Maxam Knife Review – ( Update For 2021 )

Today we have come with the best seven Maxam knife review that every hiker, hunter, and camper requires for their outdoor tour. When we see the hanging knife with the outdoorsman’s belt, we think they take it for the cool look. But it is not like that.

Mostly, they carry knives for their safety issues. First, some survival knives will help campers to make food or shelter in the deep forest. Mostly, knives are the first things that can save their life from wild animals or foul weather.

However, all the knives are not perfect for outdoor tours. One must go for the survival knives for any outing. So, let’s read the below content. Here, we will present the seven best knives that will be your best friend when you go on an outdoor trip.

Maxam Knife’s Brand History

First of all, Maxam is working as a wholesaler and importer since 1950. All the items of Maxam are robust, durable, and unique. Moreover, they always ensure high-quality materials. As a result, customers trust them after using one tool from Maxam.

Mainly, all the items of Maxam have a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. That is why they offer extended warranties for every tool. The incredible thing is Maxam sets an affordable price for their products. As a result, one can quickly go for Maxam’s knives.

We have researched on Maxam company and found that this company is famous for its survival knives. Then we have checked many reviews from the hikers and campers. They told us that Maxam survival knives help them a lot during their hiking time.

Generally, they used knives for making shelter and food. Also, they cut the kindling for fire when they feel cold. In a word, one can use the Maxam knives for every purpose during the campaign.

Quick Comparison

Top 7 Best Maxam Knife Review

Have a look at the below to know about the seven unique survival knives. So, let’s begin.


Maxam SK7002 Falcon IV Lockback Knife

First, we will present Falcon SK7002 Maxam knives. The materials of this knife are 420 stain-free steel. It comes with a half-serrated edge with extra sharpness. Usually, the sharpness of this blade is 1 to 7/9 quot. You will love the handle of this knife.

Mainly, it comes with lightweight Leymartrade materials. The most important thing is this knife comes with a thumb hole that is a fantastic feature for both handed people. Another fantastic thing about this knife is it comes with a locking system.

That ensures the safety of your finger while cutting. We have talked with many users of Maxam, and they told us that this knife is tiny. Here, we want to clarify that this knife is small in size but not much.

The performance of this small knife is fantastic. Many hikers keep one SK7002 Maxam knife for their outdoor trips. In a word, this knife has excellent materials, an extra sharp blade, unique handles, and a thumb hole.

That ensures the best service for any outdoor trip. We cannot but share that all the knives come at an affordable price. So, do not forget to buy one Falcon knife before your next tour.


  • Sturdy
  • Great value
  • Compact and handy
  • Wonderful price


  • Little bit small


Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set with Zinc Alloy Handles

Now let’s talk about another survival tool and knife set from Maxam. First, you will get 12 pieces’ knives in one set. Especially this set is best for outdoor campers, hikers, and athletes. Indeed, this set will make your cutting task easy during the trip.

The knives of this set come with a 14-inch length. Also, the thickness of the blade is 1/8 inch. Now we will talk about the great handle of this knife. First, the material of the handle of the hunting knife is zinc alloy.

Also, it has a survival capsule tool feature with the handle. Another knife of this Maxam set is a skeleton knife that ensures ½ inch sharp blade. Moreover, it provides one gutting hook as well. You will get one Rambo knife in this 12 pieces set.

Not only the knives, but you will also get a knife sharpener, missile pouch, and one safety latch. Now we will present one of the fantastic things about this knife.

You will get matches and a fire starter, fishing line, pencil, hooks, and weights with this survival kit. All these things are beneficial for the survival tour and support one to face any outdoor challenges.


  • Military knife set
  • Reliable innovation
  • Dynamic cutting
  • Wilderness Tools


  • Sheath of Plastic


Maxam SK7473H Lockback Pocket Knife

Here, we will talk about the Maxam pocket knife. The model number of this knife is SK7473H. First of all, this knife comes with the 420 stain-free steel blade of honed. Also, the handle of this knife makes with Leymartrade materials.

Most importantly, you will get one oval hole that ensures safety while cutting. Moreover, it makes cutting tasks easy for one-handed people. We cannot but share that Maxam never compromises with the materials of their products.

That is why you will get a lifetime warranty with this knife. Now let’s talk about the edge of this pocket knife. Mainly, it has a fantastic edge that you can easily re-sharp when you need. Even you will get one knife sharpener with this knife.

Many people love this knife for its beautiful look. However, we have checked many reviews of this SK7473H knife and found that the users are pleased. Also, they mentioned in their review that this Maxam knife ensures excellent quality.

Many hikers advise others to go for this knife for its unique looks and quality. Lastly, we also suggest you buy this knife once for you. Hopefully, you will be pleased to have such kind of knife.


