver you top-level performance. As a result, it ensures to feel you cutting plus slicing needs applying less force.

The handle of the knife is not just comfortable; it fits in your hand perfectly. But, you have to ensure to use hand gloves that are cut resistant and hold the knife with a dry hand.

It’ll help you to avoid unexpected injury. So, your expectation of speed and quality cutting all types of foods have restored by this knife by boosting your cooking performance.


  • Rust-resistant material
  • Exceptionally sharp
  • Pakka wood handle
  • Great kitchen performer


  • Dishwasher unsafe


Wusthof CLASSIC 6-Inch Cook’s Knife

Almost certainly everyone knows about this Wusthof knives because it’s a highly popular knife among other models. The knife is suitable for professional chefs, but many home cooks also use it with comfort. It’s hard to describe all of its features in the short description.

In a single sentence: if someone uses it for the first time, he/she will not be likely to use any other model of knives. Professional chefs always look for super sharp and extremely aggressive knives. It’s because they cut and slice lots of meat, fish, and vegetables every day.

So, they find this knife perfect for any purposes like chopping, cutting, and slicing. The manufacturer has made it with one piece of stainless steel that has high carbon profile. With Rockwall toughness, the knife has tempered about 58-degree.

Its latest Edge protection technology makes sure its 20 percent extra sharper blade that offers the optimal performance. The professional-grade forged blade of the knife is just ideal for the professional chefs that they always look for.

Thanks to its 6-inch length, the knife is excellent for all types of kitchen uses. So, it’ll be your right choice if you consider yourself an excellent chef who loves a bit expensive knives.

Among other features, the major one is its lightweight design that allows you to do all kitchen tasks with ease. Also, its ergonomic handle comes with a finger guard that offers comfort and balance to work without any issue.


  • Perfect kitchen workhorse
  • Triple Riveted handle
  • Full bolster & finger guard
  • 20% extra sharp blade


  • Not available any protecting sheath


Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Pro Chef’s Knife

You might be a home chef and like to make food just for the member of your family. Also, it doesn’t matter you’re an expert or professional chef with lots of various types of knives or only a home base cooks.

In any case, no cooks are out there they don’t know the name of Victorinox chef knife. As the company is one of the oldest ones among others, it’s easy to guess how old their presence in the culinary industry.

Apart from their popularity of Swiss Army Knives, they also offer premium quality chef’s knives. And all of them are as long as sharp, so you’re all set to handle all types of food processing tasks with simple effort.

Also, this model of Victorinox is much affordable that doesn’t need to drain your bank. That means this pocket-friendly chef’s knife is suitable for home and commercial cooks. The knife is well-made and sharp enough to perform most types of cutting tasks along with slicing and chopping.

It cuts food smoothly like a cake because of its conical stainless steel. Besides, this knife has a solidly sharp blade that provides you effortless cutting strength without getting tired.

As a result, the knife is a must-have item in your kitchen to make your cooking tasks simpler. The handle of the knife has made with an ergonomic design using the technology of Fibrox Pro for slip-resistant grip. Overall, you’ll love.


  • Suitable for home & professional chefs
  • Excellent for all types of cutting tasks
  • Sharp & durable blade
  • Reliable Swiss quality


  • A bit heavier than other models


KingKut Chef Knife 8-inch with Sheath

The simple way of making your meal is to get a knife with a better blade. That’s why the KingKut Chef Knife is your best choice with high carbon blade that’s made in German. Moreover, this ice-tempered blade is heat-treated that ensures the highest durability with hardness.

Also, it has a solid, sharp edge with the standard Japanese sharpening process. The knife has a stable weight and the correct balance for performing different types of kitchen tasks.

Besides, the knife is stylish enough with an ergonomic handle that’s made of pakkawood along with mirror polish. With stain and rust-resistant, this knife falls at the category that most chefs consider it with a full tang buildup.

As it comes with a good blade sheath, it helps you to keep your fingers away from it and save from possible injury. Also, you’ll get a handy cutting glove with this knife to protect your fingers while working with it.

