Best Nakiri knife Expert Review & Buying Guide for 2021

Would you like to make nori rolls, katsuramuki vegetable, and kappamaki? Do you wish to get a reliable knife to help you make these items? The best Nakiri knife will be your most excellent friend in your kitchen if you find anyone or two of these situations.

If you want to work with seedless veggies, this leading Japanese cleaver has exclusively designed for you. Indeed, its name indicates cutting leaf as the term ‘na’ means leaf and ‘Kiri’ refers to cutting.

It’s evident to try to find the most exceptional Nakiri knife for satisfying the necessity of thinnest cutting. That’s why we’re here with top ten high-class Nakiri knives to make things easier for you.

Overview Of Nakiri Knife

Nakiri is an originally Japanese vegetable knife. They’re different from the deba-style knife in their shape. It’s because they come with a straight blade border. As a result, it’s appropriate for cutting and chopping all the ways to your cutting board.

Even it doesn’t require a horizontal push or pulls. Also, this knife is much thinner. With this slim blade profile with higher popularity throughout Japan, this knife has a double beveled edge. The knife has extensive use at home for efficiently and quickly chopping and slicing along with mincing vegetables.

Moreover, you can cut different types of fruits to make the knife popular among vegetarians. As you already know the knife is skinny and light in weight, it’s suitable for long-lasting chopping.

But, you should certainly not use the knife to cut hard materials or bones. That’s why this knife is frequently mistaken as a smaller Chinese Cleaver. The knife usually comes with a little taller blade than similar-sized Santoku or Gyuto.

While cutting straight on a cutting board, it provides a bit more consent for your knife hand’s knuckles. Among lots of advantages, this knife has a big one. It’s that unlike the non-rectangular blades, it doesn’t get short in length.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best Nakiri Knife Reviews

As Nakiri knives usually measure between 6-inch to 7-inch, they come with double beveled edges that are as thin as rectangular and straight. As a result, they can slice vegetables and fruits with ease.

Here we’re going to introduce the top ten best Nakiri knives that are great to go with. So, go through the below review to know how to use a Nakiri knife and find your preferred one.


Shun Cutlery Classic 6.5″ Nakiri Knife

The amazing knife Nakiri is another invention of the Shun house. Mainly, this knife presents a stylish look and features of the kitchen knife. Several chefs prefer the Nakiri knife for its amazing features, curved toe, hammered finish, and the pakkawood handle.

First of all, this tool helps one to chop things evenly. Besides, its curved toe helps to cut in the chopping board easily. Most importantly, this Nakiri knife provides an extreme-sharp blade that works amazingly to slice the fruits and vegetables.

Also, the size of the edge is 5.5- inches that support one to chop the things without damaging the skin. Indeed, you do not get these features ever before in your knife. Another fantastic part is the hand of the knife provides a hammered finish look.

Also, it has the Damascus steel layered that prevent to stuck the vegetables while cutting. Moreover, this knife comes with a comfortable grip and a well-finished pakkawood handle. These are features that make this knife elegant and more convenient to use.

Lastly, the logo of this knife stamped at the end of its cap, so that tool looks excellent. Also, the sharp blade and features make this knife more elegant. Therefore, consider this knife for your kitchen; we hope it will provide you best and lifetime service.


  • 5.5 – inches blade
  • Stylish itemizing
  • Best pakkawood handle
  • Comfortable grip


  • List Component


Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Stainless Steel Nakiri

Now we will present the Yoshihiro knife that is best for both worlds. Mainly, this is a forge version of the Japanese knife that invented by the western country. But it provides an excellent performance that suits for every cutting.

Moreover, this is a stylish knife that makes sure a beautiful look and design. This knife has the stainless core VG-10 steel and a Damascus shell of 16 layers. Firstly, the Yoshihiro vegetable knife specially designed with the traditional Japanese process.

Also, it has an old-style hand-forged built-up that similar to the Japanese one. Even, the Damascus portions and hammered polished by the hand. Moreover, this knife has a slice air pocket on its blade.

Additionally, this knife has a combined hybrid style that provides both characteristics of Japanese and western. Because of a hammered and Damascus layer finish, this blade has a complete drag and top frictionless edge.

Moreover, it has a non- stick features that prevent friction into the cutting items and blade. In place of Japanese design, this knife comes with a wooden and full tang handle. As the handle of this knife is curved so that each size should hand, the small and big handed people can control this knife comfortably.


  • Long-lasting
  • Non- stick
  • Great controlling system
  • Excellent design


  • Less durable handle


KAI Wasabi Black Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife, 6.5 Inch

Usually, the Nakiri knives come with unique design, and function. Wasabi Nakiri is one of them. One will get a high-quality knife at an affordable cost. Though all the Nakiri knife follows the Japanese techniques, this knife skips these techniques.

Moreover, this knife imprinted out of the high stainless Daido 1K6 Carbon steel. The most important thing is this knife has the best edge retention rather than any blades. Besides, this Nakiri knife is unique, and it has various methods of slicing.

