10 Best Gerber Knife { Update Reviews for 2021 }

Gerber knives are using nearly everywhere globally, from the ocean deep into places such as Sea Lab, into ships, the frozen Antarctic and Arctic wastelands, into the Northeast, through the far-reaching mountains of the Northwest, and in the air in numerous combat aircraft. The problem is simple: the best Gerber knife is everywhere. This article would enable you to explore the finest and worthiest of your days, attention, and resources from the several different knives produced by Gerber.

Before doing so, though, go through review with interactive table below, which lists some of the best knives on the market.

History of Gerber Knife Brand

In the knife and outdoor business, Gerber has been a household brand since 1939. Their reputation for consistency, invention, and architecture helped the catapult them to the front of the knife.

It’s no surprise that Gerber knives have always been one of the most durable choices for knife enthusiasts for almost a century with such a rich past and wide selection of items. Gerber began in 1968 with the tradition of producing knives for military protection.

A new twist on early Gerber survival weapons, the Gerber Strong-arm Fixed Edge knife. Its rugged build is complete with a 420 rubberized handle in stainless steel with a potent injection molding edge. The knife’s included flexible sheath device distinguishes this from other fixed blade knives of this type.

The sheath helps the body hold the coupler or connect to the bag or jacket in several ways. The Gerber Strong-arm is an excellent fixed knife for job, battle, or camping. See our thorough analysis of how anything from flexibility to ergonomics has graded.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best Gerber Knife Reviews

The knife is incredibly valuable as an item. But it must be said because we have the right resource for the proper work! Stay up with us as we click through our thoughts in the fantastic Gerber collection with some of our favorite weapons.


Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Coyote Brown

The Gerber LMF II is among the most common military blades accessible to the public in recent years. The survivor knife is currently available in three models: the LMF II Infantry, the ASEK LMF II, and the Survival LMF II.

The only distinction between sheath colors and knife handle is that both these variants are the same. Each model also includes every accessory. A green handle, sheath, and compatible protection cup, sheath, and braces included in the LMF II Survival.

The LMF II Infinity has a brown sheath, a ring, and a buckle and sheath. The knife is available in gray, black, and white, but only a matching sheath has given. A 4.84 inch long and 3/16 inch thick, remarkably broad blade is now on the Gerber LMF II knife.

Its overall length is 10.59 inches from the tip to the butt. It is a little reliable for occasional use at 11.67 ounces. A handle with a TPV over-mold grip has made of glass-filled nylon.

It is broader and more flat than most and increases the contact with the palm’s grip surface. The knife has MOLLE-consistent electric insulation and has fitted with a cover constructed of fire retardant ballistic nylon.


  • Semi-ragged edge
  • Good grip
  • Great edge retention
  • Durable


  • It’s not a full-tang knife


Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Black

The first knife for defensive circumstances is the Gerber LMF II Infantry blade. This has a standard opening feature, as the name suggests. This knife is manufactured using S30V stainless steel and includes an eroticized aluminum machining handle and has crafted in the United States.

The handle has a stainless steel frame for long-lasting. The huge pummel built of a large piece of carbon steel is one of the first pieces in the box. The Military Knife has equipped with a drop-point edge with a convex curve running from the back to the handle.

In other terms, the sword comes back and descends. Also, there is a clip in which the blade’s upper surface is the floor on both sides so that the top front part of the blade can sharpen.

This facilitates penetration and cutting into objects. The Gerber Manual Battle Folder often includes a document that can conveniently manage using a HEX tool.

This knife has numerous features, including a stainless steel blade drop point S30V, slipping safety, full finger loop, lanyard notch, partly tightened blade, aluminum handle, pumpkin, and a double thumb bolts. This knife is useful in emergency conditions with all things considered.


  • Nice edge retention
  • High-quality material
  • Doesn’t slip
  • Wider finger loop


  • Not good locking mechanism


Gerber Straightlace, Pocket Clip Knife with Fine Edge Blade

The Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout can look like a sturdy handle, or the difference in size relative to other knives, or how well it fits into the pocket and the side. This knife has a beautiful design, no matter why. He’s Bear Grylls Scout Knife’s younger uncle.

This is a folding lap knife for locking in a backpack and a pocket. This is quite handy since a belt buckle or sheath is not required. The knife measures 5.8 inches wide, and the edge measures 2.5 inches thick.

We like that weigh around 27 grams less than one ounce. The blade has an excellent grayish anti-reflective surface, which persists through vigorous use, constructed of carbon stainless steel. Rasher falls out of the package quickly.

The blade is formed from the back to the knifepoint in a drop-point with a distinctive convex curve. Somewhat over a third of the blade’s surface is tightened while the other blade has an exceptional edge.