Getting the perfect knife for your kitchen tasks doesn’t mean spending lots of money if you buy this one. Because the knife offers the type of comfort and sharpness that the chefs always look for. Apart from the budget-friendly knife, it also has balanced, capable, and high blade.

Besides, the issue of safety is a widespread thing for kitchen knives for some good reasons. But, you’re all set to avoid any safety concern with this knife. So, you can choose this product to accomplish all types of cutting tasks in your kitchen.


  • Built with full-tang
  • Stains & rust resistant
  • Razor-sharp & ultra-durable
  • Fantastic quality with an honest price


  • Bulkier size


Mercer Genesis Short Bolster Forged Chef’s Knife

No matter you’ll find a few knives that are NSF certified, but you’re lucky enough Mercer Genesis is one of them with this certification. It’s an 8-inch forged chef’s knife has made with German steel and high carbon.

As a result, it prevents corrosion and rust that ensures an excellent performance than other ordinary models. Designed with high precision, this forged knife comes with higher durability and strength. So, you’ll not find any other models to compare with it in terms of sharpness and beautifulness.

Because of its razor-sharp blade, the knife cuts things like butter when you need to slice, cut, or chop something. Unlike some bulkier models, this is extremely lightweight in design that allows you to handle it with ease while dicing or slicing.

It’s because you’ll be able to cut any type of meat when you need to remove its bones with this knife. All these things are possible because the knife is well-balanced, sharp, and healthy enough to get done them right away.

As the ergonomic Santoprene handle of the knife has made with the right grip, it sticks in hand with very comfortably. With the small and short bolster, the knife helps you to get done all types of cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks with a great balance.


  • Comfort & safe grip
  • Resists stain, rust, and corrosion
  • Useful for cutting, chopping, slicing
  • Stable & durable


  • Not safe for dishwasher


KYOKU Daimyo Series 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

When you’re seeking tremendous and stylish knife, your search ends here because you got this 8-inch professional chef knife of KYOKU brand. With 67-layer Damascus and Japanese VG10 steel, the knife has manufactured a well-fit and must-have item expertly in your kitchen to make your food preparing tasks effortlessly.

The knife has honed manually by the standard sharpening methods. As a result, it’s sharp enough to cut any type of food without applying lots of power on it. That means you can slice meat, fish, and whatever you need to cut with simple effort.

Its hammer-beaten, wavy pattern of the tang is the sign of the beautiful craftsmanship with the luxurious identity. Also, you’ll love this knife for the bolster design that’s ergonomic and very safe for handling with a bit pinch grip.

Because of its Japanese VG10 steel, it’s capable of resisting rust with long-lasting performance. Thus, it has become a top-rated knife not just for the professional cooks; it’s also well-admired by the home cooks.

As the manufacturer uses the conventional 3-step method of Honbazuke, it’s cryogenically dedicating for absurd hardness and flexibility with corrosion resistance. The knife is designed with the latest hollow edge technology that ensures to work without sticking with anything on the blade of the knife.

Moreover, Kyoku has made it likely to make superbly handy knives with their custom designs on its blade along with the blessing of the standard sword manufacturing methods.


  • Premium core & layers
  • Sharp & smooth to hone
  • Durable, reliable, and balanced
  • Beautiful design & comfortable


  • Not sharp enough as the manufacturer claims

Buying Guide For The Best Chef Knife Under $100

Best Chef Knife Under $100

You’re in search of the best chef knife under 100 dollars, but don’t know how to choose it. Also, you want to save some money rather than wasting on a hopeless product.

That’s where buying guide plays a vital role. Well, let’s know about some factors that should be considered strongly before you finalize your purchase.

Length of the Blade

While researching for the best chef knife, we found many writers have recommended 6-inch or shorter knives to get under one hundred dollars. But, we’re not entirely agreed with this view because there are some excellent reasons to do it.

You can’t prioritize the knives for your kitchen at the top list if you do not agree to spend about $100 to buy an ideal knife. Also, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to buy a full-scale knife.

Therefore, getting the proper length of the blade is vital to work with all types of cutting and slicing tasks. In any case, it’s not constant that you have to buy an 8-inch or 6-inch knife. You always should prioritize on your ease of use and easy handling effort.

