Victorinox Chef Knife Review – { Update for 2021 }

The knife is one of the most vital things for your kitchen to help prep and accomplish your cooking. So, this Victorinox chef knife review will be helpful for you if you’re in issue with your current knives.

Featured with a pointed sharp, blade, this chef’s knife makes the quick task of a diversity of regular kitchen tasks. As the knife has designed for exceptional durability, it lasts about 60% more than typical knives.

That’s why it’s a piece of precious workhorse for your kitchen. Also, its stamped and high-quality manufacture makes it a reasonable choice.

Brand History Of Victorinox

Since the business that’s liable for making the Swiss Army name knife brand, it’s called Victorinox. The brand has been around for above a hundred years. In this point, this is general facts that the brand makes a beautiful Swiss Army knife and you can work this knife with almost anything.

However, most people don’t instantly consider watches while hearing “Swiss Army,” which is a shame. It’s a short article that will give details at the way the manufacturer of these knives has started making them.

As you know that the Victorinox is crafting its knives for more than a century, they have made lots of practical and handy knives in this time. When the choice-makers within the business decision, they have expanded their manufacturing line ahead of the standard tool.

As a result, the company leaders started dreaming about other potential choices. So, Victorinox determined to start manufacturing of Swiss Army watches in 1989. In this time, Swiss watchmakers established their name with makings of success all around the world.

Indeed, Geneva became one of the first places for watchmaking and considered art. Swiss artisans turned to craft watches, with an excellent outcome when Calvinist leaders prohibited goldsmiths from creating jewelry in the sixteenth century. But, when it comes to high-quality knives, Victorinox worked to make them as affordable as possible.

Overview Of The Victorinox Chef Knife

You already know that Victorinox works to make high-class knives at a reasonable price. If you want to make your preferred meals at a portion of the cost evaluated to other models, you can get the whole thing done instantly.

From size to blade and overall design, this product makes it the perfect Swiss knife for your kitchen. Many people spend dollars to buy various knives to get done every purpose in their kitchen. But, they don’t get the right outcome.

If you’re also one of them, this knife will be your best solution to this issue. It’s because this is a very flexible knife that will help you accomplish all the necessary actions wanted to prepare your favorite meals.

That means this chef’s knife is all-in-one when it comes to the performance. Apart from this type, many options are there to pick from. If you want a comparison of this knife, you can visit Wusthof Vs Victorinox.

Review Of The Victorinox Chef Knife

The manufacturer has arranged a review of this chef’s knife to make its buying method less overwhelming. Also, it’ll give you a clear suggestion of what a reasonably priced chef’s knife this one is. You’ll get all of the features of the product to see whether it matches for your need.


It’s your personal preference to choose a knife what it makes from. That’s because every detail and feature has its advantages and drawbacks. And it’s also the same for the materials used to make a knife.

Steel is the most trusted and popular material used to create a knife’s blade that comes in different forms. Among the steel, stainless steel has a broader use because of its ease of use and maintain the knife with the highest sharpness.

The excellence of the used steel is the dissimilarities that come into taking part in brands. With the feature to include things such as lamination and high-carbon, it makes it’s material better.

Also, There is carbon-steel that’s as harder as more straightforward to hone the knife. But, this is rust prone if you don’t take proper maintenance.

Blade & Handle

The Victorinox chef knife has made from stainless steel that’s indeed high carbon. So, the blade of the knife has made secure to give you with the capacity to create smooth, correct cuts.

While its design with a little curved that lets you cut ingredients faster, its sharp tip is helpful for cut rinds and tough skins. Besides, the knife comes with a slip-resistant, and durable Fibrox handles with the curve.

So, it makes sure the knife will not slip and fall on your hand with ease. Also, it’s easy to feel the knife while cutting something as it’s slip-proof that makes things easier to help you when you prepare foods.


When we get the extremely sharp knife, we didn’t find the loss of its sharpness during the time of testing. All knives need sharpening in the end, but the Victorinox knife was well enough after a long time of use in the test.

While working, the knife felt good in our hand. It did a great job with veggies when we were slicing, chopping, and dicing. Also, we tested the knife with a tomato that is very complex to cut plainly. But, surprisingly we get excellent cut and shape of tomato with perfect slices without tearing or snagging.

Moreover, we tested recently baked bread. The knife was very sharp to slices with no tearing or mashing the bread while it cut bread best with a jagged knife.

Similarly, this knife worked great to slice meat, both raw as well as cooked and both chilled and hot. That means the knife is an excellent performer for veggies to means irrespective of cooked or raw.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Just like any other knives, the Victorinox chef knife requires hand wash and dry. Also, it doesn’t show any adverse effects when we wipe it after washing. Although the blade and its handle are exactly dishwasher safe, putting in the dishwasher with bashing with other cutlery could dull or harm its sharpness.

As a result, if may need sharpening more often if you keep the knife in the dishwasher. We suggest you place it to avoid contact with any other items while washing if you wash it in the dishwasher.

Also, it needs to hone regularly like other knives. It could indicate honing after each use if you’re periodically using this knife. But, honing may need less often if you use it to chop something like lettuce as an only salad.


This Fibrox Pro Chef Knife has designed for professional chefs and home cooks alike. It comes with the features of high stainless steel edge, which has skillfully tapered. It means that the hold should stay very sharp before it needs to sharpen manually.

As you already know that the knife has made with high-carbon stainless steel, it’s another colossal boost to cost. Why? It’s because the material doesn’t rust the knife quickly and allows it for long-lasting for years to come.

Also, the blade of the sword has tested by laser for crucial sharpness. That means the producer checks its reliability before they open it for the market. As the knife comes with an accuracy edge, it allows the product to full a variety of slicing and cutting tasks comparatively quickly.

Another handy design of the knife is its TPE made ergonomic handle or thermoplastic elastomer materials. When you use this knife in a damp kitchen, it slip-proof grip give comfortable cutting and slicing tasks. Also, you can use it without drying your hands, and it’ll not slip anyway.

The knife has balanced and weighted already. So, it’s simple to handle that can be used with a range of various cutting tasks at many heights. Indeed, the knife has designed with its blade and feels at the way that you’ll not find it tough to control by your hands.


We certainly appreciate the sharpness of the Fibrox Pro Chef Knife because of its Swiss method made blade. The blade has tested by laser, and it comes with a tapered edge, which is why the knife has accuracy ground to make a rigorous angle.

As a result, it allows it to hold its sharpness of the edge for a long time even if you use it frequently. Since the blade of the knife is a bit large than many other ordinary knives, it gives some advantages.

For example, its full blade doesn’t bow, so also for the narrower knife edges. For any type of cutting and chopping tasks you want to do, you can depend on this handy knife. With significant effect, it’ll do your task and help you to prepare your foods in no time.


  • Provides better grip
  • NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) approved
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Praised by more thousands of users
  • Effortless to slicing and mincing
  • Top-quality material
  • Light in weight


  • Although the knife is dishwasher safe, it loses the sharpness in this type of wash.

Victorinox Chef Knife Review Conclusion

That’s all about the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife where we found it as higher in quality as affordable in price. Indeed, the knife has reasonably priced that doesn’t mean it has compromised with its performance and durability.

Apart from being long-lasting, the knife has also nicely designed to give you the optimal outcome. So, while having a tight budget and need a great chef’s knife, you can get it for the best return of your investment.

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