Best Bushcraft Knife Under 100 [ Update Reviews 2021 ]

It might be the best if you had the right bushcraft knife as a bushcrafer, which can help you perform daily woodland activities quickly. The activities include skinning hunted animals, chopping tree limbs, or carving trees. Any essential variables such as the handle profile and the blade profile should weigh for selecting the right bushcraft knife. To do all wilderness activities, the blade profile must be strong enough. We have curated for you a summary of the top 10 reviews of the best bushcraft knife under 100 in 2020 based on these two attributes, price and other criteria worth considering.

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Top 10 Best Bushcraft Knife Under 100 Reviews

The perfect weapons for performing different things are Bushcraft knives, but it is tough to pick the most convenient and safest knife. This list includes all of the finest bushcraft knives under 100.

And you can easily find a knife with all the requisite elements in terms of content, style, and brand in this budget and can perform several tasks for you.


Ontario Knife Company 8696 Bushcraft, Field Knife

Rugged, Simplicity, Dependable; three hallmarks that give Ontario Knife Manufacturer an award-winning maker of some of the finest quality and most practical survival instruments for hunting, Bushcraft, and wilderness in the world.

Bushcrafting knives are known for their comfort during extended periods of use in the industry. When chopping, splitting, or carving, they reduce what has considered “hot spots” where pain occurs in the side.

Ontario has ideally produced this slim, elegant fixed Blade for Bushcrafting, but it performs just as well as a field, camp, or hunting knife as it can take an excellent edge of the 5160 carbon steel blade.

Black nylon sheath used. This knife is ideal for dressing sports, utility, and many bushcraft duties due to its outstanding saber grind and blade style. This would make a good camp knife on a medium scale, too.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • High-quality


  • Not enough durable


Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife, 4-5/16in Blade

In a survival scenario, this phenomenal knife has excellent characteristics to handle the lurking threats. Its blasted satin 8′ Blade fits well and proves to be a perfect companion for hunting and camping.

Matt Graham, who completed each edge of the knife and made it razor-sharp, crafted this particular knife. With extreme simplicity, a sword that works magic performs all the hacking tasks, grinding, slicing, and dicing.

In an emergency, the 420 HC stainless steel blades perform the safest and do not require daily oiling. The made leather sheath provides the Blade with the most significant retention.

The sheath covers the knife well, but it also binds it quite firmly, making it very difficult to withdraw the knife quickly. Yet the sheath is unbelievably superb. This incredible piece of the knife makes the equal price and the knife’s excellent versatility and usefulness inevitable for the survivors.


  • Amazing sheath
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Razor-sharp Blade
  • smooth grip


  • Nil


Custom made by a London maker Sale! Hand Crafted Bushcraft Knife

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It’s a beautiful, perfectly balanced hand-built full tang bushcraft knife. It is razor-sharp, and when you are out hiking, shooting and bushcrafting, there is not anything that you can’t do around the campsite.

For the committed outdoorsman, the best working method! With only a few licks with a hone or a strop, it has a Scandi type blade that is easy to hold sharp. The Blade has made of carbon steel number 01.

The handle locates in Walnut. It is incredible! And sheath and knife are subtly different, so you’re going to get a knife that’s as special as you are. The handles here have made of walnut-but Micarta still has the same knife.

The range is yours. No two knives will ever be alike. Not for rent to people under 18 years of age. You announce that you are 18 years of age or older by making an order for this commodity.


  • Sharp Blade
  • Nice built
  • Better quality
  • High-quality material


  • Durability issue


Morakniv Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife 

A razor-sharp, burly, 1/8-inch (3.2 mm) thick stainless steel blade features the Mora Bushcraft Orange and is one of Mora’s most robust knives. The spine of the Blade is ground on the ridge so that a fire starter can use.

Mora Stainless steel options are best suited for outdoor applications where knives see hard use and have typically exposed to dirt and moisture. The chromium content makes the Bushcraft highly wear-tolerant and has tremendous cutting power, giving it an overall longer life.

Mora Knives have made of high-quality steel from Sandvik. Sandvik knife steels distinguish Ultra-fine carbides that result in excellent forging and hardening properties. For optimal cutting efficiency, the absence of broad carbide deposits promotes excellent edge sharpness.

