10 Shun Knives Review { Update 2021 }

An expert chef in the field, if you had the opportunity to choose only one kitchen utensil, there is an excellent possibility of selecting a knife. Of course, choose one of the ones that we will present to you in our Shun knives review. These knives are made in Japan. Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about knives made in Japan is their quality. The Japanese have inherited for generations the excellent manual finishing of each blade. This makes them unique pieces. These knives have covered for various features. The Japanese knives that we bring you are known for their design. It has exceptional detail. In addition, all the products in these Shun knives reviews will provide you with solid, thin, but delicate blades. Practically, by acquiring these products, you can make precise, fine, and simple cuts.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best Shun Knives Reviews

The market is full of low and high-end products. Not all are what you need in your kitchen. That is why we bring you a list of 10 high-quality products for you to purchase and supply your needs. Do not hesitate to choose any of these options.


The Sora Chef’s Knife of 8 Inch by Shun

Shun’s knife is a must. It has as design crafts in Japan. In addition, its blades contain steel. They have a patented technology in the compound blades.

Its blades have VG10 with San Mai cutting core. The VG10 edges are coated in a stainless steel layer for durability. This feature provides resistance to any type of stains.

Its handles have the design as traditional Japanese style along with a blend of PP and TPE. You can wash this tool only by hand. Also, it is not dishwasher safe. Blade length is 8 inches. In addition, the double bevel blade is 16 degrees.

Its Japanese design has a meaning. It was named Sora because it means heaven. Also, it included a Composite Blade technology. Moreover, this offers a very high value when joining a VG10 three-layer San Mai edge.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • It is black style
  • It was handcrafted in Japan


  • Its size is 8 inches
  • Its style is a chef
  • The blade is from steel


  • You will be able to sharpen the blade as an optional routine to maintain the sharpness of the edge.
  • The wooden handle can be easily dried after each use.
  • It has included a sheath for each your knife so that you can protect it.


  • Some people might consider it a heavy knife.


This knife is made of durable material and light material. Also, its design is to be able to withstand many situations of cutting or hard products. It has quite ergonomic handles and easy to care for and clean.

Besides, it has steel blades to avoid any type of damage. You will have an exceptional knife and ready to meet the demands you have. When you arrive at your house, you will have the blade totally sharp.


The Kanso design of 8-Inch with Stainless Steel blades by Shun

Our knife # 2 is from Shun. This knife has a design called Kanso. Therefore, this design has a characteristic of the Zen philosophy. This means that they will give you simple, but with the essential to carry out, fulfill, and exceed your expectations.

In addition, this Shun product will provide you with a steel knife to give the best performance. Their blades will always reach your sharp hands. Sure, you can sharpen them when you need them and think it convenient.

This product provides the perfect balance for your kitchen. In addition, you will have excellent control in terms of cutting precision. You will have a dull, necessary, and high-quality knife.

Its handles have a technology called Tagayasan. It knows the knife as iron sword wood. You will have handles with great density, beauty, durability, among others.

It has a stainless zero knife with much carbon and vanadium content. You can chop, cut, peel, carve, slice, and everything you need with this knife.

It is the perfect tool for any kitchen lover, culinary, beginner, or expert. Preparing food will never be so much fun. You can make all kinds of meals, breakfasts, brunches, among others.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • It has blades of high carbon stainless steel
  • Its color is silver


  • It has a handcrafted design made in Japan.
  • It has an ultra-premium design.
  • Its handle is of Tagayasan design.


  • It has a scratch-finished design to prepare food in your home.
  • It has a design characterized by being simple but beautiful and elegant.
  • You will have resistance, control of cut, and balance thanks to its herringbone construction.


  • If you want to sharpen it sometimes, you must buy the materials to do it on your own.


You do not need to be an expert to notice the elegance of this knife and the power to cut everything you need. This knife fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This helps you provide security and control when working with it.

You will not have any irritation on the edge of the fingers in your hand. Its design allows you to have the ability to use it for hours without any problem. Also, your blade never loses its edge despite how many times you use it.


The Classic 8” Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core by Shun

Knife number three in our review is Shun’s. This is a classic style with an eight-inch length. This knife is a basic element for any type of recipe you need to make.

Its blade can perform different tasks. You will have a multipurpose knife. Therefore, you can perform different cutting jobs in a fast and straightforward way.

It has a curved and very well-sharpened blade. You can cut and chop fresh herbs without any problem. This knife has a perfect size and width.