It comes with cutting tight blades, cords, and other stuff quickly. The only downside is that they have the pain to sharpen with clasped blades.


  • Great edge retention
  • Very user-friendly
  • Better grip & control
  • Suitable for vigorous use


  • It’s not simple to sharpen


Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife, Serrated Edge, Black

It is a premium version of Prodigy Survival Knife from Gerber with a long blade and a drop-point setup. It has made of S30V steel that provides outstanding edge retention and excellent rust resistance.

A full tang has also included, which tends to improve strength and longevity. It comes with a very desirable and practical textured rubber grippe.

This should determine that the blade and the uncovered parts of the tang are brushed, which is not a drawback to the construction of the Gerber Gator Premium. The knife is balanced, and on the side, it looks fantastic. Sheaths are far easier to take on and off.

The sheath has a cloth belt loop that you use to place on the jacket. The knife is approximately 8 ounces thick and is 9 inches high. The edge is 4 inches long by itself. The handle has built of rubber over-molded nylon lined with water.

This guarantees longevity and a firm grasp. The building, as a whole, is standard and reliable. And while the knife is not appropriate for several activities, it is undoubtedly an excellent tool for walking or backpacking in your bag.


  • Premium materials
  • Solid feel
  • Full tang
  • Safe to use


  • Sheath many come with a fleece belt loop


Gerber Swagger Knife, Serrated Edge, Drop Point, Black

A three.2-inch blade has used in the Gerber Swagger knife. It is a foldable knife, which requires 4.3 cm when shut and 7.5 cm when spread out.

The knife also has a partly clamped tip. However, the full completed edge variant may be preferred. The clamped and delicate points of the blade are pre-sharpened. A textured portion with five drops of rain boiling into the blade has also included on the tool.

So although it can sound like a question of esthetics, shape improves grasp. Two separate textures are accessible on the right and left sides of the Gerber Swagger ring. It is constructed of stainless steel on the right side of the handle and has three grooves.

Also, it contains a pocket clip so much with the name of the product. On the left hand, friction grooves have drilled to provide more exceptional durability and prove useful to leftists. In damp environments, the aggressive texture is quite well maintained.

The pocket lock is not removable except with tumble bolts, and left-handed users battle to loosen their knives. Only with thumb bolts, this is a great pocket knife by Gerber with superior materials and a great design. The other obstacle is the difficult-to-use locking feature.


  • Fine edge
  • Pointed blade
  • Good grip
  • Greater durability


  • Quality issue


Gerber Paraframe II Knife, Tanto Point, Black

The Gerber Paraframe II would be worth the money, be it in the military, law enforcement, or even people in need of a good pocket knife. It is part of the Gerber Defensive line, so you should be confident that it has been designed to meet tough circumstances.

So, this knife has no characteristics; people would consider worthless as a tool of protection. In some respects, the blade length is 3.5 inches; the closed length is 4.75 inches. The total length is 8.13 inches, and the weight is 4.3 inches.

The knife has built with a steel tip, 7Cr17Mov, in particular. Also, the handle has made of stainless steel, a substance used for a robust application and protection to tear, rust, and corrosion.

The tightly clamped tanto blade has painted to enhance corrosion resistance. The protective aspect of the frame lock causes the blade to fall during operation or kill someone while not in service.

In terms of having two thumbscrews, it may be tough to have the bolt’s left thumb since a pocket clip has placed on the right side. The protective aspect of the frame lock is like a roller with the primary distinction: it is part of the door.


  • Versatile
  • Safety to use
  • Superior materials
  • Best value of money


  • The sheath needs to improve


Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black

The Gerber Survival comes with a sophisticated pocket and protection knife intended for specialists who want to escape from the busy town and sometimes into the wilderness. The home and backwoods are diminished in scale and covered in plastic.

The rubberized coating provides excellent traction and assures that anyone that enters the pocket can be harmful. The knife has also fitted with a toughness metal frame and a Lockback blade locking mechanism that stops the blade from bending during operation.

The knife is made from 7Cr17, a strength of 55-57 stainless steel. Therefore, it is a perfect day-to-day device. The blade has coated with titanium nitride, and the sturdiness of the steel has strengthened further.

The base of this knife is a steel frame, so it also allows for flexing. In combination with the compact scale of the weapon, it is suitable for simple activities only. The coating of rubber is a cause for concern as it wears cracks and tears.

This knife is undoubtedly fantastic, despite being built for super light activities. Many features an outdoor enthusiast would enjoy in the pocket knife are decent stretch, titanium nitride coating, and a sturdy handle.


