Sabatier Knife Reviews & Buying Guide For 2020

It might be a bit tricky to find out the real and best Sabatier knife. We have made a list of top 6 Sabatier knife reviews along with a buying guide that will help you decide and get the optimal one.

Also, it’ll help you stay away from falling for a possible bargain for the beginner cook. You’ll have one of the best and most reliable and performing chef’s knife in the world while having a set of the best Sabatier knives at your kitchen.

History of Sabatier Knife Brand

To know the brand history, we have to way back at the early of the 19th century. Two different French families called Sabatier, and they were making knives for kitchen works in Thiers of France.

Also, they initiated to use their family name as a marketing tool. The family name Sabatier became a trademark of premium knives with the idea of copyright and trademarks only hardly in existence. But, the name was free to use for anyone.

The word “Sabatier” means that they make knives fully forged and from a single steel piece. Also, this type of knives has riveted handles and higher sharpening.

As anyone can use their brand name, there are lots of Sabatier brands right now. But, there is a second word to distinguish each of them from another.

Quick Comparison

Top 6 Best Sabatier Knife Reviews

We highly suggest the Sabatier brand if you’re now seeking new knives for the kitchen works. But, finding a genuine Sabatier knife could be challenging. That’s why we’re going to review top six authentic Sabatier knives.


French Sabatier 10-Inch Forged Stainless Chef Knife

You may need to spend a couple of bucks for this 10-inch chef knife. But, since it has made with reliable carbon steel, it’ll certainly last you for lots of coming years. Also, it’ll be indubitably worth each penny.

You know that this knife has made in the genuine Sabatier plant in Thiers. They’re making it a truthfully extraordinary knife that has a beautiful look. It also has an excellent presentation, as well. It’s the overall design of the knife that’s great about it.

The knife comes with an ergonomic handle that is simply a breeze to hold. As a result, the knife is making it feel that you’re touching a part of your body. It means that the knife is comfortable to manoeuvre when you need to chop, slice, and cut different types of ingredients.

Having a knife like this one brings back lots of reminiscence for several people that saw them in their grandparent or parents’ kitchens when they were young. Indeed, the knife is not cheap, like some other brands.

But, it’s comparatively inexpensive if you evaluate to other famous brands’ 10-inch western-type chef knives. It is a must-buy for the first one think about for purchase if you like to have a Sabatier kitchen knife for the kitchen. It’s because this is the best Sabatier kitchen knife presently available at Amazon.


  • Premium quality blade
  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Better balance & edge
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Logo of the brand doesn’t match


Sabatier 8-Inch French Forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife

It’s another best collection from Sabatier knife brand. Indeed, this is one of the best kitchen knives on the list. As this Sabatier edge keeper knife features a cover with technology, it has made to sharpen the cutting edge with every use.

Since the blade has made with premium carbon steel, it lends sharpness, durability, and strength. The handle of the knife has designed ergonomically that allows you to hold it with comfort when you use it.

But, unlike all other Sabatier knives, this one is not dishwasher safe. You have to hand wash it with hot soapy water. After cleaning, you should rinse and dry as soon as possible. The created-in sheath for honing is genuinely unique.

When you pull it out, it makes a pleasant ninja sound, and it works — with every use, the knife sounds sharper. Some of this specific Sabatier brand’s versions are weighted at 6.4 ounces when this one is at 8.5 ounces, but the weight was sufficient for me since the mass is all concentrated in the handle.

With minimum effort, I can only glide my hand when carving. However, if you evaluate to other famous brands’ 10-inch western-type chef knives, it’s comparatively inexpensive.


  • Built-in honing option
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Simple to clean


  • It’s not dishwasher-safe


French Sabatier 6-Inch Forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife

This 6-inch forged knife is here means it’s one of the most useful and best knives in the family of Sabatier. As it has a knife casing with a feature of edge keeper, it has designed to auto sharpen this knife with each use.

The knife keeps the cutting edge as aligned as sharp before using this because the edge keeper defensive sheet has an integral honing tool. Similarly, the blade of the knife has made with top-rated carbon steel material.

It also comes with an ergonomically modelled handle for outstanding comfort and durability like its prior Sabatier knives. Although Sabatier knives come from France, this one is coming from China.

It’s a good reason to be budget-friendliness of this knife. That means this knife is too budget-friendly than any other knife of this list and other brands and models available in the market. It doesn’t mean this knife is not good at its performance.

Indeed, the knife has made to perform well when you need something to slice, dice, and mince. It means that despite its reasonable price, it works great in your kitchen when it comes to cut something.


  • Integrated honing feature
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good performance


  • Vulnerable to rust


Sabatier Edgekeeper Pro 12-Piece Forged Triple Rivet Knife Block Set

Buying this knife set will bring you an excellent storage block that has made from natural hardwood. Also, the partnership comes with a matte black finish along with features an integrated knife sharpener.

As a result, it automatically sharpens and hones this knife each time you remove or place it in the block. All blade of this set has made of premium carbon stainless steel.

That’s why the knives of the collection are corrosion and stain-resistant. Notice also that these knives are not fit for a dishwasher.

