Best Fixed Blade EDC Knife Under 100 [ Update Reviews 2020 ]

Today’s content is going to help the people who are in a dilemma to purchase a permanent blade knife. Often people become frustrated with buying anything because of the lacking of knowledge. So, it happens to them to buy a carry knife as well. One should know about the details to receive the best fixed blade EDC knife under 100. Therefore, we research and find the top EDC knife with a fixed blade for your betterment. Through this content, we will present several fantastic fixed knives.

Besides, you will get the clear concept of carrying one knife with you that has a fixed blade. Also, we will provide some guidelines to recognize the best knife as well. Therefore, have a look at the below instructions to receive the best one.

A Brief Description Of The Fixed Blade EDC Knife

The knife with the fixed blade is best for everyday use. This significant knife has no movable part of fumbling when one is in a hurry. Also, it is legal to carry this knife. Moreover, several people think that the folding knife is enormous.

But lots of knives are available with the fixed blade that is perfect as a carry knife. Moreover, the weight of this knife is around 7 ounces; that is why it very comfortable to use. Also, this EDC knife provides a large blade that made with stain coating steel.

Besides, this significant knife has a sharpened edge. Furthermore, the material of this knife is unique, which makes it robust and long-lasting. Also, this knife provides several updated features that are also very unusual. Additionally, one can use this knife for all sorts of indoor tasks.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best Fixed Blade EDC Knife Under 100 Reviews


Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

First of all, we will discuss the Buck knives that provide a fixed blade. Also, it is a folding, friendly tool that is available in the shop at below $100. Besides, it has a hollow grind features that make it perfect for the skinning, slicing, hunting, and feathering sticks.

In a word, this leather sheath knife is ideal for household tasks. Additionally, the size of the blade is around 3.25 inch as well as it made with the high materials. The primary element of this blade is CPM-S30V stain coating and high-quality steel.

Mainly, this material is famous because they are effortless to sharpen. Moreover, it has a guarantee resilient from corrosion and wear. Also, the retention edge prevents the normal sharpening process.

Another fantastic thing about this knife is its handle.

It designs with the molded steel-clad Nylon, G10 material, and CNC contoured. These are the things that provide fantastic looks and make it comfortable to use a daily basis.

Additionally, this knife offers a very comfortable grip that makes your cutting task easy. The VANTAGE PRO invented in America that provides a forever Buck warranty.


  • Long-lasting and strong
  • Build-in leather sheath
  • Perfect handle
  • Limitless warranty


  • Little bit heavier


Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife with Fine Edge – Black

Firstly, people do not want to consider the fixed blade tool for its high price. All these significant knives are costly, but this Gerber fixed blade knife is very affordable. First of all, the blade of this knife is very comfortable to sharp and rust-resistant.

This blade made with straightforward steel like 420HC, and it has one complete tang that ensures a rubbery grip coated and diamond touch. Moreover, this is a very suitable and well- build fixed blade tool. Besides, the weight of this knife is 7 ounces, and the length is around 9.74 inches.

So that it is very suitable to carry one place to another, additionally, this knife has a MOLIE attachment features that help one to attach this knife horizontally and vertically. The most important thing that the material of this knife is carbon steel that makes the item more reliable and more long-lasting.

Also, this blade has a corrosion-resistant with the coating of ceramic that provides a final look of it. Furthermore, this tool is available in the four mounting parts with the sheath that shelters the blade. So that one can easily carry on the belt and use it as a drop-leg style.


  • Firm grip and diamond texture
  • Ceramic coating
  • Easily portable
  • Long-lasting


  • Heavier in some cases


Kershaw Camp 10 (1077), 10-inch Fixed Blade Camp Knife

The Kershaw knife is familiar as a survival knife within 100 only. Firstly, this fantastic knife created with high quality 1095 steel that makes it durable and robust. Indeed, this knife can be the perfect choice for the camping tour.

Most importantly, this knife has a versatile feature that makes this knife appropriate for outdoor adventure lovers. Moreover, the Kershaw fixed blade knife designed for every significant task like shaving, chopping, and notching, etc.

Indeed, this knife is appropriate for the regular camper who spends plenty of time on adventure treks.

Additionally, all the features of this knife specially made for camping.

It has a 10-inch-long blade that can do every task that one may need on the entire tour. Also, it has a carbon steel with one black powder coating that provides the best finishing.

Besides, make this knife more reliable and long-lasting and reduce the maintenance of its blade. Moreover, this knife also provides a cover that helps to shelter the knife while carrying on the pocket. Most importantly, this cover has an excellent look that creates a beautiful look.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Powder-coated
  • Comfortable to manage


  • Less quality grip


Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge [31-000751]

If you are searching for the survival knife like the Bear Grylls, then this Gerber ultimate knife is best for you. This knife is known as a Bear Grylls Gerber knife. Therefore, if one loves surviving and excited to have a similar knife-like Bear, then go with this fantastic knife.

