ELK Ridge Knives Reviews – Top 7 Picks for 2020

The knife industry is a business with several choices, but for each of its items, a brand of the knife, in particular, is noticeable. It is Elk Ridge Knives Reviews we’re going to speak about. This is a niche company, selling a wide variety of weapons, knives and machetes.

Yet we must stick to knives for the sake of this report. The Elk Ridge products are perfect for hunting or exploring the wilderness. Experienced serious hunters craft Elk Ridge knives.

They have constructed of stainless steel from 440C and are a versatile hunters’ device. One thing is sure that any penny is certainly worth Elk Ridge knives!

History of Elk Ridge Brand

Master Cutlery was established in 1982 and offered the largest selection of bordering equipment and related items for the job, outdoor recreation and domestic usage.

Master Cutlery’s Elk Ridge Knives have made explicitly for right outdoor performers. The company provides an exclusive collection of price, money value blades, axles and machetes.

This equipment is ideal for hunting and wildlife exploration. The line offers a large variety of fixed edge knives and folding knives, all sorts of – from camo paint for the shooting appeal to perfectly natural and plastic handle.

Quick Comparison

Top 7 Best ELK Ridge Knives Reviews

We prepared some review reviews for this article by Elk Ridge knives and compiled a list of the top 8 knives of Elk Ridge. We also provide a brief detail of each product, as well as the list of advantages and disadvantages.

You are also in the right position because you are someone who enjoys nature and sports such as hiking, shooting and fishing. We’re going to think about a couple of fantastic weapons, and it will be fun!


Personalized Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Knife

A right blade in hand will give a man far more look than just a cutting weapon. These knives have independence, freedom and courage. The small point does not overpower the mind, but it sure does reinforce the side.

It’s compact and well built and suits the palm best. Place a renegade sword on your husband. It comes with a stylish design, comprising an elegant stainless steel blade and beautifully crafted wood for holding the handle.

You don’t fold so you’re quick to keep the knife functional for multiple uses every day. The product has manufactured using the highest material quality to ensure that this personalized cuff is in your pocket for years. This knife is an excellent present for you.


  • Compact size
  • Great design
  • Great personalized gift
  • Pakkawwood handle


  • Quite heavier


Elk Ridge ER-A010SPW-MC ER-A010SPW Folder Knife

For the real outdoor guy, Elk Ridge! This focused hunting brand includes knives, skins, sets, machetes & axes and even knives of a gentleman.

This collection contains stationary blade knives and folding knives of all kinds, from Hunter camo coatings to perfectly natural and plastic handles that have entirely sealed.

An excellent quality knife! Fantastic! We settled in on this beautiful knife for a cheap EDC after gazing at some hundred pictures. This knife suits the need beautifully.

The gap protects the spring, and the blade unlocks and locks quite quickly, right out of the package, fast. Its blade locks and no hinging games firmly.


  • Spring supported knife
  • Thicker blade
  • Stainless steel
  • Pakkawood handle


  • Not easy to fold and unfold


Elk Ridge – Outdoors Spring Assisted Folding Knife

The open folding knife supported by the Elk Ridge ER-A003I spring is simple to operate with one side. When free, through the use of its liner handle, the blade locks into place safely.

A 3.5-inch silver drop dot with a stainless steel blade and a virtual bone handle with a stainless steel bolt and leather lanyard has used in this knife. Comes with a secure and straightforward holding pocket brace, the knives have closed behavior 4.75 cm.

Elk Ridge has a broad range of hunting weapons, skinners, game packs, machetes, spears, and even equipment of gentlemen built to genuinely adored explorers.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Featured with a jigged bone
  • Well built
  • Very convenient


  • Thin blade


Elk Ridge – Outdoors Gentleman’s Folding Knife

Let’s first get the wrong thing out of the way. Sure, it is a cheap hunting knife manufactured by China which looks like a classic American knife. The ingredients used are not top-of-the-line; the chromium butter costs just ten bucks.

It is very fantastic that a full supporting opening knife can offer for this amount. Edge-free steel is a little soft that makes sharpening quick but makes it more complicated than a more robust knife.