You can have an ideal tool for your kitchen. This knife has the Damascus layering design. Also, it has 69 total layers. Then, this includes 68 steel layers and a VG-Max core.

Your knife has the approval of highly qualified personnel. Also, it is made in Japan. This gives you a combination of innovation, cutting edge, and craftsmanship. We assure you, you will love its design.

The hardwood on the handle allows you to have better control of your utensil. In addition, it is an easy utensil to clean, and you can use it regularly.

Just push the knife forward and down. Thus, you can get cuts in your dishes. You will be eight inches long that will provide you with the necessary sharpening to solve your culinary tasks.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • Its style is DM0706
  • The blade material is carbon


  • The design is handcrafted in Japan
  • Its handle is Tagayasan
  • It is a knife with an eight-inch design


  • It will provide you a flawless cutting ability.
  • This knife can be used for multipurpose use.
  • It has a slightly curved blade.


  • It can be a bit pricey expensive.


This knife is excellent for a chef but can be used by beginners. This Shun knife has a sharp edge that will allow you to use it the moment it comes to you.

A tip that can help you with sharpening the blade is to polish continuously. You can do it quickly; you can see information on the internet.


The Cutlery 8 inches of lightweight Chef’s Knife by Shun

This knife is eight inches. This knife is a premier chef and gives you everything you need. You will have a large capacity, reliable, and light knife.

Shun’s knife offers you a handle so you can use it for an indefinite time. You will not have any type of wear with this handle. Besides, its weight will allow you to make all kinds of cuts in a fast and agile way.

The built-in blade comes perfectly sharp for slicing, cutting, all kinds of vegetables, vegetables, fruits, among others. The blade is thin, so you can use it without getting tired.

Its handle is PakkaWood. This blade has a walnut color; it allows us to rest in hand comfortably. Your time in the kitchen will be fun and an enormous task.

Forget about the complicated process of cutting your food. With this knife, you can do a typical task, something exciting. The entire Shun knife is hand sharpened and handcrafted in Japanese style.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • Its color is brown
  • It has a size of 8 inches.


  • It has sharp edges for slicing, cutting, among others.
  • The blade is extensive, so you can cut what you need.
  • Its blade is 16 degrees double bevel.
  • It has VG-MAX cutting core


  • It is a light and super agile knife
  • You will have a completely comfortable handle
  • You can solve all the kitchen needs you have at any time.


  • Sometimes, the blade could splinter.


This knife is affordable and can exceed all your expectations. It has an impressive and stable structure. You can use it just by taking it out of its case.

You can cut all kinds of food. You will not have to try too hard, and you will not feel uncomfortable with the handle. Do not hesitate to use it as long as you think necessary; it will not cause fatigue.


The Dual Core VG0017 model of 8-Inch Kiritsuke Knife by Shun

Knife number five is a Kiritsuke style. This incredible knife gives you a dual-core to be able to complete all the tasks that you propose. You can make all your dishes in a natural way and without exhausting yourself.

These knives are also made with Damascus and built-in layers. In addition, they are forged with stainless steel. You will have an invaluable quality product.

You will have a knife with around 71 alternate high carbon microlayers and also VG10 and VG2. This will allow you to have a much better blade pattern.

Its blade is a little light and thin. You should focus on providing the necessary care. This way, you will avoid any permanent damage to your product.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • The model to buy is the VG0017
  • The length of the entire knife will be eight inches


  • The material you will get in the blade is stainless steel
  • The blade is sharp enough to cut all kinds of food.
  • It has Japanese handles with PakkaWood style.


  • Has a dual-core construction for durability
  • These knives are designed to meet multipurpose
  • You will have a light, strong blade


  • Edges sometimes tend to chip a little


The quality of this knife can be seen from kilometers. The only important thing is that they are delicate knives. You must take special care so that they can last a long time.

You should dry it immediately wash it. Since it could rust or degrade. This knife comes totally sharp. However, you have to sharpen it regularly. You will have unmatched quality.


The VG0010 Blue Steel model of 6-Inch by Shun

This Blue Steel knife can be used for all kinds of uses. You can use it from cutting, chopping, and many more processes. Therefore, you could have a six-inch knife to make your tasks easier.

This knife has several characteristics to satisfy the needs of all professionals and affixed. This knife has fine grain blue carbon steel. Also, it has a hardened to 61 Rockwell.

You will have a completely sharp blade and a long one. You will have a design that can resist stains. Besides, it will include a cover to be able to store it in a much better way.

