Mercer Knives Review – Most Used Knife Briefing

When it comes to choosing a knife set, you will get huge confusions because of having so many options worldwide. There is a plethora of brands and quality in knives, indeed. Some will attract you by its outlook; some others are admirable for their affordability.

A right customer would want both of these in one set. However, there are many quality brands like Cangshan and Wusthof Knives that will not be able to meet your expectation as well as Mercer can.

Although it’s easy to be fooled by big brand names, what else can be better than that brand that will provide both the quality and affordability? Its quality, durability, and luxurious materials will come at an affordable price that your wallet won’t hurt.

Is it worth your money, or is it the quality you want for yourself? Find the answers through this best Mercer Knives review.

Brand History Of Mercer Knife

It is one of those ruling cutlery brands that have been winning the hearts since the ’70s. Especially the professional chefs find it a unique culinary product. Although they have plenty of options, the uniqueness of this brand, durability, and attractive design always take their heart away.

No matter what you need the knife set for, be it a present for new food enthusiasts, for own usage, and for restaurants, this will keep mesmerizing you with its performance. Moreover, 90% of culinary schools of North America use this knife sets for their professional purposes.

Now both commercial and residential markets sell their products due to such a massive response from the clients. Customers mostly like it because of its quality that comes in their budget, let’s check out some of its ruling models.

Quick Comparison

Top 7 Best Mercer Knives Review in 2020

Because of its quality that comes in their budget, customers mostly like it. Now, let’s check out top 7 of its ruling models.


Mercer Forged Knife for Chefs, 10 Inch

It has a great blade profile that can attract any of the professionals with closed eyes. Also, it comes with a very comfortable handle, along with a very soft texture. The handle is mostly famous for its traditional outlook.

It is one of the highest choices of professional chefs because of its comfort level. Moreover, the steel is very high in quality and completely stainless. Professionals find it more attractive because it brings a warranty for a whole lifetime. Isn’t it great?

Speaking of the quality, as we said before, the steel is stainless and made with high carbon. Also, It is rust-resistant and therefore lasts for a longer time.

Also, the triple-riveted handles give you superior comfort and well-balanced experience. It will hold its quality at every kind of temperature of your kitchen.


  • Made of German steel
  • Best handles
  • Well-balanced
  • Certified by NSF


  • Irregular sharpness


Mercer Culinary Chef’s Knife M22608 Millennia Which Is 8-Inch and Black

The best introduction of the chef equipment is Mercer Culinary chef’s knife M22608 Millennia, which is 8-Inch and black as well. Also, this is not much expensive.

You may get the knife set including the carving knife, bread knife, sharpening steel, eight-inch chef, boning, santoku knife, and a paring knife. However, the manufacturer uses the best types of carbon steel, and they collect it from Japan.

Then the manufacturer manufactured the knife set in Taiwan. Plus the handle is lightweight and made out of the Santoprene that is NSF certified and easily sanitized. This knife set will be a bit lighter and uncomfortable for the experienced chef to use it for a long-term.

On the other hand, for teaching the students how to take care of the knife, this knife set will be great. Also, this knife set has safe transportation and storage option. Moreover, the knife’s performance will decrease if you don’t take care of it properly.

So never wash the knife in the dishwasher. The reason is the harsh detergents, and intense heat can deteriorate the handle. For the safe wash of the knife, use warm water and soap.

Then dry it by rubbing with the soft towel. Never soak it for a long time and don’t use the chlorine bleach. Also, if you do this, it can discolor and pit the blade. To avoid any injury, preserve it in cutlery block.


  • NSF certified
  • The best type of carbon steel knife set
  • Lightweight
  • Low price


  • Manufacture in Taiwan


Mercer Culinary 7 Inch Genesis Artificial Straight Fork

Though, the fork’s performance will decrease if you don’t take care of it properly. For this, never wash the fork set in the dishwasher. The reason is the harsh detergents, and intense heat can deteriorate the handle.

So use warm water and soap for cleaning them safely. Then dry it by rubbing with the soft towel. Also, never soak it for a long time and don’t use the chlorine bleach.

The reason is, the fork can get poorly damaged. Plus, store them in the cutlery block. For the Santoprene handle safe grip and comfort, NSF certified. The manufacturer arranges the best carbon artificial steel from Germany.

Also, it protects stain and corrosion. For the balance of handles, they use that is a full tang. Added stability, long-term sharpness, and easy holding come from the taper-ground while chopping and cutting.


  • NSF certified
  • Safe grip
  • Carbon artificial steel
  • Santoprene handle


  • Wash hand only


Mercer Culinary 7 Inch Genesis Artificial Santoku Knife

Furthermore, you will need a little knife for cutting or chopping vegetables, fruits, and decorations. For this, the Genesis knife will be the best option. The small artificial steel blade will be very sharp for helping the chef to make a stunning design.

Also, the non-slippery handle will not move when you focus on chopping. The price of the knife set is affordable, and it will be a better collection for your kitchen. But for a small blade, you may feel difficulties while making the edge perfect.

Lastly, make sure that you hold the knife’s handle with a washed hand. So the color of the handle will remain the same. Most of the cooking academy provides Mercer Cutlery Genesis knife set.

