Kubey Knives Review – Pick Up Top 7 Best Model [ Update 2020 ]

We always come to present the best products and that we collect from the top and enthusiastic reviewers. Today we have come with the Kubey versatile knives that are best for every outdoor task. Mainly, these knives can do every works like peeling, mincing, carving, slicing, and garnish. And for this reason, people consider Kubey knives as a versatile tool. It often happens that people cannot select the right knife for them. As a result, they feel uncomfortable while doing the cutting jobs. Indeed, we can understand your feeling, and that is why we have gathered all the finest knives for you. Moreover, we will present all the buying guides as well. Therefore, read the below review of the best Kubey Knives and pick up the best tools easily for you.

Brand History Of kubey Knife

One of the everyday things is most of the people want to know about the products before they buy anything. By following the same, we will present the details about the Kubey brand before the turn into the items.

First, Kubey is the original and independent knife brand. It starts its journey in 2014 in Shenzhen, China. This brand always tries its best to provide the best quality knives. Besides, they use the expert professional production tool to achieve the best objective.

For example, the Kubey provide the Precision Cutting of Wire EDM, CNC high engraving machines. Also, they provide CNC grinding, milling operations, and laser engraving. Indeed, this brand is a famous and demanding production for all these latest materials and features.

Most importantly, Kubey directly purchases high-quality materials and blade steel from Europe, America, and Japan. The handle manufactures by the wood, aluminum, copper, G10, carbon fiber, and titanium 6AL4V.

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Quick Comparison

Top 7 Best kubey Knives Reviews

Form the above, you already know that Kubey provides the best services to its customers. Also, one will get all the knives in an affordable budget. So, let’s have a look at the versatile Kubey knives.


KUBEY Chubby KU203 Folding Pocket Knife

First, we will present the Kubey Chubby knife that is best for everyday use. It manufactures by the hardened D2 and deep 2.8-inch steel blade. This material contains less nickel and high carbon that are best for the wear resistance and toughness.

Also, the material of the handle is G10 scales that sits very comfortably in your hand and enhance the durability and strength. Also, it is best for excellent safety, control, and better performance. Most importantly, it works amazingly in cold and wet conditions as well.

Now we will talk about the liner lock that assures the easy opening and closing of the knife. Also, it makes sure the right place for the blade while it remains open. Kubey provides another essential feature, and that is one flipper tab.

Mainly, it helps for the smooth opening and the detent closing. Most interestingly, everyone should have carried this knife for hiking, camping, and hunting. Also, it will be your best tool for climbing, fishing, and any adventuring.


  • Practical Handle
  • Best quality Steel
  • Pocket Clip
  • Lock System


  • High price


KUBEY Darkness KU003 3.7″ Folding Pocket Knife

Another excellent knife of Kubey is Darkness KU003. This knife is famous for its foldable ability and stylish design. Also, the Darkness knife is the most potent and durable knife of the folding series.

Also, it is best to prepare every type of food, hiking, and camping.

Most importantly, one can use this knife as a survival tool. Now we will present the materials of this knife. First, it makes with the AUS10 stain-free steel that offers one sharp edge with excellent resistance.

Kubey provides an ergonomic handle that makes with the titanium. There is good news for you, and that is, you will get several colors handles to select your favorite knife color.

Lastly, the Darkness knife is lightweight and very comfortable to use. Therefore, if you are looking for a stylish and powerful knife, you must go for the Darkness KU003 knife. Hopefully, this knife is not going to make you unhappy.


  • Sharp edge
  • Smooth and fast placement
  • Durable handle
  • Color variation


  • Poor sharpness


KUBEY Golf KU230 Fixed Blade Knife with Kydex Sheath

Now we will present another Kubey knife that also offers the latest design, durability, and strength. Mainly, this knife makes for combat purposes, and it provides one fixed blade. The length of this knife is 3.1 inches, and its thickness is 3.5 millimeters.

Also, the edge makes with the stain-free carbon steel. Indeed, it ensures the excellent wear resistance and hardness as well. The handles come with the black colors of this knife. But this is a fantastic knife due to its superior grip.

Most importantly, one can use this Golf knife in the wettest conditions as it safeguards the protection. Moreover, this knife is also best for camping, hiking, and any other activities.

Honestly, it can be a fantastic and robust partner that you must need while adventuring. Also, we did not get any negative reviews of this knife. So, you can trust on this knife blindly and have Golf KU230 Kubey knife.


  • High- quality stain-free steel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Strong handle
  • Convenient case


  • No issues


KUBEY KU160 Fixed Blade 4.7-Inch Tough Carbon Knife

If you are looking for the hunting knife, then the KB160 Kubey knife can be your first option. This knife provides one fixed blade with more durability and strength. Moreover, it is a sizable knife that can do all the cutting jobs easily. Also, it takes a short time to complete the cutting.

Kubey purchases every material from the renowned country so that you will get the best quality blade here. Significantly, the blade makes with the grade 2 steel that offers excellent hardness. That helps you when you cut anything.

Moreover, the KU160 knife is the multipurpose knife so that you can use it for slicing, chopping, cutting, and garnishing as well. Most importantly, this knife performs very well when you go for outdoor tours.