  • Good looking
  • Good value
  • Great quality
  • Affordable price


  • Not much long-lasting


Maxam SKMX103 Pro Series World Finest Knife

The SKMX103 of Maxam is the world’s finest knife of Pro Series. The knife comes with a durable Leymartrade handle with a sure grip with knurled texture and an authentic 420 stainless steel blade.

It has a Kelvlontrade pouch in two ways that fit on the belt in a horizontal or vertical position for simple access. Also, the pocket clip of the knife is made with stainless steel. The length of the knife is 4-11/16quot when it’s closed.

And it’s 7-7/8quot when the knife is open. Besides, the knife comes with a gift box along with a limited lifetime warranty. Without any significant complaints, this is a decent looking and well-built knife.

It’s a handy survival knife with a dual serrated side for better functionality, including fine and coarse cutting and sawing. That means you can use its blade for slicing and cutting when you need.

In terms of the design of the knife, it’s clearly has made with a Spyderco design. The knive comes very sharp from the factory, and the blade of the knife is centered while folding. As it doesn’t rub any side of its handle, it’s easy to open fully and quickly.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Well built


  • No major complaints


Maxam SKFEATHER Liner Lock Knife

The SKFEATHER of Maxam brand is not just a cute knife; it’s also a quick draw because of its feather stem. If you put your thumb out there and press it, the blade will glide out and break into place with no issue of cutting your own.

The knife is as small in size as you can open it just using your one hand. It might be a bit rough to open, but it can put you off from cutting any part of the body or your hand with its blade.

Also, the knife is not flimsy or floppy, so it’s long-lasting without movable screws. Again, its edge is comfortable to hold, which is why it’s simple to keep in your skinny pocket of jeans.

It’s an excellent feature for many users of the survival knife. That means if someone is looking for a small and compact-sized survival knife, the Maxam SKFEATHER is just the right choice for them.

It’s because the knife is not bulky in size, so it’s effortless to carry with you. Another great thing about the knife is its price. The knife is affordable in price without compromising with its standard quality.


  • User-friendly
  • Highly durable
  • Well built
  • Great quality


  • Very small in size


Maxam Tactical 9.25 Survival Knife W/Sheath

If you are lost in any jungle or battlefield, there is just one thing to do: use a survival knife. Survival knives like Maxam Tactical act like a durable tool to skin animals or trim branches.

Also, it can be the difference between life and death. If you believe your life depends on the knives, it’s vital to get a knife like Maxam Tactical. It’s a tremendously reliable Tactical knife that comes with an attached sheath.

Moreover, it has included a pouch, tubing, and a compass. Besides, it has a scabbard sheath with a safety latch that assures security. The knife also comes with a bandage with a storage capsule as a survival tool.

Along with this survival tool, the package includes a fishing line, razor blade, weights & hooks, tweezers, a safety pin, pencil, and a needle with thread to fight the entire outdoor confronts effectively.

Although this is not a folding knife, it has many things with its box that we referred to. It means that it’s a multi-tool and multi-purpose survival knife set that has made of high-quality materials. As a result, the knife is not just durable; it’s also light in weight.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Well built
  • High-quality


  • Not a folding knife


Maxam SKMXD45 Folding Knife

As the name suggests, this is a folding knife from the renowned survival knife manufacturer Maxam. Indeed, it’s a knife with a 3.4-inch blade that’s made of stainless steel. As a result, this high-performing steel of the knife offers excellent corrosion resistance.

Moreover, the blade of the knife is very sharp because of making from stainless steel. The blade has a coating of carbon on it, and the coating makes it extremely strong. Also, it’s already powerful to work with.

The knife is as small as you can open and close using just one hand. Another great feature is the deployment of its blade, which is super-fast. As the knife comes with a locking system, it will not hurt a small child if it finds into the hands of them.

The says about the knife that the knife’s capability comes in useful for endurance in portability and size conditions. Among other good features, the knife comes with a compass, which is built-in, its handle with some other survival kit.

You’ll love this knife very much as it’s well made and feels great in hand. Also, the knife fits well in hand so that you can use it easily.


  • Very strong
  • Useful clip attached
  • High-performing stainless steel
  • Super-fast blade deployment
  • Well made


  • The screw of the liner lock is a bit loose.


When you look for the best survival knives, the Maxam knife review is a blessing for you. It’s because this review comes with lots of different Maxam survival knives. Indeed, it gives you many options to go with and choose from.

So, you get the best buddy on your part as you continue your pleasure trip through the forest. You always desire a knife that goes to the greatest suite your requirements.

Most of the knives come with different accessories like a compass. So, you’ll never lose yourself in the forest. As a result, while you’re in the backwoods, that’s an essential tool to get.

If you ask us which survival knife is the best among the above-said knives, we’ll say all of them are good for a trip through the woods. We personally prefer the Maxam SK7002 Falcon IV Lockback Knife more than any other one because of its great features.

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