M Tech Knives Review – Top 10 MTech Knife Picks for 2020

M Tech USA is a highly-famous knives company. Over the years, they have become so famous and are a must for any fan of a knife. They have one of the best lasting and durable blades. They have a fantastic collection of nearly all sorts of weapons. If you like pocket knives for day-to-day use, butterfly knives take your flipping game, shooting knives. It makes the Knife suitable for fishing, repairing blade knives to do complicated and hard work, or some other kind of Knife quickly. M Tech never deceives its clients and provides them with quality items. So, let’s go through the M Tech Knives Review to know more and find your preferred Knife that you’re in search of.

History of M Tech Knife Brand

Founded in 1982, Master Cutlery provides the broadest range of cutting-edge instruments and related items developed for the job, leisure outside, and home usage.

We are exceptional in place to act as the single-stop shopping hub for distributors, distributors, and e-commerce consumers, including our multi-brand / multi goods range, East and West Coast delivery centers, same-day shipping, and drinking water availability.

More than 5,000 active SKUs cover more than 100 + product categories within Master Cutlery’s product portfolio. Many SKU’s have been developed for us individually, and we annually plan, grow, and deliver a leading sector with more than six hundred products.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best M Tech Knives Reviews

Mtech Knives is one of the five cheapest brand knives selling a wide range of knives from set combat edge knives to plying utility knives. The United States has a variety of designs, forms, and shades, made in China.

While Mtech Knives started with a folding pocket knife, today they are also manufacturing a wide range of tomahawk axes and machete knives.


MTECH USA MT-512SF 9.25-Inch Combo Knife Set

Fixed blade / Rescue Linerlock Special Forces Fixed blade/escape 9.25-inch set blade minimum 4 1⁄2 “black edge, 440 stainless blades slightly wider.

The high-end is made of stainless, slightly tightened blade dual thumb stud and extended tang. The combined seat-and-belt cutter is constructed of high and stainless steel.

At the other, it has complete tang with embedded finger-safe, Rescue Linerlock 4 1/2. “The black surface is stainless and slightly tightened blade dual thumb stubble, and extended tang Improved seat-belted cutter.

The logo of the Special Forces is noticeable throughout, and the edges and handles of the Knife are in the wrong position to make entry and removal of the knives difficult.


  • Big Overall Fixed
  • Premium materials
  • Combo knife package
  • Specialized handle


  • None


Mtech 8″ Police Blue/Black Spring Assisted Folding Knife

It is a new knife you can purchase if you are a man who wants to fly. It’s an excellent quality knife that is handy. It is also constructed of long-lasting content and is not harmed.

You can break bones or cut things with it. The most significant aspect is that you will always do it to defend yourself. The sword will cover you in the forests. This has a strong edge.

Therefore, you have a firm grasp on it and a smooth handle. Even in different colors and sizes, it is visible. The handle makes of glass-reinforced nylon, which feels more like carbon fiber in the black coating.

The SOG Light is a regular knife. It’s one of the most robust knives for use. It opens quickly and easily. The blade looks very beautiful, smooth, and has a solid shape.


  • Good quality
  • Good grip
  • Durable
  • Very shape


  • Not suitable for cutting tough things


MTech USA Xtreme

The perfect Knife for outdoor training and fishing, or to cut, is MTech USA MT-20-12 Hunting Knife. The weapon was a decent quality weapon. However, when wearing it often, the sheath becomes easy to crack.

The most significant advantage is the rough point at the base of the blade, which renders the latter a perfect spot to slash tiny trees or move through a bush.

The blade has a length of 3, 39, “and the tip is smooth. This Knife might look a bit too big to certain people and might not match well, but I like the idea. This seems very sturdy and will break anything off, such as belts, wires, or wood.

We love the blade best. They may also push the pocket clip around tip-up, tip-down, left, or right hand, making it a good option for left or right men.


  • Beautifully cool looking
  • Tight handle
  • Extremely sharp
  • Well balanced


  • Not much durable


MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife

Spring Assist Folding Knives in 8 colors that are for your preference and comes from MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705. The liner one is closed. It requires a glass cutter and a bottled spring to be shipped with ease and protection.

Nowadays, its folding features are one of the most common pocket clothes on the market and are also the best clockwork for the money that we think you can find.

The Knife is renowned for its efficiency but also its deficit. It is still my favorite choice concerning the world’s most robust combat knife. Fantastic feel useful inside ergonomically. In the back, it is very convenient.


  • Unique look
  • Sharp blade
  • It’s durable
  • Better overall size


  • Dull edge


M TECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

You will not need to go anywhere if you want a knife designed for any scenario. Smith & Knife is the perfect product option. Whether you are a victim, dealer, or first respondent, this Knife is great for you.

With a soft handle, the Smith & Knife arrive. It helps you to hold the drug securely and tightly. The finger indentations and the textured nature of the handle render this possible.

Additionally, due to the outstanding thumb locks, you can quickly unlock the weapon. You don’t need to remove the Knife; if you decide to use the Knife, you can open it with your eye.


  • Durable
  • Simple Design
  • Reliable
  • Convenient


  • Not Assisted by spring


M Tech USA MT-A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife

For someone in need of an inexpensive, effective, and all-perfect cutter for their everyday job, the MT-A845BK Knife is suitable. It is produced of high-quality content, apart from being budget-friendly.