Depending on the care, you can have a much longer useful life. The design of the blades will have a mirror polish to improve resistance.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • The blade has as the main material, the steel.
  • It has a length of six inches


  • They have a blue steel style
  • It has a Japanese construction from San Mai
  • It has three different layers
  • Its blades are carbon steel


  • You can use it for multiple uses for demanding tasks.
  • It is an entirely versatile tool to be able to cut, chop, among others.
  • It will satisfy all the needs of professional cooks, and of bogey chefs.


  • The package is not so great; it could be damaged in shipping.


Shun’s knife has a striking look and design. The price might be an impediment, but the quality will be worth it. It has an excellent balance between the knife and the handle. You can cut all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meats, among others.


The Hiro SG2 model with 8-inch by Shun

Our next product has a Japanese steel cutting core. It has a 32 layer coating of Nickel Damascus. Also, its blade has stainless steel on each side. This results in a total of 65 layers of metal.

It gives you a 64 degree Rockwell hardness. This will assist in edge retention. The angle of the blade is double the Japanese bevel. Besides, it is hand sharpened with 16 degrees.

It has a built-in handle made of dark carbon from PakkaWood. It has, in its design, a mosaic inlaid with the crest of the Samurai family.

Also, you will have a product with a dramatic appearance. You will have a dense grain structure and a purity of SG2.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • Its blade length is 8 inches
  • It has a fine edge in the blades


  • The materials that have the blade is stainless Damascus accompanied by SG2 Core.
  • The handles have Pakkawood material.
  • It is a knife cooked by hand in Seki.


  • You can perform a wide variety of cutting tasks.
  • It has a wide blade to keep your knuckles off the board and have a better cut.
  • It has an incomparable performance combined with a very striking aesthetic.


  • It can be a bit heavy, depending on how you cut.


This knife is of high quality. You will have a knife that stays sharp for a long time. Also, its handle allows you to use it quickly and during a very long day.

You will have an excellent balance and a remarkable hardness. You will need to incorporate a sharpening routine at times.


The Premier Kitchen Knife of 3 Piece by Shun

You will have a high-quality product with unmatched performance. This Shun product is ideal for your kitchen. Even professionals will be delighted to have such tools in the kitchen.

You will have an amazing way to make your culinary art. It gives you a finished treatment to guarantee a lasting value in each product.

It has thin blades but very well sharpened. You can use them at any time. Bring three different knives that can help you in completely different tasks.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • Size: 3 Piece Set
  • Its model is TDMS0300


  • The game has a four-inch knife
  • They have a Damascus steel design
  • Gives you a hand-hammered


  • You will not have any food stuck on your knife
  • You will have three different knives to use it in what suits you best.
  • It is a product that will never have corrosion.


  • The edges could splinter


You will have excellent precision for every cut you make. You can use it from cutting fruits to super hard products. It is a kitchen utility tool to supply everything you need. You should not wash it in the dishwasher; you must do it by hand.


The new and classic 8-Piece perfect Knife by Shun

This set of blades is eight pieces. They can serve you for different tasks in your kitchen. These knives are handmade, but they work precisely.

You will have satisfactory results with each use and in each project that you intervene. They can be used by anyone, whether they are professionals or beginners. They have a smooth, fast way of use, and with guaranteed results.

The blades are lightweight, thin, but will exceed your expectations. Its handle will allow you to have better control and higher precision.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • It is an 8 inches pieces
  • These knives are handmade.


  • It has a classic handle design.
  • It has layered steel.
  • It is a flawless cutting knife.


  • You will have precision working knives
  • You will have an innovative design and a spectacular performance
  • Has a premium steel blade


  • A product with defects could arrive, but they change it in customer service.


This could be an excellent gift for your loved ones. They can use them for several years, without losing quality. Therefore, these knives are sharp and cut everything.


The Shun 10-set knives

With our last knife on the list, you can do all kinds of work. You will have a set of 10 knives, and they can save you from making forced cuts.

You will have a game with seven known and popular styles of the Shun Classic knives brand. You will have from a paring knife to a slicing knife.

In addition, it includes honing steel. This will help you to sharpen all your knives if necessary. These blades are also made with solid VG10 steel. Also, they have a 16 degree cutting angle on each side.


  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • Bring a set with ten pieces
  • You can sharpen your blades easily


  • The handles are handmade and made of solid steel.
  • They are resistant to humidity.
  • You will have a fully balanced knife.


  • It has Pakkawood ebony hanldes.
  • You will have an elegant, sophisticated, and robust appearance.
  • The handles rest entirely on the curve of the fingers.