The reason is they want to ensure that they are providing the best quality professional chef’s knife set. Efficient, durable, and comfortable Genesis knife set is made from the best-carbon German steel.

The edges of the knives are well polished by the hand. Also, its substantial bolster provides helpful balance. Moreover, for the handle of the knife, the user feels more comfortable and safe while cutting anything.


  • Better price for starting a collection
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Extremely sharp
  • The versatile shape helps to make stunning garnishes


  • Only wash hand


Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Stiff Boning Knife, 6 Inch

Now we will present another chef’s knife that is familiar as the expert kitchen knife. First of all, this Mercer kitchen knife has made with the German high-quality carbon steel. A piece of single steel runs to the whole knife, including its handle.

That supports the chef to maintain the balance of their knife while cutting. However, the long-lasting handle is certified by the NSF and created outside of Delrin. Specifically, it makes for the commercial kitchen knife.

But when you use this quality knife, you have to put more effort into maintaining the blade. Most importantly, you have to follow several restrictions to use this knife. First, never put your knife in the dishwasher. Also, you have to skip bleach to clean the knife.

Second, never use a steel pad to clean the knives. It may cause discoloration of your knives. Besides, one needs to make sure that the knife is completely dry before you keep it away.

If you follow all these tips, then your knife will be durable for a long time. Therefore, one can go for the Mercer Culinary knife to get the long-lasting knife at a reasonable price.


  • Excellent balance
  • NSF certified
  • High-quality knife
  • Single steel construction


  • The price is slightly more than the usual kitchen knife set


Mercer Culinary Partners in Education 23-Piece Millennia Culinary School Kit

Already you may know that the Mercer Culinary knife is best for the fast, easy, and comfortable chopping. So, if you are very serious about cooking and preparing the food, then this would be your best choice.

The features of these brands are exceptional in quality, materials, and design. And these are the main things that support the expert and enthusiast chefs to do their job exactly. Moreover, this company highly considers the trade of culinary that makes sure the professional and quality cutlery.

Now we will discuss the materials and features of this knife. First, we want to tell you that this knife has also certified by the NSF. Moreover, it makes the high-quality steel of Japanese.

Besides, the Millennia knife provides an ergonomic handle that will help you to maintain the knife. The exciting part of this kitchen tool is it is one stain-resistant knife.

Finally, if you go for this knife, then you will get a fast cutting tool at a very affordable price. So, do not think much about the knives; go for it and enjoy your cutting.


  • Stain-resistant
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High-quality steel
  • Exceptional design


  • The material may change


Mercer Culinary Genesis 10-Piece Forged Knife Set with Case

Now we will present another set of knives that is the best invention of the Culinary knives of Mercer. The most fantastic thing about this set is you will get every essential knife that you must need in the kitchen.

The material of this knife is German high-quality carbon steel. Indeed, it makes sure the long-lasting and robust construction. Moreover, you will get one storage case that will help to keep all the knives in the same place.

As a result, one will able to find the knife whenever you need them quickly. Moreover, this set is best for the regular use, and the expert chef and this knife provide the sharp blade. That is why it cuts the thing entirely.

Also, it takes less time to chop the thing. Most importantly, the durable handle helps to keep the balance of the knife while cutting. Moreover, one can customize the collection of this knife. For example, you can remove or add extra more knives according to your need.

Finally, we want to tell you that always select the Mercer Culinary brand to get the best cooking tools for your modern kitchen. This brand will serve you the best product in a comfortable budget.


  • Precision-forged and sharp blade
  • Nylon storage case
  • German steel
  • Budget-friendly


  • Blades need proper take care

Buying Guide For the Mercer Knives

Form the above information, you already knows about Mercer Knives. But you should know several buying guides to buy the right knives for you. Here we will present some best tips that you must follow while purchasing the Mercer kitchen knives.

We cannot but say that we try to collect the information from the expert and their experience. So you can believe in us to follow all these tips. Let’s have a look at the below to know about the buying guide of knives.


The first thing you must check before buying a knife and that is its materials. Usually, the best knife makes with the great material. The material should be long-lasting, stain-free, and flexible. It precisely the Mercer will offer you.

Mostly, the mercer knives create with the German and Japanese steel. These steels are flexible to prevent braking. Also, they are strong to survive falls as well as soft to prevent chipping.

Finally, Mercer will provide the best quality knife that is far better than other knives. Also, you will get all the Mercer knife at a low price that will be a unique part of the buyer.


Another important thing is the comfortability of the knives. The Mercer knives provide the best comfortable knives for you. Most importantly, they provide a comfortable handle that makes the cutting easy and fast. Also, the comfortable grip helps to maintain the balance as well while cutting.


The bestselling point of the Mercer knife is its budget-friendly price. First, Mercer provides you the best quality kitchen tools with the latest features. Also, they do not compromise with the materials and design.

Secondly, you will get all the fantastic knives at a very reasonable price. So, if you want to get the best knives in a low budget, Mercer can help you by providing the best quality knives.

Bottom Line

Mercer Culinary always try to provide the best quality knives to their customers. Indeed, they do a great job by providing the best manufacturing process and materials.

Lastly, we will suggest you select the Mercer knives for your kitchen. We can assure you that you will never be disappointed after using mercer products. So, be with the Mercer! Get long-lasting knives and save your money.

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