People like this knife for the fantastic design and the well-polished blade. Also, this tool provides a smooth edge that helps to decrease the drag, and it has a nonstick feature as well. Instead of the wooden handle, this knife’s handle made with the polypropylene blend.

Usually, this polypropylene material is not useful for absorbing moisture. But it can prevent liquids and provide an excellent grip in both slippery and wet conditions.

Moreover, the handle of KAI Wasabi has a circular model and a large diameter that perfect for every size of a hand. Besides, this handle has an extension base that gives a broader place to handle it nicely.


  • Excellent retention of the blade
  • Best for all handed people
  • Latest design
  • Low cost


  • Weak Plastic handles


ZWILLING Pro 6.5-inch Nakiri Knife

The Zwilling knife is a combination knife of a modern and traditional knife. Besides, it is known as a fantastic chef’s knife. This knife allows the conventional method, but it represents the modern era. At first look, you may not see the entire design, but after some time, you will see the excellent design below the structure.

Firstly, the handle and blade of this knife present the conventional appearance. Most importantly, Zwilling is best for rock and smooth cutting as well. Moreover, this knife provided a fantastic bolster and made with advanced technology.

Another thing is the blade and handle has a flat area that creates a comfortable feeling while chopping. Additionally, the unique bolster prolongs the knife’s edge that makes sure high stability and safety.

Another fantastic thing about this knife is the entire processing blade. To make this significant blade need high processing and temperature control. First, the edge needs to shaped through heat treatment.

Then it needs high processing Sigmaforge’ system to make a perfect finished and shaped blade. The Zwilling knife constructed with the authentic knife. This knife is free of stain, and it has quality edge retention. Besides, it is very safe to use; that is why it is best for the starter chef.


  • Appropriate for the starter
  • Comfortable to use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to sharp


  • Little bit expensive


Wusthof Classic 7″ Nikiri Knife – Personalized Rotary Engraving Available

This Wusthof knife is best for restaurants and catering services. It is a perfect and robust knife to chop everything quickly. The material of this knife is the hardest German malleable steel that makes it soft and the best retention of the edge.

Firstly, this knife provides a sharp edge that helps one to cut the thing properly. This classic knife offers a unique feature that is a smooth edge of Granton that makes this tool nonstick. Most importantly, it is familiar to the people for its reliability.

With the help of this knife, one can cut the vegetables without tension. After using a long time, this knife does not lose its temper. But it is better to wrap this tool after the heavy use as it has a soft blade. Moreover, the handle of this knife made with the high- rating polymer and the full tang.

Mainly, these are best for preventing the slipping of the blade. Also, it is helpful to handle heavy tasks. As the blade made with the soft material, so that use a hone, a perfect hone will help a lot to keep the knife straight. Therefore, one can consider this knife for any catering services.


  • Perfect edge retention
  • Excellent sharp edges
  • Able to slice in a rocking motion
  • High-quality materials


  • Little bit heavier


Miyabi Mizu SG2 6.5-inch Nakiri Knife

There has passed a little bit longer time since we have not noticed a knife that is in Japanese style. In this article, we will solve this. Cause here; we are showing you Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knife.

Miyabi is one of the Japanese companies.

It is one side of the Zwilling Group. Besides, they are trendy for making extraordinary knives in Japanese style. They use SG2 powered steel to make the body of the blade, as mentioning earlier. It gives a high solidity of 63 HRC.

Again, they use whipped stainless steel in the body. So, it provides a Damascus with outlook. Furthermore, the final look of Damascus is stunning. You can see the image of the knife. Furthermore, they also use Micarta to make the handle of this knife.

Micarta gives excellent durability. Moreover, it is in D-shape. So, it is not accurately in round shape. They use a little mound instead of this. So, entirely it gives a D-shape when you notice it’s the handle.

Again one thing is that this knife is very comfortable for mainly right-handed users. But the left-handed users won’t feel so flexible while using this. Even mostly gives good reviews.


  • Lightweight
  • Great sharpness
  • Very flexible to use
  • More lengthy


  • Not good for beginners


Enso Nakiri Knife 6.5 inch

Another Japanese knife is Enso HD Nakiri Knife. It has a straight edge. It is handy for slicing vegetables. Enso has been well known since 1932. It is made with experienced experts skills.

Every Enso HD knives have a black micarta handle. It possesses three stainless steel locks. The entire handle is ordered and gives a long-lasting and well-balanced effect. Enso HD blades are designed for 37-layer stainless steel Damascus with a VG-10 steel cutting body for outstanding edge retention.

All blade gives a hammered finish. All are heat ministered to a 61 on the Rockwell measurement. Even they craft it to around 12° angle. It also has a double bevel edge that is particular for both right-handed users and left-handed users.

All Enso HD knife has a machine-pressed blade kanji feature. First, the very first two Japanese symbols of the kanji are Enso that symbolizes “Harmony in Japanese”. Secondly, the final three logos are Nippon Sei that symbolizes “Made In Japan”.