  • You should wash it by hand


This set will save your life in the kitchen. You should not worry about acquiring other types of utensils. With this knife, you can make the cuts you want. You will have blades attached to your kitchen.

With the handles, you will have a currently durable product. Besides, it will provide you with all the necessary precision and comfort.


Before, if you wanted to have sharp knives, you should choose carbon steel. However, it tends to rust. Stainless steel is easy to maintain but is not very sharp. However, now there are very hard and sharp stainless steels like VG10, Gingami3, and Swedish Steel 19C27 from Sandvik. All these points, you should evaluate them before purchasing a new utensil for your kitchen. Do not worry; with this guide, you will be able to select and know each critical aspect of the purchase decision.


It is recommended for a high-quality Japanese knife; you need to choose a standard Damascus blade. The quality of this steel and its design guarantee a resistant blade, which will not be easily damaged. The Full-Tang design is also preferred, with a blade that runs the length of the handle.c c

Your blade must be anticorrosive, antioxidant, and very easy to clean. You should wash your knife only by hand. Remember, the blade must be sturdy to cut all kinds of food.


A high-quality handle can give you an excellent result. You will have safe handling and super easy to use. Therefore, you can choose models that have a wooden handle. These are usually a little more fragile.

However, you can also choose materials from G10 or Micarta. This is a matter of tactile preference, rather than a parameter that affects the performance that the knife offers. Keep in mind that you must buy a product that you can use comfortably.


This point is essential. The knife should be easy to hold. Focus on finding a knife that is not easy to slip off.

Therefore, it must guarantee the safety of its user and allow it to cut, chop, and cut quickly. Its curves, size, weight, and the balance offered, have an impact on this ergonomics. So, make sure to find the best product to let you work for long periods.


A good knife is made to last over time. This is everything that every potential user is looking for. To judge its resistance, it is necessary to take into account the composition of the blade, the finish of the knife. Also, be sure to verify that it is easy to keep sharp. If you go to the right model, it could go with you for decades!


It is a touchy subject because the best blades can be costly! But now we can find excellent knives at a low price. These prices in the market may seem consistent for a dull knife.

It is much better to spend a little more budget to acquire a wholly durable and ready-to-use knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing a kitchen utensil or any other product, questions are never lacking. With this guide, you will be able to realize, before buying, some of the answers to the most common questions that potential customers have.

Q. How often should I sharpen my knives?

This will depend on the quality of your product. However, stainless steel knives often require you to sharpen them every two to four uses. Thus, they will never lose their initial edge.

This will depend on how sharp you need your knives. Instead, carbon steel blades often need to be sharpened after each use.

Q. What type of blade does Gordon Ramsay use?

Gordon Ramsay’s use the Wüsthof brand blades. Generally, this knife is for chopping, peeling, and cutting all kinds of vegetables. Also, they use Henckels blades.

Q. Are Shun Classic style knives of good quality?

Shun’s blades have an Asian style. Shun Classic knives measure 8 inches. This knife has a full tang for better ease of use.

Plus, it has a sharp edge that comes ready for immediate use. In general, it has the excellent quality, and you can use it for long periods. You will not have any problem with the blade. This brand has a high position in the market.

Q. Does the Shun brand use the Damascus style?

Sharpness and lightness are two characteristics that this type of knife provides. These blades are made in Japan. It has 36 layers of Damascus steel.

This generates excellent quality and gives you a VG-Max Hard Mold Core. Therefore, you will have a true Damascus.

Q. Where are Shun knives made?

KAI Corporation in Japan manufactures these knives. This manufacturer has more than 90 years in the industry. Furthermore, it is the main blade products in Japan. Its factories are mostly located in Seki.

Q. If I purchase a Shun knife, will I have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, you will get a guarantee when purchasing these products. Shun Cutlery will give you a limited lifetime warranty. Most of the problems you might have with the knife will cover you.

You can make any changes or make effective the warranty on manufacturing defects in materials, construction, among others.


Every lover of kitchen utensils will love this Shun Knives Review. Chefs usually consider all knives of this brand to be high-end. You will have durable utensils with a limited lifetime warranty.

You will love each of these products. We have included the description, pros, and cons so you can see an overview of each product. In addition, you will have a final verdict so that you can know a more profound thought on our part after using it.

Also, we want you to get the best in quality. You will need to know the points to take into account before making any purchase decision. You will not miss any detail with this guide.

Cooking will no longer be a problem. You can split, peel, cut all the food you need. Your family will be able to enjoy this culinary art in a much easier and faster way. You will love it.

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