Coast Knives Review – Top 10 Coast Knife [ Update 2021 ]

Today we will discuss the top coast knives on this content. These significant knives can be the best cornerstone to make a fantastic meal. Most of the chefs recommend these knives for everyday works. However, a perfect knife depends on several factors like materials, design, and features. Also, it depends on one’s comfort level and hand size, as well. Moreover, you have to select one knife according to your food requirement. Here we will present the world’s best ten knives that provide excellent materials, features, and design. Besides, they all are recommendation knives from the best chefs. Therefore, one has to read the content to select one quality coast knives for the outdoor tasks. Let’s go through best Coast Knives Review below:

Brand History Of Coast Knife

Now we will present a short discussion on the coast knife’s brand history to get one clear concept of this brand. Firstly, the coast brand tries to gather information about cutting problems. For example, they talk with the dockworkers and fishers.

Also, they speak with the chef who works in the coastal area. After that, this brand discovers their problems and then thinks to solve them. In an easy word, the way of the coast is to listen, then design and build.

Most importantly, this brand always tries to make the strong, sharp, and durable knives for their clients. Now we will talk about the materials of these knives. These knives are manufacturing by stainless steel, poly-nylon, and aluminum (top- grade).

The blades of coast knives have high carbon steel that is so tough. That is why it can protect severe cold and extreme heat. The most impressive part of this knife is its handle due to the four different materials.

All the materials are G10, natural wood, aluminum, and nylon. The high-density resin saturates the raw timber, and the other elements fill with the fiberglass.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Coast Knives Review

Now it is time to present the best knives for you that we have collected from Amazon’s enthusiastic reviewers. Also, we will offer the buying guides here so that you can easily purchase these significant knives.


Coast BX311 Lock Back Folding Knife 3.25-Inch Blade

Our first recommended knife is a folding knife with a lock backing system. This knife provides excellent 7Cr17 stainless blades. Most importantly, the length of this blade is 3.26 inch that has a fantastic cutting edge.

Moreover, it presents one thumb grooves that work for grip control. This hole helps the left-handed or right-handed people while cutting. Also, it allows beginners when they start the cutting journey for the very first time.

The most fantastic thing about this knife is it has one pocket clip. Mainly, it helps to carry the knife here to there quickly. This coast knife has a nylon handle by filling with the fiberglass. Finally, this knife is very lightweight; that is why everyone can handle it very quickly.

All the materials make this knife strong and long-lasting for a long time. However, you will get a lifetime guarantee on the quality and materials of this knife.


  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel
  • Pocket clip
  • Nylon handle that filled with the fiberglass


  • Poor sharpness


Coast DX355 Double Lock Folding Knife

Another excellent coast knife is a double lock knife. Dual locking is the latest feature of the cutting tools. Significantly, this knife works for preventing the disengagement of the blade when it is open. Also, it helps when the liner locks are accidentally dis-engaged.

The frame of this knife manufactures by the stainless steel, and it has a G10 handle. That enhances the incredible durability and strength of the knife. Most importantly, this DX355 knife provides one thumb hole that enhances the control and excellent grip of your knife.

Moreover, it will be better to prevent any accidental slipping. Stainless A 9Cr18 steel blade ensure the easy cutting jobs fast. The sharpening process of this coast blade is straightforward, as it has an excellent cutting edge.

Another feature of this knife is a pocket clip, and it will help you carry the knife easily with you. Lastly, you will get a lifetime guarantee for this knife. So, go for this knife to make your coastal cutting job easy and fast.


  • Thumb notching
  • Pocket clip
  • Handle with steel frame
  • Excellent blade


  • Design is not good


Coast FX411 Frame Lock Folding Knife 4-Inch Blade

All the coast knives are manufactures by almost the same materials and features. That is why we will get the same design and features in every knife with a primary difference.

One of the most working knives of the coast is the Fx411 folding knife. The specialty of this knife is it has frame locking features. First, this folding knife manufactures by the A 7Cr17 steel that is completely staining free. So, it makes cutting jobs easy and fast.

Most importantly, this significant blade has an incredible cutting edge that makes the sharpening process easy too. As you know that the coast knife provides the thumb notching features that support to control and grip the knife.

Specifically, this knife provides two holes in it, and it will be helpful for the one-handed people. Also, it allows only one hand to close and open the knife as well. The handles of this knife are robust and durable. Mainly, it makes with the natural wood with high- density resin and under excessive pressure.


  • Solid build
  • Sharp
  • Good handful
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Become messy fast


COAST DX330 Double-Lock Folding Knife

Now let’s talk about another fantastic knife that provides a handle with excellent texture and grip. Mainly, this handle makes with the poly-nylon that has durability and strength. Another outstanding double-locking feature helps anyone to prevent accidentally closing.

Also, you can close and open the knife by using one hand due to the thumb studs. Most importantly, this coast knife provides the pocket clip that will help you to carry the knife. Coast brand always want to give the best service to the client.

That is why they consider one glass breaker and one cutter of the seat belt. Mainly, these two features make sure extra safety for the user of the coast.

Moreover, it can be your best friend when you go for a picnic in the coastal area. Lastly, you will get a lifetime guarantee with this coast knife. So, do not be late to purchase this fantastic knife for you.


  • Thumb studs
  • Double lock
  • Glass breaker
  • Cutter of Seat belt


  • Poor design


Coast TX395 Tactical Folding Knife

A tactical knife is one of the latest inventions of the coast knife. It manufactures by expert operators and modern style. Mainly, this knife is unique for high performance and safety. First, the profile of this knife is very slim, and it has one pocket slip.