Unlike other knife sets we’ve used which have unequal accuracy between each knife, the Sabatier pro doesn’t seem to have any problem at all-each knife is well balanced on its own and performs a specific job well.

Plus, it is customizable. I used the 8-inch chef knife for paring, and it worked, as did the pairing knife.


  • Lots of knives for different purposes
  • Included wooden knife block
  • Rust resistant
  • Premium materials


  • When half empty, its knife block only tips


Acacia, Sabatier Knife Set, 14 pieces

This set consists of each kind of knife that you may need in your kitchen. It includes steak, paring, utility, santoku, serrated, slicer, and chef’s knife in the set. They do not compromise with the quality ever and present you the best.

Especially the edge of these knives is so sharp and long-lasting that you won’t get disappointed. The stainless steel makes sure that you get the best corrosion-resistant performance out of it.

Moreover, it brings a beautiful knife holder that not only helps you to arrange the knives beautifully but also gives your kitchen the best presentable look. Again, this set comes with 15 different knives that you need in your daily life.

Although this package comes from China and is made there, too, almost all the essential materials used are from France. Therefore, no worries about quality; on another note, the blades have got quite sharp edges but can break down while cutting hard objects like bones and all because of its extra thinness.


  • Cleaning is very easy
  • Brings knife holder
  • Beautiful handle
  • Various options


  • The packaging is not good enough


Sabatier Knife Set, 15 Pieces, White

Another attractive knife set is the white set in the same block. It looks more beautiful because of its handles and dark wood block. It comes with every piece of knife that you need in your kitchen. Also, it comes with six pieces of steak knives, which is a great addition.

Although they mentioned something else in the case of the material of the blades, it is made of carbon steel. However, the handle could be quite uncomfortable to hold while using. Therefore, balancing can be quite challenging.

Since this set is not like the chefs want according to its quality, it comes at an affordable price. Therefore, those who wish to a knife set at a small cost and are ready to compromise with the quality can happily go for it.

This set is probably the best for those who want good looks in their knife sets and are happy with the presentable quality. As there is a logo attached to the knives, it looks brand.

Lastly, if you are ready to slow down your expectation a little and want to count a little less money, go for this beautiful set with no doubt.


  • Various kind is available
  • Looks good
  • Comes in a budget
  • Premium brand


  • Doesn’t match with the advertisement

Buying Guide For The Best Sabatier Knives

Everyone needs to know specific tips before they buy any new product. Besides, knowing specific recommendations may help to make the best purchase. Therefore, buying a guide is an essential thing for buyers.

So, to be a happy customer and avoid regretting later, do not forget to check the following guides.

Blade Style

​There are various kinds of blades available in knife sets. There are different types of edges, also. For instance, straight, serrated, and micro are the most popular edges open in the market.

Although people think that all the blades have not much difference, you have to know the actual difference appears while cutting.

To explain the difference, straight edges are perfect for fragile things like fish. Also, it works best in the case of peeling vegetables. On another note, serrated knives are useful for better slicing. Besides, micro-serrations are suitable for all kinds of deeds.


Always before purchasing a set, you have to know what you do the most in your everyday kitchen. Buying the knives accordingly is a wise step.

You will find knives that are good for chopping and cutting. On the other hand, some help to open hard objects. Therefore, being sure about the purpose is crucial.


Balance is essential, while chopping things like a lack of it can cause serious harm. Therefore, a knife set with a proper balance is always you should pick. Now, you might be thinking that how to know the right balance.

Well, it’s the handle that tells about the balance. Therefore, always follow the way the handle looks. The grip should be excellent and comfortable; the practice of catching it should be easy and balanced. Thus you can find the perfect hold.

Complimentary Tools

Many knife sets come with various accessories, as like as chopping boards, seats, whetstones, holders, and all. Although your target should have a quality knife set and not the free stuff, it’s great if you get both in a package.

Therefore, it’s no loss to look for a package that’s great with both the quality and gifts. However, do not forget to ask if there is something free with that.

Maintenance and cleanliness

Well, maintaining is an essential part of any tool or accessories. So it is cleaning. It can cause serious hard work and put you in trouble to do this. Therefore, always go for the set that requires the least maintenance.

Also, it’s always best to buy knives that have simple designs. Complicated designs make it tough to clean. Dust particles go and stick to the challenging corners. So keep these points in mind and buy accordingly.

Bottom Line

We’re at the end of the Sabatier knife reviews. Almost all of the best Sabatier knives have different qualities and characteristics. They all come in other packages with various offers. One has to know what exactly he needs in his knife set.

Therefore, buying a set according to your need is a perfect idea. Although perfection has many definitions, it varies from person to person. So, what you need to perform in the kitchen should indicate how your knife set should be.

There are varieties of price range along with different kinds of performances. Since you know your requirements well, you should go for knife sets according to that.

Moreover, nobody should compromise with the quality because it’s a kind of object that can harm you if the quality is not up to the mark. Therefore, I think correctly before making the purchase and be a happy client. I hope our buying guide will help. Have a good day!

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