ESEE Knives Reviews – Top 10 Best ESEE knife (Update for 2020)

We all understand that getting a reliable knife when you are out in the wild is essential. But, often those knives are crafted by people who are non-field professionals and check their goods diligently before they have introduced to the public, where the ESEE knives shine. This renowned brand, established by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin, created exceptional knives that are very popular in the survival community and well received by them. And this ESEE knives reviews will be helpful to find out your preferred knife you’re in search of.

History of ESEE Knife Brand

Randall’s Adventure Training was set off in 1977 by the two owners Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin, to provide their students with necessary training and equipment to survive in the remote and hostile areas.

So, many students introduced to the art of survival in the vast Amazon jungle in conjunction with the Peruvian Air Force. And after many years of research in South America, they agreed on the establishment of the US-based firm, which later chose to call ESEE, a brand acronym of high-quality knives.

And protection gear for the Escuela de Supervivencia and Escape as well as Evasion. Instead, they decided to partner with Wicked Knife Company instead of producing their knives, providing their RATK line, which they subsequently approved for the Ontario Knife Company, which still makes this line.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best ESEE Knives Reviews

ESEE produces knives and safety tools in the USA with emphasizing clogs and clogs. Their knives are quite highly known and possess an immensely devoted fanbase backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. ESEE has also been active in the manufacture of folding knives in recent years.


ESEE BRK Designed Zancudo Framelock Green D2 BRKR2OD

This cutting edge has been explicitly planned for the battle in the desert, specifically in Latin America, without, however, renouncing the typical characteristics of the Esee blade that have made it new from its various blades within their group.

The Junglas (see full specs) has been articulated according to the “hoonglass” and is so-called according to the Colombian Special Power. The handle consists of a dark micarta that suits the sharp edge pleasantly.

In general, the blade is 16 and a half centimeters long and is decent in size for a fight or a fighting blade. While we are devotees of the smaller ESEE stamina blades, they don’t cut it now and then, honestly.

Check here out to know more about Esee knives for sale.


  • Helpful Kydex sheath
  • Functional
  • Flexible
  • Higher in quality


  • Pricier than some others



Its other forms of regular carbon steel and powder cover calculations and both of these have believed, and we assume that the ESEE pack is gone.

The trouble with the dignity of another is that the standard quickly becomes apparent, but we can not even speak of it as such with this sword and my wildness.

The LSP is my favorite bushcraft weapon, so we may guarantee we won’t be tempted to make another buy the day before we use and misuse it.

We’re never going to see it ongoing. It’s still the fact that we have brought Micarta for the G10 that Micarta was fired so quickly by light.

We believe this is the correct move, but, with the middle hole approaching it in the same direction, you can accommodate the paracord and the calfskin stress altogether.


  • Well-rounded
  • High as a camp knife
  • Made from premium materials
  • Sturdy handle


  • Design of the knife is not good looking.


ESEE Knives Ashley Game Hunting Skinning Knife

It is the first ESEE movement towards a candiru squash, which unlocks the brand again. The load for the Camp Lore line is powered.

A few versions have developed with the ESEE operating the mill with the tender loving care that concentrated on traditional and fully animated instances.

This was not only the blade that took ESEE from a brand known for its strategic cuts in endurance and turns it into a shrub circle. This was probably the first ESEE to go along with a sheath of cowhide.

Ashley Game has outlined to give it a right blade for carving and excellent job in depth. Such cutting-edge fields are highlighted by a trap mechanism that prepares fuel and shines for an explosion.


  • Fantastic little knife.
  • Higher quality control
  • Simple to conceal,
  • Sharp and durable


  • Belt clip gets rust faster.


ESEE Knives 5P Fixed Blade Knife w/Kydex Sheath

The Esee 5P Simple Black Edge Knife is here. The 5P has built of a 1095 high carbon blade, as with all Esee knives. Of skilled cutlery worldwide, this is the blade substance of preference.

One of the best deterrents for rust and stain, in general, will be a dry film rust inhibitor. As for measurements, overall 5P duration is just less than 11 centimeters with blade duration of 5 to 4 centimeters.

While the blade is high carbon steel, it has blackened like most Esee knives are customary. The weight of the weapon without a needle is sixteen ounces.

The knife has equipped with an extra-mounting clip with a Kydex sheath. The handle has constructed of a long and convenient Micarta.


  • Great rounded knife
  • Made with superior carbon steel
  • Agreeable & sturdy handle
  • Extremely handy
  • High edge angle provides cutting power.


  • The blade is shorter in size.


ESEE Knives, Camp-Lore, Cody Rowen 2.5, Black Oxide Drop Point

If you first hold this knife, you can immediately tell how strong and robust it is. The Micarta handle is known for its comfort and durability, while it helps to make the knife a more delicate blade to carry overall slightness.

Most people who are curious whose handle they don’t know about their knife for using. The knives come with a Kydex sheath, the knife slips in very snugly, but not so quickly to deal with as you draw it.

The sheath has also connected to a detachable camera. This has crafted from high-quality 1,095 carbon steel, like all Esee weapons, and one of the sharpest and toughest blades.

This 4P Black Knife is one of the best knives in Esee.


  • Nice, small knife
  • Better quality control
  • Effortless to conceal
  • Durable and sharp


  • Blade gets rust faster.


ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife w/Molded Polymer Sheath

These Esee 6 reviews show an average length of 11, 3⁄4 cranes with a sharp rib width of 6 1/2 cm and 12 oz gages. The choice is excellent for individuals who prefer wild resistance or camp usage for a broader sword.