Therefore, it fits in your pocket very easily.

Most importantly, the materials of the tactical knife are 9Cr18Mov stain-free steel that coats with Nitride Black Titanium. Also, it has one partial serration. Moreover, the fabric of the handle is poly-nylon with fantastic shape.

Also, this material is very lightweight and durable. Most coastal chefs recommend a tactical knife due to its high quality, great blade, handle, and an extra lock of safety.

You can easily sharpen the knife as it is providing excellent blade materials. Also, it requires less time to hone and start cutting jobs again. But you must be more careful while closing and opening this tactical knife.


  • High quality
  • Great blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Additional safety lock


  • The opening is quite hard


Coast 21484 DX318 Double Lock Folder Knife

One of the most fantastic parts of this knife is its rubberized grip. Also, it provides the latest technology of double locking. That helps everyone to use this knife confidently, and it protects them from accidentally opening and closing.

Now we will talk about the rubberized grip that makes with the nylon base. Immensely, the base of the nylon helps to prevent the peeling risk of the knife. Commonly, the coast knife provides one thumb notching on the coast of every knife.

So, you will get one notching that will help you to control the knife quickly. One specialty of this knife is it manufactures as the pocket knife. And that is why the coast brand provides one amazing pocket clip. This clip will help one to carry the knife without any effort.

Moreover, one can easily open this knife due to its open opening features. Lastly, you have to take extra more protection while keeping the knife in the pocket. Otherwise, the rubber of the grip may stick in your pocket.


  • Smooth opening
  • Well made
  • Rubber grip
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Poor sharpness


Titanium Folder Coast Knife C08

The new coast’s knives collection designs are latest, and for making this, the manufacturer uses high-quality materials. This kind of knife comes with a lifetime guarantee, best performance as well.

Also, this kind of knife has folded lock blade 4/4-1″, titanium-coated 4/3-3″, spotless-steel blade 440C with some serration. Moreover, the knife has a lightweight handle with liner lock, clip belt also. U.S Military tests and approves the knife.

However, the size of the knife is light and well built. The edge of this knife is sharp. Also, the titanium protects the steel and extends camping trip as well. Serrations may cut darn anything. The downside is only a liner lock, and it is painful for any work.

The liner is a regular lock for the work blade. For closing it, you will need another tool. But by using the thumb, you can hold this whenever you want. Coast creates all high-quality things.


  • Belt clip
  • One-hand opener
  • Spotless steel blade
  • Graphite handle


  • Liner lock


Steel Blade Spotless Pocket Knife of COAST FX200 2

For the pocket knife coast, FX200 provides absolute versatility. Plus, it has two useful tools— the money clip and bottle opener. Also, easily you can use the opener, and it is valuable for pleasure and work as well.

For needs, you can use the money clip as it designs for a pocket clip. Therefore, coast FX200’s lock frame mechanisms keep a user safe and a knife secure. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

Without any problem, pop the bottle. The coast tools bottle opener makes it easy and quick for removing bottle caps. So, stay stand while testing time. Plus all the coast knives blade is top-grade spotless steel.

Also, it tries with the cold and heat serve for the durability and hardness. The reason is different knife uses for another reason. So, for hunting high-carbon blades and for the longer edge military blades the manufacturer uses.


  • Reliable
  • Tough
  • Bottle opener
  • Frame lock


  • Rust shortly


Folding Lock Frame Coast FX412 Knife 4″ Blade

The best knife FX412 has the large laminated timber handle which is a spotless steel frame. Though, the profound thumb notching blade is at the top. The framing adds a better grip to control the knife so that it can prevent any accidental slipping.

The 7Cr17 spotless steel blades can cut all things properly for the sharp cutting edge. Also, this knife has a lifetime guarantee for the artistry and materials.

Single-handed, safe blades control. The knife frame locks which allows open and close the knife by one hand. Moreover, you can carry the knife as you want. So, with the blades two-position clip, you will be able to adjust a pocket clip for the knife.

Also, you can get easy access for the dominant hand. Plus you can open a knife with the quick flick. The knife is lightweight and has a sharp and spotless blade.


  • Profound thumb notch
  • Lightweight
  • Laminated timber handle
  • Spotless steel blade


  • Hard opening


Folding Lock Double Coast DX340 Knife Blade – 3.5″

Moreover, for the secure grip, this knife has thumb notches and nylon handle blades at the top. Anyone can use this knife as it prevents accidental closing. Also, it has a safety system. Easily you can open the knife by one hand as well.

Further, you may adjust three-type pocket clip for carrying as you want. Also, this knife has a lifetime guarantee for quality and materials. The knife is lightweight for its handle design.

Folding Lock Double Coast DX340 Blade Knife designs for best blade and the surface is diamond-texture for the best grip. By using the thumb, you can open the knife.

The frame adds a better grip to control the knife so that it can prevent any accidental close while working. Besides, a pocket clip can position three ways: tip-down or tip-up to the right, tip-up to the left as well.


  • Nylon handle
  • Drop spot blade
  • Double-Lock
  • Cheap knife


  • Rust shortly

Other brand 

Bottom Line

Coast has many beautiful knives. This knife has many more good qualities and much more useful. You need to know about the knife material and the proper usage of the knife.

Hopefully, the above the best Coast knives review of the best knife will help you to understand the right one. So, try to remember the best quality brands, their usage and facilities.

Know the types and which one you need. It is not a free launch. As you are spending money for it, find out the best one for the outdoor use. Need to know which knife suits for your cooking style.

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