Most importantly, this knife is the top buying product because of its excellent quality. Firstly, this knife created with the high stainless carbon steel with the drop theme blade. This material ensures the cutting rope and perfect edge retention.

Besides, it has one sharp knife that tolerates the harsh environment, and the rubber grip reduces the slippage. In a word, all these features provide the highest comfort. Now we will discuss another important thing that is a handle of this knife.

The material of this knife is stainless pommel steel that makes sure the hammering features. Though it is just a knife, this can help you to make the fire.

Moreover, this knife is available with the nylon sheath that makes it lightweight and safe. Finally, we recommend this tool for the enthusiastic traveler for their survival tour.


  • Multipurpose knife
  • Excellent edge resistant
  • Best for fire starter
  • Long-lasting


  • Sharpening weak building


Buck Knives 120 General Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

Before we discussed one hundred buck knife, it is easy to understand that there is no confusion about the buck one. In the previous knife, the buck did not provide the Stoney touch with the blade design. But the steel quality is the same as the previous one.

Usually, a buck knife made with the quality steel and features. The steel of this knife is 420 HC that creates the blade steady and durable. Most importantly, this knife is familiar with the versatility, resistant feature, and edge retention.

Besides, this tool provides an exceptional design that makes this knife unique. Also, this knife offers a finger guard feature that is very helpful for the hunters. Moreover, the leather sheath of this tool is different and makes this knife attractive.

Also, it keeps the blade safe when you carry it with you. The high-quality material offers the best durability and strength. Another fantastic part of this knife is the unique edge design.

Though all the buck leather sheath knife provides an excellent look, this one offers more among all the buck. Additionally, the sheath of this knife has one belt and snap fastener to carry it easily.


  • Elegant and simple design
  • Belt and snap fastener
  • Figure guard
  • Full tang building


  • Not portable friendly


Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife [30-001005]

Now we will present another premium knife that is Gerber Ghoststrike knife. First of all, this high-quality knife is easily manageable and perfect for every condition and weather. Most importantly, this knife is appropriate for self-defense and tactical use.

One of the excellent features of this knife is the handle. This knife provides an exceptional grip that specially made for hunting purposes. The material of this knife is durable steel, and it has extra edge retention.

Also, it has a ceramic coating that creates a complete look and reduces corrosion and reflection. Moreover, this knife available in the modular sheath model that covered it and made it easy to carry.

The most exciting part of this knife is a small shaped blade that is very lightweight. Also, very comfortable to use and carry one place to another place. Additionally, the handle of this knife has a diamond touch grip, and there is a guard in the middle of the fingers and blade.

So, that it helps one to remain safe while cutting fast also. Finally, the fantastic handle, grip, and the high -quality material of the Gerber knife make it more preferable to the people.


  • Excellent compact form
  • Perfect sheath
  • Best Handle design
  • Appropriate for all conditions


  • Not perfect for all handed people


Condor Tool & Knife 60005 Blasted Satin Blade Knife

We can say that now we can finish the overview of knives until giving a review of premium quality and good straight knife. The knife is from Condor. So, the main thing that gets this knife in extra level is it’s blasted satin finish on the blade.

This satin finish makes the knife differ from others. The manufacturer applied the ” Sand Blasting Technique” that is appeared in the metal part of this knife. This creates a better look and makes it sharp and robust. Actually, they market the knife as a survival knife.

The small size of this blade makes it very comfortable to hold to its users. The micarta handle of this knife is weather-proof. This knife is a perfect combination of compact, small, and light.

These features are enough to make a good helper for its user who wants to use it for an adventurous tour. Most importantly, the blasted satin finish makes it more exclusive and a luxurious look.

Furthermore, this feature also boosts the durability of this knife. And the last thing, they use high-end 1075 high carbon steel to make this knife. It will take the knife extra power and durability.


  • Strong and solid structure
  • Unique grasp on the handle
  • Give satin finish
  • Long-lasting


  • Not fully rust-proof


ESEE Knives 4P Fixed Blade Knife w/Handle and Molded Polymer Sheath

Jeff Randell and Mike Perrin specially design this particular Esee model 4 knife. It is a survival, Bushcraft, and all-rounder tactical blade. They use high-end and high carbon steel to make the knife.

So that it can withstand any situation or weather, altogether, it’s a high-quality knife that will differ from any others in this particular type. You can use this knife for multipurpose usage. Even you can easily carry this knife while hiking.