  • Great locking mechanism
  • Premium stainless steel made
  • Good grip
  • Flexible


  • The rubber covering wears easily


Gerber Freeman Guide Fixed Blade Knife, Fine Edge, Black

Many new users reported how quickly the blade had been deployed. According to one person, a fixed blade was not much a hassle. They also stated that after using the blade, it was very smooth and easily sharpened with a sharp knife sharpener in a few minutes.

This knife has a light, skeletonized design that incredibly lightens the knife compared to most knives. And your defensive belt won’t be exposed to extra weight. This knife would, in particular, be a nice improvement if you tend to wear big knives.

The knife has used for EDC applications and protection. This will work its magic not to be overdone because you do require a cleaning knife for the usage of fishing. Regardless of how you use it, it will prove useful and cut most of the materials without any problems.

In either survival or non-survival scenario, Gerber Ripstop would most likely be your best mate. In brief, this is a full button with a quick folding and unfolding capacity, which is difficult to match.

If you want to find a reliable, easy-to-use knife that’s perfect for any use, this will be right down your road. Overall, it looks and cuts dramatically with an all-steel style.


  • Great for use
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Extremely durable construction


  • A bit tough to control by one hand


Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife with Fine Edge

Most potential customers were excited about the knife. They said that it was perfect for emergency purposes and cut most items without problems. One consumer said that he is using this survival knife not just for EDC usage but also for outdoor activities such as brush clearing and firewood whittling.

It’s rough all over this weapon. The blade has constructed of high-quality steel with an added toughness. And if you toss it around and try to hurt it, you can see nothing sculpting or scrape with this smooth.

Perhaps the strongest of Gerber’s batch is this knife. The blade is durable, long-lasting, and robust. Seeing that this is a knife of protection, it has meant for those who choose to bear a knife every day.

You may have to take this stuff with you while you’re out in the woods the weekend. This is the ultimate camper knife to slice, cut and smash any content that you may need for cooking, or shelter, if necessary.

The defensive knife is second to none when it comes to the Gerber 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel material. If you would like a Gerber weapon, which will be secure and accurate anywhere you use it most, this might be your tool.


  • Multi-purpose use
  • EDC compatible
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Excellent sheath


  • Over time it blade can chip


Gerber Flatiron – Folding Cleaver Pocket Knife

The Gerber FlatIron is a sharp daily knife-carrying influenced by typical straight blade razors and cleavers of beef. Its unique cleaver blade makes it ideal for everyday cutting tasks such as opening or cutting packages of food.

The knife comes with a frame in stainless steel and a G-10 handle, which keeps it secure and cozy when it’s in operation. FlatIron has a rock-solid frame lock that holds the coupler free for hard action.

The knife is a perfect cheap choice when you look at your thing and need a light-task knife. This knife was found by many new users to be very useful for everyday use. They used this to remove animal skin for different purposes and also to open packets for menial tasks.

Regardless of the demand, the knife was straight from the door and quite long-lived. This knife is remarkable in a few ways. Firstly, the clamped blade facilitates the cutting.

Therefore, the clamped edges make it even easier to hack while you clean up the fresh kills or get out of a risky scenario. The rubber ring is simple to use as well. When you want a weapon that does not spread your hands as much as you are using it, you should choose such a tool.


  • Excellent quality
  • Extremely durable
  • Solid construction
  • Exceptionally sharp


  • Questionable Sheath quality

Buying Guide For Most Excellent Gerber Knife

It is essential that you know which one of our lists will work best for you if you look for a Gerber knife. The blades aren’t the same. Everyone has a distinctive style and comprises of high-quality materials.

But one may surpass one function, while another, such as fishing, excels in another use. Where do you check for a Gerber Knife while picking it?


Yes, if you’re on a stick, you can get an excellent Gerber knife at a low price. Make sure you choose the highest price and value knife you can afford. You can still save a few bucks by never losing worth. It may be perfect for a few minutes, but earlier rather than later, you would realize your knife had to be modified.


Indeed, the blade is sharp on a Gerber knife. Yet others could be quicker out of the package than others. The brighter the blade, the more chance the knives’ best cutting skills have to become experienced.


In different lengths, Gerber knives come. If you choose to cover and hold it daily, shorter knives would be even safer. Before you ponder the idea of purchasing a more sheath for EDC wearing, make sure to learn the weapon’s dimensions.


As stated earlier, we are huge fans of snack-built devices for any particular job that you might perform, so we store on the usually cost-effective so job-relevant line of best Gerber knife.

While time may show that we have confronted with problems of longevity that other owners often feel online, our initial impressions are powerful! It’s mainly concerning the costs.

The Fastball and Spine will not be a miserable place to continue if you are new to EDC Knives or just begin to get a taste for outdoor use.

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