Ever since 1891, Morakniv has been making the highest-quality knives in Mora, Sweden. Professionals worldwide trust Mora Knives’ quality materials and fine craftsmanship.


  • Heavy
  • Great black color
  • Sharp spine
  • Carbon steel


  • Heavy


Morakniv Bushcraft Black Serrated Knife

The Morakniv bushcraft survival knife, made of high carbon steel and featuring a black coating, is well built to resist corrosion, and thanks to its scandi grind, this knife will not fall off during operation.

The fire starter design, which can conveniently reach when the need arises, is an excellent feature of this knife, and the flame it gives is very bright, making it your emergency signal.

The Blade is made with over 300 layers of steel metal and then sharpened for fast slitting, skinning, and slashing. This knife suits well with all these attributes to your hunting needs.

Another advantage of using the fire starter is that it can light up grills and stoves. Simultaneously, a diamond sharpener, sheath, belt clip, and belt loop are other prominent attachments of this premium knife, meaning that this knife stays safe when not in operation.


  • Feels great to held
  • Extremely sharp
  • Ready for use
  • Solid construction


  • Quality issue


Perkin Damascus Hunting Knife with Sharpener & Sheath

Maintaining a hunting knife, mainly because of its poorly fitted blade size, does not always make you feel relaxed. The Perkins Damascus steel hunting knife here looks like a decent alternative.

A 56-58 HRC knife, whose length is also no longer than 8 inches, makes an excellent weapon for nicely and smoothly holding and executing your wild killing game. Also, a sharpener and a bushcraft sheath come with it, which promises to minimize the transporting difficulties.

You don’t need to think at all about its accuracy and style, as it is a fantastic choice from the range of Perkin Knives. Using such a knife of Damascus steel still ensures you of one thing for sure: the Blade’s consistency.

Total length: 8 inches, height of Damascus blade: 4.0 inch Burl Wood Handle 4.0 inches. It is essential to use this item safely and adequately. We have based in the UK, and there is no other dealer or branch.


  • Full tang
  • Walnut wood handle
  • Higher Rockwell scale
  • Included with Sheath & Knife Sharpener


  • Not well made


TOPS Knives Brothers of Bushcraft – Tumble Finish

The Fieldcraft knife comes with a past that is quite curious. The Brothers of Bushcraft, which is essentially a collective of wilderness adventurers from across North America, designed it.

In rain forests, harsh deserts, and frigid ice lands, these guys have faced survival struggles. This is where they develop the model of Fieldcraft, which is meant for all sorts of wilderness situations.

At 10 inches, this knife is a little long, but at only 4.5 inches, the Blade is standard. It has a steel blade 1095HC and an ergonomic handle from Micarta. It comes with a Kydex black sheath as well.

The most relaxed knife I’ve ever tried could easily be this. It’s a little bulky still, but this is accounted for by ergonomics. It delivers scandi-grind power, especially paired with Q-1 tool steel, and it’s like a dream sparking off a Ferro pin. The finish is also excellent on the knife.


  • Strong steel blade
  • Micarta handle
  • Secure grip.
  • Effectively & safe


  • Its sheath is a bit disappointing.


Morakniv Bushcraft Forest Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

The Mora Bushcraft Forest is an all-around variant of a significantly smaller (2.5 mm), 4.3-inch (109 mm) profile-ground stainless steel blade in the more decadent Mora Bushcraft series.

The patterned grip and sheath in olive. For naval, fishing, outdoor, and building uses, where knives see hard use and have typically exposed to dirt and moisture, Mora Stainless steel choices are best suited.

The chromium content in stainless steel makes them less vulnerable than carbon steels to rust and oxidation, allowing them a longer average life. Mora Knives have made of high-quality steel from Sandvik.

Sandvik knife steels distinguish Ultra-fine carbides that result in excellent forging and hardening properties. For optimal cutting efficiency, the absence of broad carbide deposits promotes excellent edge sharpness.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Feels great to held
  • Extremely sharp
  • Ready for use


  • Not much durable


LionSTEEL M4 Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife

This is one of the two I decided on after a comprehensive internet search for the right fixed blade camping knife in the 3.5-4.5′ size range (the other being the Bradford Guardian 4). Overall, I think it’s a fantastic knife.

