SOG Knives Review – Top 10 Picks SOG Knives for 2020

bold, significant, and made for action. Yes, we’re talking about the SOG knives. These knives are known for their sound construction and overall toughness, SOG (Short for Studies and Group observations). For many military operators, including the NAVY SEALs, they have been the choice knife since 1986. To withstand everything hurled at them, SOG has established the industry benchmark for beefy cubs. At the end of every breakdown, get a review from one of our beloved customers! Here is SOG knives review:

History of SOG Knife Brand

The company of SOG was established in 1986 by Spencer and Gloria Frazer. And it was influenced by a Joint Service Special Operations Organization, the MACV-SOG, which created its knife during the Vietnam War.

It’s the military assistance commission and the Vietnam Studies and Observations Community (MACV-SOG). SOG is valued by those with cutting equipment built to succeed under challenging situations and versatile knives.

This is fair since the organization itself has military origins. In the Vietnam War, numerous clandestine operations have conducted by the unique action unit classified as MACV-SOG.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best SOG Knife Reviews

Never has anyone ever said that you must be nice to be good. Personally, others tend not to be too friendly to their military and survival devices.

As always, this is a subjective list (which only has current knives) with personal experience and comments from across the whole knife community. Let us know if, in the comments, we skipped some.


SOG FSA98-CP Flash II 8in Serrated Blade EDC Knife

Flash II is an EDC folder that is wide, yet lightweight. The 8-inch drop point blade has a smooth grind like the Twitch II. This pops with a rather light workload.

It is not suitable for heavy or extreme tactical applications. The ambidextrous thumb stub has flipped to quick release, as in all SOG files. In situations where time is critical, Flash II opens extremely fast and efficiently.

You may also function with a grip on the Flash II. The deep finger range provides an effective way to treat rough cuts. The removable clip offers a handy deep pocket holding.

Altogether, the Flash II is straightforward to use and move weapon. This is one of the SOG specialty knives that allow for a good knife with an edge, which holds up well with most regular applications.


  • Comfortable
  • Grippy handle
  • Easy to pocket carry
  • Flexible and effective


  • Jimping doesn’t work well


SOG Specialty 3.6-inch Knives & Tools Huntspoint Fixed Blade

The knife has a support mechanism and keeps its name up to date by deploying it very quickly. The blade is 3.6-inch with an exceptional thickness of Drop Point style.

The blade is even a little reverse butt, which is helpful to split more significant objects. The handle on this knife has skeletonized steel liners and brass and is a bit thicker and more weighable than the Flash II.

The closed length and the open length are perfect for the knife. The handle has contoured for the firm and secure grip over its entire length.

There is also a solid jimping thumb bridge that allows you to pierce without sacrificing power due to the slipping thumb. The zoom also acts as a defensive weapon. It is relatively light but sturdy and even very deep.


  • Better handle traction
  • Great ergonomics
  • Well balanced blade
  • Comparatively lightweight


  • Challenging to sharpening


SOG 3.4 Inch Tactical Folding Knife – Escape Pocket Knife

The 3.4-inch Escape Pocket knife has a thick clip point tip. The S35, though on the Rockwell scale it is a little bigger, keeps well, and is not quite hard to sharpen.

The handle of the knife has the Micarta type canvas. It is beautiful and has a simple feeling. A dense Kydex sheath has also used in the Base. The belt locking mechanism includes an interchangeable belt loop feature.

The sheath keeps the knife securely and softly and has quite a variety of lanyard holes for various kinds of leg holding. The handle and thumb track are incredibly reliable and not unnecessarily violent.

This leads in rendering the pillar a safe knife for tasks, including feathering and chopping. So, it’s one of the good SOG throwing knives.


  • One of the great SOG tactical knives
  • Included sharpening stone
  • Durable blade
  • Easy to use


  • Clip Point is a bit weak for survival


SOG Fixed Blade 7 Inch Knives w/Sheath

The Fixed Blade is a large button crafted by Bowie and a blade with a Clip Line, a blood groove, and a guard-cross. Through nearly the whole length, the skeleton maintains its maximum thickness.

The crosshair design is textured and rendered highly popular. It has a relaxed feeling with its finger grooves. The steel pommel is perfect for smashing glass and other practical tasks.

A sheath of black leather and a snap-over for retaining has given on the knife. A sheath of black leather and a snap-over for keeping has provided on the knife. There is also a leg holding lanyard spot.

This may be very good because of its broad scale, thanks to its clip point on the Creed. Unlike SOG automatic knives, this Fixed Blade has a big belly and is well suited for heavy-duty shellfish.


  • Large enough
  • Durable for heavyweight bushcraft
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great balance


  • A bit larger for a camp knife


SOG TFSAT8-CP Flash II 8 in. Black Tanto EDC Knife

The Flash II has an 8-inch long and relatively stable full tang tip. The pommel features a lanyard opening and a knife lanyard. Furthermore, there is a small stone in the knife.

This knife has often fitted with a belt sheath. However, the snap-over, like the Creed, is not the best style. The probability seems to be that the knife will act loosely. Just around the halfway point holds the trident maximum width.

This is one of the SOG trident knives that’s not powerful equipment regardless of that. In reality, given its heft, it sits in the mid-service range and maybe is instead in no one’s territory.

That’s not a matter of a price knife. However, in all seriousness, its role is challenging, other than to claim that this is a versatile knife that is effective.