Quality of the Knife

After a long time of research, we found tons of different brands and models of knives at Amazon under 100 dollars. But, unfortunately, we found many of them are just nothing but junk. Now, the question is that what the way is to identify the good or bad one among the crowd.

Indeed, it’s a bit tough to do, but you’ll get great help if you look at the products we have added in the list. For example, the material of the items, their manufacturer/ brand, and warranty play a significant role in this issue.

In these things, the best one is to avoid the risk of buying junk is to go after the top-rated brands. Some brands are out there supplying high-quality knives for years, even some of them working for more than a hundred years.

In this issue, you can choose anyone from our above-said list because all of them are selected from loads of top-rated products.

The Full Tang

Usually, the handle of a knife has made of two sections, and they remain attached by rivets or pins. The full tang of a knife covers its entire handle. You may notice the tang in the edge length of the knife’s complete gripping handle in this process.

If the knife comes with a full tang with its handle, it adds some additional strength. As a result, it delivers an excellent output of the knife. That’s why you always should choose a knife with the full tang for the optimum results.

Weight & Handle

You can think how weight or handle may change the strength of cutting performance of your knife if you’re not well-known to the world of knives. Also, if you’re a newcomer in this market, you have to face some issues when you want to choose the exact weight as well as handle.

When you want to use your knife correctly, it’s vital to get the balanced weight models. It’s because some models are lighter while some others are a bit heavier.

But, you should ensure which weight is a better fit for your hand to manage it easily. If you choose the more massive models, they’re suitable to deal with thicker foods.

In most cases, knives with lightweight are extremely user-friendly than the bulkier ones. So, you should know which weight is perfect for you to use with comfort in the hands.


A large number of professional chefs and home cooks like to use a large knife to accomplish their kitchen tasks. As a user, you should remember that a knife with a larger blade is a bit hard to control.

But, you should think first the models that fit in your hands perfectly. For example, you can find it easy to handle a 7” Japanese knife while some others may see an 8” model of a German knife.

Indeed, it’s an excellent factor to consider the size of your knife because it affects the cutting performance. Also, you should choose a knife depending on your experience level along with your hand’s size and the design of the knife.

However, it’s always best to buy a knife after taking a pragmatic trial by cutting something. It’ll ensure the right size that fits in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Answers Section

You might have some questions regarding the issue of your kitchen knives. That’s why we have arranged some of the most common and frequently asked questions. Take a look at them and find your one.

What Should I Do After Each Cutting Step?

Cleaning is the first thing you should do after each time you use your knife. Also, you have to maintain it, meaning honing regularly and sharpening minimum once for every year. Moreover, it’s better to wash your knife on your hands rather than putting it into the dishwasher.

Why Should I Buy A Chef Knife?

If you buy a chef knife, you’ll be able to use it for different cutting tasks along with slicing and chopping foods in your kitchen. Having a chef knife means you’re all set to accomplish your kitchen works like cutting meat or vegetable with ease.

Indeed, chef knife acts as a multipurpose item to make things more comfortable in your kitchen.

Which Is The Right Size Of Knife For My Home Kitchen?

It varies and depends on your ease of use. But, usually, a knife with 7-inch of length is a better fit for the most home use.

Why Is Bolster Important For My Knife?

It’s a great thing for those who use the knife. The factor of bolster ensures you the required safety and security while using the knife.

What’s The Most Excellent Chef Knife Under One Hundred Dollars?

Although it widely depends on your preference, we recommend the Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Pro Chef’s Knife that’s at number 7 in our list. If you read the review, you’ll understand why we supported it.

Summary of Best Chef Knife Under $100

When you go to market or online to buy the best chef knife under 100 dollars, you’ll be confused because lots of brands and models are out there that have made a mess in the knife’s market.

But, it’ll not happen with you if you choose and buy any one of our above-reviewed products. It’s because we have spent lots of hours and tested hundreds of knives to provide you with the best one.

So, you’re free of getting stress to search and spend your time for your desired knife. Now, it’s your time to buy your preferred knife to experience better cutting and slicing.

Happy Cooking!

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