The screws keeping on the clip quickly break and must be fixed periodically if you want to wear this routine bolt. Though, that isn’t EDC’s optimal approach.

However, the Elk Ridge Gentleman’s Folder is a decent route ahead whether you are searching for a cheap hunting knife or a low-cost knife to place in a toolbox or tackle a box and glove case.


  • Great Aesthetics
  • Spring Assisted
  • Excellent price
  • Simple to sharpen


  • Not enough sharp


Elk Ridge – Outdoors Fixed Blade Knife

ER-087 is another model of Elk Ridge knife in our chart. This cup has constructed of premium products. This is well designed and will guarantee efficiency and longevity.

The weapon is a loaded weapon crafted of stainless steel. This has a jigged tooth as well. The handle is plastic, however ergonomically. This knife often comes with a piece of cloth. It’s built out of products of consistency.

The stainless steel coated mirror drop blade provides an excellent compromise of reliability and resistance to corrosion.

Once the exterior enters the hold of the gentlemen, conventional and non-traditional fabrics are mixed to produce unique blends that redefine the genre.


  • Nicely built
  • Highly Durable
  • Suitable for the jigged bones


  • Its blade is not thick enough.


Elk Ridge – Outdoors Fixed Blade Knife

We have the outdoors fixed blade knife next up. The knife measures 4.75 “long when it is locked and a further 3.5” wide when it is exposed. The blade has a satin texture, made of stainless steel.

The diameter is 3 mm. Moreover, it has a brown handle for pakkawood. This knife is a non-foldable full tang hunter. It comes with black only handles in construction and a black nylon belt sheath.

A folding knife like the elk ridge fixed blade knife is your best option if you’re looking for a simple, regular style of knife.

There you include the characteristics of the tools, some benefits and drawbacks, what people say about the elk ridge er-a003, some commonly asked questions and our opinion on the activities they may or should not have to carry out.


  • Spring-supported opener
  • Stylish design
  • Satin polished blade


  • A bit larger for a pocket knife


Elk Ridge – Outdoors Fixed Blade Fillet Knife

The knife is the last one on our series. This is also a fixed blade with exceptional ability. In the pakkawood grasp, the knife comes with a safety pack. It includes a lot of paracord fire starter.

This also comes with a nylon pad to be transported securely and comfortably. This Elk Ridge blade fillet knife is a perfect option for outdoor hunting. Comes with a sturdy sheet of nylon, the knife is as quick as secure transportation.

The handle is Pakkawood, which gives it a traditional look and longevity. The handle needs to patinate well after any use. A wooden handle just needs to be much moisturized.

The only drawback is that. The blade is fixed in the open place when stretched to avoid slip while using.


  • Great quality
  • Nice design
  • Survival kit
  • Sheath


  • Durability issue

Buying Guide For Elk Ridge Knives

Let’s know about considering factors before buying an ELK Ridge Knife.


To determine the perfect knife weight, you may need to test many knives. One thought school claims that a large chef’s knife will quickly cut food as it “breaks” with greater strength.

Another thinks that a lighter cup of a chef flows freer and allows you to handle a cup better. Basic: Pick the best look for you.


The beholder’s palm is “right balance.” This certainly isn’t for you whether it looks awkwardly weighted towards the back of the pole or against the tip. The knife will not be shaky as you fall on the tip, as though it needs on wobble to one side.


A knife for an 8-inch chef has the most popular versatility among home cooks. A 10-inch longer blade will slash length, but it may sound intimidating.

A knife of six inches can provide an aspect of mobility, as is a paring knife but is small while operating on volume or moving something likes a watermelon through something big.

The Bottom Line

We have hit the conclusion of our review about the Elk Ridge knives reviews. We trust that you and the brands we chose from our list have enjoyed it.

When you remember the reality that Elk Ridge is renowned for premium goods, it was very challenging to select any. The architecture is unique.

In each of its items, you will find that. You won’t go wrong, irrespective of who you pick, to summarize stuff. All depends on whether and for what reason you plan to use it.

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