The company has a steel edge that is a carbon-nickel combination. It ensures higher stability and strength of the lip. Both adhesive and abrasive damage prevents the material.

Therefore, high-performance steel is an excellent feature of the MT-A845BK Pocket knife. With the aid of a torsion pin, you can quickly push the blade out of the handle.

Thanks to its secure and fast opening method, you can take the Knife with one hand. To detach the module from the shaft, add pressure to the flipper thumb bug by pressing gently to get rid of the torsion pin’s tension.


  • Lightweight
  • Premium Material
  • Safe
  • Wear-resistant


  • Not included thumb knob.


MTech USA MT-A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Spring Assist Knife is made with two-tone black and desert camo to deliver one side deployment. This even allows you to lock the liner safely.

This Knife also comes with a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter, which can both quickly and securely be shipped. The cup is of excellent quality, and its price is outstanding.

And the only downside is the Knife’s safety. You are as fast and heavy as the TAC Power, but the weight of this MTech USA knife is far lighter than the TAC.

In comparison, you can easily use the Folding Folding Pocket knife. By using the thumb stub, you can easily pick up the edge. You will find the special pocket knife if you are searching for an effective and quick to use knife that you can carry anywhere.


  • Fairly sharp
  • Good value
  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy blade


  • Tough to open


MTech USA MT-378 Folding Tactical Knife

It is a lightweight pocket knife intended to make it easy for you to hack and slash. The knife architecture principle is based on the pistol model. You should hold it in your pocket easily.

The distinguishing characteristics of this commodity are its variety. While using a great knife like the CRK Squid Folding Pocket Knife, protection is of tremendous importance.

This has both a frame lock and a traction grove. You should keep the handle firmly by the traction grove. Do not hesitate to go for this fantastic tool if you require an economical and robust knife that is easy to handle.

It comes with countless apps that make it simple to use. Within this group, we have listed the friction grove, among other characteristics, the logical folding, the rounded edges


  • Great Design
  • Good for Self Defense
  • Durable


  • Not Versatile enough


MTech USA MT-424 Series Folding Tactical Knife

Do not hesitate to go for this fantastic tool if you require an economical and robust knife that is easy to handle. It comes with countless apps that make it simple to use.

Within this group, we have listed the friction grove, among other characteristics, the logical folding, the rounded edges. In comparison, you can easily use the CRKT Folding Folding Pocket knife.

By using the thumb stub, you can easily pick up the side. You will find the special pocket knife if you are searching for an effective and quick to use Knife that you can carry anywhere.

The essential aspect of this fabric is the safety locking device. It is provided with a lightweight and slimmer blade lock for secure loading. In the handle of the material, the Inset Liner Lock utilizes high-quality, solid steel.


  • Durable
  • Excellent Handle
  • Fast Deployment
  • Reliable


  • Its studs are not enough smoothened.


MTech USA Spring Assist Folding Knife

Are you searching for a spring wizard to use and launch free of charge? The commodity weights 8 ounces, is robust, consistent, and useful. The Knife contains an outstanding thumb bolt that allows quick and efficient deployment.

The metal frame is black as well. The handle is cut out safely and securely. If you want the compact, lightweight Knife with high weight, the Mtech US Spring is a fantastic choice.

The product includes a pocket clip which helps you to transport it safely. There are several individual protection devices, such as a crystal blocker and an emergency seatbelt clip.

The pocket-assisted Knife has a pocket-friendly price, which is a significant benefit. This always functions well and is secure. And the clip of the drug is dark, rendering it suitable for dissimulation.


  • Deep clip
  • Nice blade shape
  • Fits for dissimulation
  • Excellent performance


  • Unwanted locking technology

Buying Guide For The Best MTech Knives

Be mindful that your Knife is with you for a long time; hence time will be generated, and various variables assessed before you make your order. Any of the main things you need to take into account are.


You will not forget the style while you are looking to purchase a high-performance knife. These are available in numerous formats, from conventional to high-tech forms and from essential to relatively complicate.

The architecture has to do with adding certain amazing features such as the unique locking system and the width of the edge. It decides your look by creating a pocket knife, such that the choice is based on specific characteristics.


For cutting jobs, whether you’re hunting for a pocket knife, you’ll opt for the sharpest. Two of the main issues to support you are: should the Knife be used mainly for self-defense?

May you use the device as a service? May you get a knife slash to my girdle? Will you need a single opening knife? You will specify the kinds of functionality you will take into account when addressing this query.

Carry Option

Before you get a pocket knife of your choosing, the carrying alternative is a critical function. At the same time, some people want to hold and neglect the Knife in their pockets before they need a message, some like it to be ready any moment to be available and used.

It is, therefore, necessary to select a comfortable place to hold your pocket knife handy.

The Bottom Line

Here we conclude the M Tech knives review. The use of pocket knives recently went beyond cutting and slicing; they are familiar with climbers, rescue agents, police, artisans, and distribution workers.

This is often used by craftsmen as a protective gear for mountaineers and runners, although others may use it as a self-defense weapon. We are sure you can select the best pocket knife at this stage.

You may pick the correct option based on our buying guide or choose one from the best pocket knives you prefer.

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