  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable handle
  • No worry of breaking
  • Warranty for lifetime


  • Quality is not good


Wusthof Classic 7 Inch Hollow Edge Nakiri Knife

We can say that this particular knife is suitable for professional chefs and home chefs as well, specifically for those who have a desire to use a high-end, long-lasting, sharp, and easily manageable knives. They use chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel for making this knife.

So, it gives the knife a lasting effect. Most importantly, and one of its biggest strengths is that they give it a laser cut from only a single part of high carbon steel. You will get unique sharpness compared to others.

Furthermore, you will get 30% more safeguards. And the reason is that they apply “Precision Edge Technology”. Again, not just that this technology also gives more resistance like smudges and odor. The handle of this knife is ergonomic.

And they use polypropylene synthetic material to make this handle. They also provide finger safety for a comfortable feeling. Wusthof states that their knives provide 30% more sharpness.

Actually, in this particular knife, they don’t use Damascus like other knives. Yet the edge is very non-sticky. You will get a stainless feel while cutting with the Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Nakiri knife.


  • Very sharp
  • Accurate cuts
  • Long-lasting
  • Very Flexible


  • You will find nothing.


BIGSUN Nakiri 7 Inch Vegetable Usuba knife

What is the necessity of using a low-quality carbon stainless steel knife when you get the opportunity of using a Japanese cook knife? It doesn’t need to compromise as you have the nakiri knife with a 7-inch length. It is a perfect combination of a cutter, knife, and slicer.

You may feel cooking is a misery! You can move to Usuba Nakiri knife. It is one of the classic Japanese knives. And this knife has a delicate blade. If you want to chop the tomatoes, Usuba Nakiri is the best option for you.

The reason is that its sharpness. Even if you’re going to prepare a meal that needs very thin cutting vegetables, this knife is a standard option. They use German steel with high carbon to make this knife. This knife is solid and rustproof.

Detail of the handle, they use Pakkawood and reliable to make the handle. It gives the knife more durability and water protection. Furthermore, the knife looks very slim and comfortable to hold.

So you can opt for this knife without any hesitation. For the perfect shape of this knife, you will feel very comfortable to hold this. Even you can get well balanced while cutting fruits or veggies. It is very lightweight.


  • Use High carbon German steel
  • The handle is very flexible to hold
  • Japanese knife
  • Well balanced


  • Sharpness is a little bit less


DALSTRONG Nakiri 6 Inch Vegetable Knife

DALSTRONG is one of the famous brands that boost your kitchen set with its creative designs. You will get so many extraordinary features in this particular Nakiri vegetable knife such as attractiveness, balance, unique performance, keenness.

To get fun while cutting, you must have to opt for this knife. This knife provides very sharp cutting. They use fresh nitrogen to make this knife that gives an accurate hardness. Furthermore, it is an anti-corrosion knife. Designed for least push and pull, you will get exact cutting.

Cause it enhances durability and strength. Again, the blade appears very elegant. The give an ergonomic uphold shape to this knife and also provide a hand-polished ridge. Experts make this knife with experienced skill.

So you can easily hold this knife. The knife is very comfortable to use. It suits your hand so quickly that you will get the right balance. Most importantly, it has a mosaic brace of copper.

This feature takes the knife at an extra level. Even, this knife is prepared using high carbon substance at 58+ Rockwell hardness. Not just that the handle is luxurious black Spanish style using Pakkawood. It looks very stylish also.


  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Black Spanish style pakkawood handle
  • Smooth grip
  • Long-lasting


  • For some users, the handle is not flexible

Buying Guide For Nakiri Knife

Buying guide comes handy when you want to get the most excellent Nakiri knife. Also, it’s helpful for people who don’t know what to consider in a knife before buying. So, let’s know some of the most important deciding factors of the top-rated knife.

Blade Materials

The blade materials are the most vital consideration while buying a knife. Although most current knives have made of stainless steel, don’t forget that all have not made at the same way.

When you’re choosing from Japanese knives, you’ll get two different types of materials. And all materials vary with the number of the carbon content. It’s what decides the excellence of the knife.


High-quality handle with much comfort is very crucial consideration. Handles come with ergonomics design are fit into the curves of your hand with ease.

So, you’ll find it easy to hold and move for long time of work. Also, you’re less possible to slip and perhaps injure yourself if your knife comes with a firm handle.

Blade Finish

You can notice that pieces of vegetables are sticking on your knife while cutting them. It happens due to lack of proper finish of the knife. That’s why it happens. So, you have to buy a knife that’s well finished blade and avoid sticking pieces of veggies.

You can get “tsuchime” finished or Granton edge blade that will help you to avoid this issue. Among other considerations, the major ones include the blade length and steel hardness.

Summary of Best Nakiri knife

In a nutshell, we can say that choosing a top-quality best Nakiri knife is a bit tough if you don’t have enough knowledge about its basic features and considering points. But, this is not your issue because you have already gone through the entire content.

So, you’ll be able to avoid many issues while buying a Nakiri knife and you’ll find the best and preferable knife that will allow you to get done your kitchen task in no time.

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