  • Good patterned knife
  • Comes with a sharpening stone
  • Durable blade
  • Effortless to work with


  • pommel Screw may be loose while using


SOG Folding Pocket Knife – Trident Elite Tactical

Its SEAL Pup Elite is also a light-duty tactical and utility blade. The SEAL Pup Elite is a perfect choice for a field or camp knife. It handles light-duty fire-making jobs well.

The knife’s blade is the dual-scalloped Bowie-style as well as has a hollow grind. Also, it has a rasped-spine, and that works very great for filing and notching to gives the thumb somewhat to dig into if you have it positioned higher on the spine.

The handle is nylon reinforced by glass that has a hardness core. The weight gives it a swift sword, and the weapon has the correct duration for near encounters.

The knife has an elegant and balanced look. Also, it’s one of the SOG folding knives that you can use conveniently.


  • Strong tactical knife
  • Suitable for camping & hunting
  • It works very well
  • Large handle


  • Its sheath is just belt compatible


SOG TWI17-CP Twitch II 6.20 Inch Wood Pocket Knife

The Twitch II is not as large as the Aegis, which limits its flexibility. It’s a drop point type; however, that makes it at the tip stronger. With a full flap and a thickness of 1.1-inch, it is 2.65-inch long.

It has both a pinhole and ambidextrous thumb scratches. It is effortless and quick to launch. The handle has anodized aluminum and has equipped with a lanyard opening. It’s 6.20-inch in length.

There is also a support locking mechanism with a spring voltage lock bar which supports the blade. It works well over some EDC applications but does have some reliability problems and could need a little more maintenance than SOG fielder knives.


  • Compact design
  • Light in weight
  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Comfortable grip


  • Just for EDC


SOG EL01-CP 3.4 Inch Kilowatt Electricians Pocket Knife

This Pocket Knife II has a gross longitude of 3.4-inch and a blade made of 7CR17MoV steel. The knife is a complete tang knife. This is a Chinese 440A stainless counterpart, which isn’t one of the most beautiful blade products.

The blade has a powerful jimping thumb line. The handle has finger grooves that make it simple to grab and hold comfortably. You can also note that when used for heavy applications, Kraton absorbs shock well.

It comes even with a leather sheath with a belt loop and snap-overs. The knife is lighter equipment of less bulk for high duty purposes. It feels nice, but it just doesn’t sting hard to kill.

When choosing a knife that can cut tiny firewood, it is appropriate for batoning.


  • Very sharp
  • Full tang
  • Grippy Handle
  • Works very well


  • Durability issue


SOG Fixed Blade 4.75 Inch Knives

Although this review started with the assertion that SOG was not recognized for producing the most beautiful looking blades, we can refute that in this first analysis already slightly.

This still has the appetite to break jobs. The blade has a smooth edge, and a stylish look is coated in black titanium nitrite. The ambidextrous thumb bolts and the Piston lock aided quick deployment device are also options.

The slipping piston also gives a very safe lock for the blade. Steel AUS-8 has a strong resistance to corrosion and protection of edges. The glass enhanced nylon handle is convenient and performs rough cutting.

It is very flexible due to the Aegis’ wide belly and clip top. It’s just a knife that can be used as an “everything” tab because it does too much work.


  • EDC and tactical use
  • Lightweight
  • Well-designed
  • Very sharp


  • It has a weak tip


SOG TFSA98-CP Flash II 8 in Black EDC Pocket Knife

The Flash II is another excellent SOG at the end of the review. It’s 8-inch long with a good tip of Tanto. The VG-10 steel is handled to an RC of 59-60, more stringent than the AUS-8 category of SOG.

The color of the vanadium is VG-10, which improves toughness and strength. The composite component renders the blade stable in the body, although the point is incredibly sharp.

The Vulcan handle is glass enhanced nylon and has maximum liners of titanium. The handle is also really stable, and ergonomics are excellent. The Tanto blade has a gentle slope and deep hole grind around the tail.

The Flash II is a reliable cutting tool with all of these qualities. The ultimate result is to transform it into a highly effective, flexible tactical knife for all your EDC requirements.


  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Sharp steel blade
  • Tactical knife


  • The thicker blade without enough agile

Buying Guide

A pocket knife is no joke, to suggest that it is among the most valuable devices known to man. They have helped us for millions of years cut bread, rescue people from burning cars.

It protects them from criminals, search for dinner, break open boxes, and perform countless other activities, from the earthly to evolving.

Blade Length

You will see a wide variety of blade lengths as you are browsing through the pocket knives — from the big 7.5-inch blade. Although the blade’s thickness can be just a few centimeters, it can make a huge difference.

This is generally a topic of taste, as are all other things that involve buying a pocket knife.

Blade Types

Not all blades are equal, particularly for pocket knives. You must be aware of the blade styles on your weapon, whether you buy a one-blade pocket knife or a multi-blade model. This is a short and clear reference.

Handle Materials

A good quality blade handle is critical because your grip on the pocket knife stays firm. The durability and comfort in a material have benefits, but it may also be an esthetic matter and personal tastes that determine what you do.

The Bottom Line

When you want a robust and well-made weapon, SOG’s knives range should pay particular attention to practical styles and facilities.

At the end of the SOG knives review, we found that many of the pocket knives tested are outstanding performers, and you are not fooled as your EDC.

You can perform other things efficiently. These SOG fixed blade knives are all high-quality weapons, which suit the function correctly.

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