Also, it contains a slanting edge cutting design with a length of 0.156 inches and a slight crush with a straight tip. The cutting edge has often developed using the Rockwell Hardness SAE 1095.

It can be accessed with your decision of a plain or partially clamped end with dark, dark earth or a safe completion of the green venom erosion.

Ultimately, in your option of plain, chaki, or olive bland, add your preference of molded Kydex sheath or a MOLLE nice Nylon sheath.


  • Very durable sheath
  • Sheath fits snugly with knife
  • Ideal survival blade
  • Razor-sharp, fantastic knife


  • Large for higher errands


ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife w/Molded Polymer Sheath

It’s maybe the perfect blade to cover up, and it’s a solid (though unnecessarily light) buddy cutting knife. The nastier, middle bug is called the Isula – also known as the Bullet Ant.

In the wilderness, we would conclude that it is all named according to the simple cutting appearance of the Izula. This blade is an endurance blade that can be either your arm or your EDC.

The Izula is a skeletonized blade that takes into account shining and transmits the perfect lightweight performance device. Moreover, you’ll still have few customizing choices.

The versatile sloping side of the side is cleaning with a ton, but the matter stays small enough along with the central core, and there is no problem with excellent accuracy.


  • Very sturdy
  • Great capability
  • Small to conceal easily
  • Phenomenal knife


  • A bit overly pricey


ESEE-5 Fixed Blade Knife 3D Contoured Handle, Made in the USA

The U.S.-conceived ESEE 5 For use as a fallen pilot survival knife for military SERE (Survival, Avoidance, Resistance & Escape) teachers, the knife is 11 inches long. It weighs 5,25 inches bladder deep with a total weight of 16 Lb.

This also involves the configuration of a drop-down blade with a backbone of 0.250 inches and a sabre grind on the cutting point. In comparison, the blade forms of SAE 1095 and the toughness of Rockwell 55-57.

You can also choose a semi-tensioned or straightforward edge with either a black, olive drab or a venom green corrosion-resistant finish. Besides, the handle is full-length, with an extremely ergonomic Micarta canvas handle.

No matter it’s not from one of the Esee folder knives, it works great.


  • Longer blade
  • Suitable for a long time of uses
  • Extra-thick spine
  • The is powerful
  • Extra edge power


  • It’s not corrosion-proof


ESEE Knives ESEE-3MIL-P Military Plain Black Edge

The ESEE is the first knife manufactured in the RAT / ESEE series which has a length of 8.31 cm and is 3,88 inches tall and weighed 5,2 lbs.

It also includes a 0.125-inch drop-point blade configuration and a flat blade grinding with a variety of a simple or slightly tightened tip.

Besides the blade is made of SAE 1095 (a high-carbon, American Plain Tool Steel) with a hardness of Rockwell 55-57. Then you can choose from a corrosion-resistant coating, or black or orange venom or a blade.

The handle is also full length, and the Micarta canvas handle is highly ergonomic, which offers an excellent grip even in water environments. It contains finally a coyote sheath molded brown Kydex.


  • Smaller size
  • Light in weight
  • Simple to carry
  • Great utility knife


  • Blade gets rust faster.


ESEE BRK Designed Avispa Framelock OD/Black D2 BRK1302ODB

The ESEE 6 has a total length of 11 3⁄4 “and has a blade length of 6 1⁄2 inches, which is an ideal option for anyone preferring a bigger knife for surviving the wildlife or house.

It also has a drop-point blade design with a 0.156-inch dorsal column and a flat grinding blade. In comparison, the blade forms of SAE 1095 and the toughness of Rockwell 55-57.

You can use a simple or partially tightened edge with either black, dark earth or a corrosion-resistant venom green finish as your choice.

Ultimately, it offers a variety between the black, coyote-brown or olive drab molded Kydex sheath and the tan, khaki or olive sheath MOLLE-compatibility sheathing.


  • Long blade
  • Great for slicing, cutting, and chopping
  • Tough blade both
  • Strong enough


  • Awkward for smoother cutting for its long blade

Buying Guide For The Best ESEE Knives

You must buy the best Esee knives for yourself. Before you purchase it, you can do a ton of audits of this stuff. You can test a few things before you get the best Esee knives.

Edge Design

Esee Knives’ hard edge strategy is something you can not disregard, and it’s essential like something else. Probably it’s the most crucial factor that decides whether a blade can be chased.

Specific cutting-edge strategies also include rises, breaks, as well as lances. The rationale approach is to put and change the sharp edge closer to allow the consumer greater leverage of all three cutting edge constructions.

Edge Size

This knife is ideally another fixed point because sharp edges are more suitable for various uses when selecting the right knife. Length Blades with a blade from 3.5 to 5.5 inches are improved considerably, for example for cleaning small animals in the game, cutting stake scores and fighting to mount traps and captures just like rinse fish.

Blades with blowers are susceptible.


This factor seems to be a good idea because a sharp blade can be used to chase a lance either at the end of a long post. A robust and pointing tip is essential for various reasons.

A sharp-pointed tip rather than most beats standards in the field of chasing through the preparation of wild fruit, attract in safe areas and definite pickling.

The Bottom Line

So, these are about ESEE knives reviews. This high-quality knife is ideal for every day bring, bushcraft or wilderness survival. A better line than ESEE is unlikely because all the ESEE prototypes have backed by several years’ experience in the sector.

All ESEE knives are therefore crafted of high-quality materials with detailed handicraft and are therefore ideal for you if you need a knife.

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