The Blade is Bohler M390, arguably the best knife steel on the market today (as of 2019). The blade profile is excellent for a knife for general purposes, with plenty of. You may, of course, claim that the texture is usable, improving the handle’s grip.

However, if the hold is your focus, materials such as micarta and G10 are better treated. Wood is less sticky, less durable, and more stable than these substitutes. Today, the reason for placing wood scales on a knife is beauty.

So providing a wood handle, then destroying the elegance with a rough finish, makes no sense. As the vast majority of wood handle knives don’t have this, it’s not required.


  • Nice Blade
  • Top-notch material
  • High-quality
  • Best knife material


  • Sheathe is not good quality.


TOPS Knives BOB Brothers of Bushcraft 4.75in Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife

This knife’s Blade is incredibly thick, which makes it very durable. Although this may also be an obstacle for several activities, the knife’s blade grit is offset. This gives you, so to speak, the’ best of all worlds.’

You can see in the images, the Blade is full tang, durable and drop-point style. This knife is a simple high-carbon steel 1095. Basically, I don’t think it isn’t perfect, but it’s just been around for decades, being primary steel used for knives.

This knife has sold as grinding a “scandal” or “adjusted scan.” This is not true as the knife has two blade bevels, meaning it is merely a compound blade grind. Fire steel that has kept in the Kydex sheath comes with the knife.

This striker seems accessible, but it seems to make, close to other reviews poorly. The handle is a smooth, solid micarta that is very well aligned and very relaxed with the tang. If you need to start a fire the old-fashioned way, it has bow grooves on either side, and it has a right, large brass insert for a lanyard at the rear.


  • Stronger carbon steel blade
  • Micarta handle
  • Sturdy steel belt clip
  • Solid Kydex sheath


  • Not enough durable

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

You can get some questions in your mind regarding Bushcraft Knives. That’s why we have answered some of the widely asked questions. Check out if you had one of them in your mind.

How To Choose A Bushcraft Knife?

One of today’s most common outdoor activities is Bushcraft. It’s moving out into the forests to become one with nature with a small amount of clothing. There is so much more about Bushcraft than making a fire: it is a way of life.

That is an ideology. It has a manner in which you can explore and work creatively with your ingenuity. Without a knife, Bushcraft is difficult.

There are so many bushcraft knives, though, that making the correct choice can become challenging. We like to hear from you all about how you pick a bushcraft knife for that purpose.

How To Use A Bushcraft Knife?

A knife is one of the most significant pieces of gear on a wild camping or bushcraft trip that you will take with you. Here, Casstrom Knives maker David Cassini Backstrom discusses how to use a knife in a survival situation or Bushcraft.

You would need to cut trees into smaller pieces, whether you are getting supplies for a tent, making a tripod, or gathering firewood. This is always better done with an ax, but the knife should be able to do this in the absence of an ax.

It can accomplish by cutting, batoning, or carving cross-grain. Making kindling for fire from more massive logs is one of the most common activities in Bushcraft. Making feather sticks will allow you, even if the conditions are challenging, to start a fire.

What Makes A Bushcraft Knife?

It depends on your location, what you need to do, and your interests in Bushcraft. If you concentrate on skinning, chopping, batoning, slicing, or cutting will decide that. All is a tradeoff.

Survival activities are a contingency factor, and ‘just in case,’ I don’t take a dense field prybar. Clothes are much more important for life than a knife, and the lack of cutting capability when a knife’s thickness is almost doubled (or even tripled) is too significant.


For your tactical, disaster, shooting, and outdoor uses, either of these top 10 reviews of the best bushcraft knife under 100 dollars could be perfect in 2020.

Bushcraft isn’t something you can take lightly, not if you head out into the forest daily. It might be essential to bring the right bushcraft knife with you to make your life more comfortable out in the bush.

And while it’s nice that there are affordable alternatives, the price should not be among the most significant concerns, frankly. Price does not matter because your entire life depends on the bushcraft knife you carry along.

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