Kizer Begleiter Review – Top 6 Kizer Knife Pocket Knife

The knife of Kizer Begleiter has a significant impact on the industry for over ten years. This is the only knife which is the best in the industry for a long time. Also, the knife comes with top performance and quality. So, this Kizer Begleiter review will be helpful for you.

Moreover, the knife of Kizer Begleiter gets a lot of attention from other knife companies. As it provides the best performance and the materials are also tremendous, others try hard to bite them.

Additionally, some companies are spending a lot of money on making better knives than Kizer Begleiter. The knife has a history as well. The Kizer knife is an excellent addition to the knife industry. So, let’s know about Kizer Begleiter knives below.

Kizer Knives Brand History

However, the Kizer knife was established in 2012. The Chinese knife brand manufacturers these knives. The Kizer knife becomes the best kind of knife manufacturer in the world. Besides, the manufacturers are top-rated for the designs of the Kizer knife.

Even all materials they are using to produce the knife are unique and robust materials. Generally, the manufacturers are importing all the materials of the knife from Japan and the USA. Moreover, Kizer knives are a fantastic knife company in China.

Kizer knife has many more good reviews on the internet, and people like knife quality and material.

Though, for people who like the slim types of knives, the Kizer knife is for them. It carries a stainless steel lock liner mechanism, and it is reliable as well.

Again, the Kizer knife has a 3.3″ sharp blade. Plus, the G-10 scale outfit handle also is an excellent addition to this knife. Also, it decorates with the pivot of blue-collar.

It comes with sharp blade that the knife can cut all kinds of things. It has a fancy sharp blade for a special occasion. Even it can provide reliable and smooth actions for you. Well, the customer likes the knife a lot, and they give a positive review.

Quick Comparison

The Best 6 Kizer Begleiter Knives Review

Well, let’s know about some great knives of Kizer brand below:


Kizer Cutlery Begleiter Folding Pocket Knife

The KIZER is a famous leading manufacturer knife company. Generally, they import all raw materials to form both the USA and Japan. Therefore, these knives are folding type pocket knife, and it has the liner lock.

Though it locks Dukes frame Vanguard kinds of knife and many people know about it. Additionally, they use high-quality materials, and it is useful for daily tasks as well.

The knife is the best as a pocket knife, who want trustworthy EDC and casual survival knife. However, the knife has a G-10 handle, and it is exceptional with the black and red milled layer.

Besides, the knife’s grip is not slippery so that you can use it properly as the grip is non-slippery, so you will feel secure and comfortable while working. Besides, it is stain-free steel and lightweight.

As a result, you may carry it easily wherever you want. It has a pocket clip, and you can bring it inside the pocket, and it is not much expensive. You can afford it easily.


  • Comfy carry
  • Tough build
  • Gentleman carrying looks
  • A high cost for the knives quality


  • No new design


Kizer Cutlery EDC Folding Pocket Knife

Furthermore, the Begleiter (V4458A4) pocket knife is easy to use, and it is trendy for daily use. It has VG-10 3.5″ blades that are grey and sharp titanium coating.

As well, the bronze washer allows it for the smooth opening blade. Plus, the action of the knife is authoritative, snappy, and quick. The OD green textured G-10 handle is slim, so it is easy to carry.

The blade is stain-free and has a firm grip. Indeed, it will be the best one for daily using knives, and the quality and design are fantastic. Additionally, the Kizer uses an EDM wire machine, which is high-tech and can cut all parts.

But the method is slow, and the design is excellent. Each component of the knife is better. Also, the final finish, fit, sharpness, and action are perfect. This is the knife which has the best materials.

However the durability of the knife is not enough. Moreover, the knife is very sharp so that you can cut things easily.


  • Best quality materials
  • Good quality artistry
  • High-speed machines of CNC milling
  • Cutting tools of wire EDM


  • Durability is not enough.


Kizer Knives V4458A3Pocket Knife with Clip Blue G10 Handles

The Kizer knife is the best one for unboxing. Quickly you can unbox the knife, and it is ready to use. The knife has a VG-10 steel blade. The blade centering is really well for this knife.

However, it has excellent lockup and traction as well. But this knife’s action is so slow, and you will not like it to use regularly. It has a quality control pipe. This knife is the last favorite knife. It is almost good to use, but many people do not like it much.

So, think before you go for this kind of knife for regular usage. Moreover, the handle of the knife is a bit small, and this is a personal opinion. But the G-10 scale can provide better traction.

The knife is not lightweight but a bit heavy so that you can’t carry it easily. This one is not the best one for daily usage. However, you can open it easily but can’t use it properly. The knife’s thumb stud and lock up seem good, around 30%.