Also, there will be no problem to carry this knife. Besides, Kubey offers one knife case that will make the carrying process easy. Lastly, we want to make you know that you will get a lifetime guarantee with this knife.


  • Portable and safe
  • Stout blades
  • Lifetime guaranty
  • Tang design


  • Poor Wooden handles


KUBEY Hunting Knife Scimitar KU231 Fixed Blade10.4″

Durability and strength was the main priority while making KUBEY Hunting Knife Scimitar Fixed Blade. Also, the knife creates for the tactical. The knife has made of D2 high-quality carbon spotless steel point blade, 5mm thick, and 5.4″ fixed blade.

Moreover, D2 high-quality carbon gives excellent wear resistance and hardness as well. Also, the G10 black handle provides a better grip for the wettest condition, and the protection gives a better-extended guard.

The knife is easy to use and has a safety option for carrying. KUBEY hunting knife is the best for camping, hiking, or whatever you are doing. However, the D2 steel blade has a bit less nickel and high-quality carbon for edge retention and hardness.

The tang design provides durability than three quarters or one half and powerful strength as well. For the black convenient, it is easy to access and quick. It has various options for carrying easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Convenient carry
  • Entire tang design
  • Comfortable grip


  • Rust shortly


Folding Pocket Clip KUBEY KU212 Knife, G10 Handle

The Folding Pocket Clip KUBEY KU212 Knife offers the capability and ultimate style. The D2 high-quality carbon spotless steel blade has good edge retention. Besides, the G10 handles provide wear-resistance and well strength.

It also gives comfort, as well. Moreover, ball-bearing offers quick deployment. The secure liner allows pocket clip convenient and locks a blade properly. Though, this is the best companion for all to carry it. It is a robust knife set.

The pocket knife has a stylish folding of EDC, which is very useful. The D2 high-quality carbon spotless blade has good edge retention and a bit less nickel. The KUBEY knife has solid D2 steel, which holds the edge and provides good wear resistance.

Also, the knife’s handle has excellent balance, and it protects accidental slipping. The grip will give you a comfortable feeling. Further, it will not close accidentally and open smoothly.


  • High-Quality Steel
  • Durable Handle
  • Safe Lock System
  • Handy Pocket Clip


  • The Pocket clip Isn’t Tight Well.


Folding Blade KUBEY Drop Point KU162 Hero Pocket Knife 3.5″

Folding Blade KUBEY Drop Point Hero KU162 Pocket Knife is excellent and ideal for food prep, piercing, cutting, and many more. It has a 3.5″ D2 high-quality spotless steel blade. The blade can maintain the sharpness of the edge.

Also, the G10 handles provide wear-resistance and well strength. Plus, it will offer excellent balance, well performance, and safety as well. The steel blade will remain in the same place so that the work will finish properly.

The knife is good to carry for all and will open smoothly. The pocket knife is simple and has a liner lock. So, the knife will not close accidentally and open smoothly. It is best for carrying and has easy and quick access as well.

Generally, you can use this for all-purpose, and efficiently the knife will work. Lastly, you can carry the knife for outdoor usage while hiking, camping, farming, fishing, and so on.


  • Sharp blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Reliable and safe
  • Well-designed


  • Mechanic to thin

Buying Guide For The KUBEY Knife

You need to know what differences between the boning knife and the paring knife? Which kind of knife is best for cutting beef? What is the advantage of a spotless sharp steel blade?

There are many more knife brands and quality. Which one will be best for your kitchen? If you need information about it, check these out.

Blade Material

There are many discussions about carbon steel vs. spotless steel. Unfortunately, the fact is not that easy and straightforward for finding the best kitchen knife. But the reality is all steel will rust in the exact circumstances.

Firstly, check the blade’s material that is common in categories. Also, the spotless steel blades benefit is that it will not rust like other ordinary steel. The knife will cut food, and it increases stains. So if you get the spotless steel blade, it fulfills your requirement.

Handle Materials

The main priority is the blade of the knife, as it will need for cutting or chopping. After that, the handle will be the most important. The reason is the handle will give your hands a comfortable feeling.

If it is poorly made and not comfortable, surely you will not use it often. But the pocket knife’s handle material is different. However, there are not many options for the knife’s handle.

You will get similar types of knife’s handle. So wood is the most common material for the knife’s handle. The manufacturers often use olive wood for making the handle.

Knife Quality

Though the price and quality are significant for the knife, the full forged knife is the best in the market. It’s because it creates by using a single steel piece with full tang and blade.

So for making the stamped knife, they cut spotless steel by the specific machine. But this is not much durable like an immaculate steel blade. The new steel blade knife is the best option.


Reasonable price, functional, and the practical knife is the Kubey knife. From the above review of the best Kubey Knives, we learned that it uses for multi-purposes like chopping or cutting fruits, vegetables, beef, and many more.

It comes with an affordable price rate so that everyone can buy this. This is suitable for the outdoor cooking task, and efficiently you can use it. The reason is that a sharp blade and a very comfortable wooden handle.

It is a better outdoor knife. So you can use this for outdoor cooks and pro as well. Once you purchase this knife set, you will love to work by it. It has a secure option also.

Knives Task
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