Users’ experience of using this knife is so positive that it makes it exceptional. It is one of the high-end knives with compact and durable. They use high carbon 1905 steel to craft it, which is the best option. The knife is so intense that users don’t have to face the issues of cracked edges.

The weight of this knife is just 7.45 punches. So it is very light, and you can hold it comfortably. Even you can carry it easily while traveling. It has a micarta handle that you can remove also.


  • Very light to hold
  • Use high carbon steel.
  • Have polymer sheath
  • Give guarantee for the lifetime.


  • The type of steel is the main problem; it gets rust and smudges quickly it not dried appropriately.


KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight

The US marine corps fighting knife is an exact option for that person who is performing in the US military. Even one can use it only for personal use. The design is straightforward, and it is in a straight style. It also contains a gold plated nerve protector and pommel.

This feature makes the knife very attractive looking. They use high carbon, durable 1905 metal to make this blade. The knife is sharp and very solid. You can not only just use it for adventures but also self-defence purposes.

At the time of World War 2, they allocated these blades to soldiers. Furthermore, it is a necessary option for both men and women who are serving in the military.

KA-BAR has undertaken an exceptional manufacturing process for making this particular design knife. It is an anti-corrosion knife and has excellent strength also. Even you will get perfect cutting. They use high carbon 1095 steel that is also imported to make this blade.

They ground the edge at a 20° angle. It’s a very keen knife. Even the side of this knife is straight, that’s why it is very famous amongst militaries.  Furthermore, it has a leather sheath.


  • Straight edge
  • Have a good grasp because of the leather sheath
  • Use high carbon 1905 steel.
  • Anti-corrosion


  • Missing of tightness because of the straight design


CRKT Compact Fixed Blade Knife

Columbia River Knife and Tool that is also known as CRKT produces some most exceptional knife that is available in the market. They make the team with some citable military artists and bladesmiths. The purpose of this is to provide unique designs knife.

Ken Onion designs humdinger. The blade is in 5.9″size. The cutting of the edge of this knife is exact. The significant body of this knife lets you cut profoundly and accurately. Besides, it’s dull blade enables you to heavy-duty cutting with providing enough weight.

Hunter and camper can easily use this knife without any doubt. Even the weekend warrior can opt for this for having fun in cutting. The knife is compact. But CRKT Ruger Carbine is a powerful pack. CRKT and Ruger collaborate.

They make blades with only a 2-inch length. Furthermore, they use 5Cr15MoV stainless steel to make the blade. So, you can easily whet this knife. Wisconsin knifemaker Matthew Lerch design this knife, he got training for jewel making.

The knife contains three coils attach to the handle for giving you security while placing your finger. The blade is also fixed. It has a GRN handle also.


  • Short in size
  • Very light
  • Have a strong sheath
  • Anti-corrosion


  • The grip is not so good.

Buying Guide For Fixed Blade EDC Knife

You will find many alternatives from where you can opt for one. Again, one thing is that the competition is much more outside. As a result, we get more quality products.

Here, we conclude some indication that you should definitely consider if you want to purchase good quality and long-lasting knife. Let’s see those.

Type of Metal of the Blade

If you want to buy a knife within 100, first check out its metal that they use to make the blade. They use two categories of steels— one is carbon, and the other is stainless steel. But stainless steel is much famous.

The reason is that this type of steel is anti-corrosion, virtually durable, and easily whet. Regardless, it is not totally oxidized free. Even the oxidation rate is more than carbon steel.

Blade Design

Another significant task is to select the blade design. There are various designs available in the market from where you have to find your one. One of them is the straight blade. This type of blade is one of the simplest options that you can use for cutting woods.

One more thing, they are straightforward to whet. Second, one is serrated, which is also a good option. But this one generally needs a particular sharpener. Third, the most familiar designs available in the market, such as clip point, spear point, drop point, and so on.

Tang of the Knife

Tang is another one that you have to consider while buying a durable knife. Actually, it is the back portion of the blade, and at that place, it attaches with the handle. The full tang knife is the best one. This type of tang delivers all the power to the whole knife.

Again, they are very well- balanced, endure more pressure. However, you need to spend a little bit more about having this type of knife. On the other hand, the partial kind of tang knife is not much good.

The Bottom Line

One thing you have to make sure that you have to choose the most appropriate knife within 100 at your preference. The reason can be anything. You may feel it as a task at the time of searching for your likelihood survival knife.

The goal is the various types of features and gadgets. But finally, you will end to buy a knife with your personal choice, the budget you want to spend, and the type of usage.

Each of these survival knives that is mentioned above is best. They are a very high-end knife. As a result, you should choose one that suits best for you, and you won’t prove inappropriate with any one of these.

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