  • Good ergonomics
  • Well blade centering
  • Excellent lockup
  • Great traction


  • Not lightweight


Kizer Cutlery Model V4458A2 A2 Begleiter Vanguard Folding Knife

Further, the knife has GV-10 3.5″ and grey and sharp titanium coating. As well, the bronze washer allows it for the smooth opening blade. Plus, the action of the knife is authoritative, snappy, and quick.

The OD green textured G-10 handle is slim, so it is easy to carry. Even the knife has a stain-free blade, which is very sharp. So be careful while using it. Also, the grip of the knife is strong and easy to handle. The quality and design of these knives are excellent.

Of course, you will love to use this daily for all the tasks. Therefore, the Kizer uses an EDM wire machine, which is high-tech and can cut all parts. Also, the final finish, fit, sharpness, and action are perfect. This is the knife which has the best materials and quality.

This is very comfortable and secure for use. But it would be best if you were very careful while using this knife. The reason is it is very sharp. As a daily usage knife, you will surely like the quality of it.


  • Best materials
  • Good quality artistry
  • Cutting tools of wire EDM


  • Fast rust


Kizer Vanguard Begleiter Textured G-10 Folder Black V4458A1

If you want a great knife, you can select the VG-10 Kizer knife. This knife is light in weight and easy to carry. This is a kind of pocket knife. This is not large or heavy, so you will feel comfortable while working. However, it is such an excellent knife.

Just the downside has a coating, and it does not look too durable. But this is not the awful one. The blade is very sharp and stain-free as well. Also, quick sharpening can finish the job properly, and it gives good quality to the knife.

Even the knife is not much expensive so that everyone can afford it. Moreover, the knife is perfect for daily use, which is easy to carry. The knife will be the best addition for them, who usually likes a lightweight knife.

Besides, it has 3.3″ reliable and grey titanium stain-free blades. Plus, it has a lock liner mechanism. Therefore, the handle of the knife fits well. The grip is non-slippery, so while using it, you will not feel uncomfortable. The action of the knife is reliable and smooth.


  • Lightweight, slim
  • Pretty grippy
  • Affordable
  • Steel blade VG -10


  • The lock bar liner


Kizer Cutlery Begleiter V4458Folding Pocket Knife

However, the knife is the best EDC selection for using daily. The knife is very sharp, and you can cut things easily. Besides, it is always ready to finish the task. Also, the weight of this knife is not much heavy, and efficiently you can open it.

It is slender and nice, well enough for handling all tasks. Therefore, it opens easily and has a solid lockup. Once you use the knife, you will be impressed with it. Finally, you can use this knife for all your work because the knife’s quality and design are fantastic.

Additionally, this fantastic quality knife is extremely sharp. The G-10 green is also smooth and reliable, and there is no hot point of these knives. But it opens a bit slowly and easy it open. On the other hand, this is very lovely, sharp and smooth.

This is a pocket type knife, and you can carry it anywhere. The overall quality of the knife is excellent. The manufacturer designs this knife for using all-purpose, and you can use it daily.


  • Overall Quality
  • Weight
  • Blade Sharpness
  • Easy Opening


  • Nothing

FAQs & Answers Section

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers. Check them out if you have one of them in your mind.

Is Kizer Knife Good?

As you know all information about the knife, so you already know that the knife company is ethical, competent, and profound. The Kizer is a Chinese manufacturer company, and the design of the knife is original.

The Laconico designers make the design of these knives and use the best category materials, and the cost is affordable of this knife.

Who Invents Kizer?

The Kizer knife was invented in 2012. The Chinese manufacturer company creates this knife, and they become a top-rated knife company. As they make the best quality knife within a short time, they become a well-known company.

Also, they import all materials from Japan and the USA as well.

What Is The Kizer Blade?

Furthermore, the Kizer knife is a new and well-known brand these days. As they use the best techniques and materials, they make top knives. The design and quality of the blade are perfect.

The manufacturers are using materials like frames, S35VN, and titanium handle. Also, the blade is of the knife is very sharp and stain-free.


We’re at the last of the Kizer Begleiter review. We learned that the Kizer knife is a better quality knife, and the price is also reasonable. Everything of these knives is good. Its design and quality are awesome. This is not the knife you will feel uncomfortable to work with.

It is an excellent option for using regularly. The knife looks good, works well. Indeed, you will feel happy after your purchase and use it. Most importantly, nobody will feel disappointed after getting it.

Besides, this is not the knife you will feel bore with after using for a few days. Once you use it, you won’t like any other knife. So you can try one of them. Enjoy our another review article Tom Brown Tracker knife reviews and Tac force knives review.

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