10 Best Bread Knife { Update Reviews in 2021 }

All kitchens require a razor-sharp, durable, and the best bread knife to slice bread. You may need to slice crispy bread or a fresh baguette to look good with cream cheese. Also, it could be a salmon for a delicious snack or ready garlic bread.

In these cases, the most excellent bread knife is the right cutting device for these tasks. The perfect bread knives are extremely helpful when you want to slice of bread. It’s very satisfying while getting sliced loaf.

But, if you go with the wrong type of bread knife, it can be like a disaster. That’s why you need a reliable knife to perform the slicing job with ease.

We have prepared a list of bread knife with guide and some frequently asked questions where there are some of the great knives to make things simpler for you. Just take a look and choose your one!

Top 10 Best Bread Knife reviews

1. Wusthof CLASSIC 10-Inch Stainless Steel Bread Knife

You’ll get the Wüsthof Classic as a hot knife throughout butter; that’s a simple description of this product. Despite this is a bit expensive bread knife, it has a brilliant construction and excellent blade strength with razor-like sharpness.

Therefore, it’s a must-have kitchen knife for all home cooks. Wüsthof is a German-based knife manufacturing company that’s offering high-quality knives for more than two hundred years. In this succession, the CLASSIC 10-Inch is an ideal bread knife uses for domestic and professional chefs.

The knife is perfectly capable of handling tough crusts because of its extremely sturdy serrated and forged edge blade. Indeed, the edge is twenty percent sharper than ordinary knives that make its blade extra durable.

It delivers you as clean as smooth cutting performance during hard crusts due to its 35 teeth and curved edge. As a result, the knife glides with ease through bread to minimize ripping and leaving any scrap residue behind.

Its full-tang blade with triple-riveted is equipped with a polyoxymethylene handle that has a stiffer molecular structure. That’s why the knife prevents discoloration and fading to give you the optimal balance and strength.

Thanks to the hand with finger guard and full bolster, they help you keep the hand safe when you’re doing more tough bread cutting tasks. Also, the knife is dishwasher safe, but it should dry immediately after washing to maintain its better performance.


  • Excellent German craftsmanship
  • Superb bread knife
  • Great for cutting thicker crusts
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Expensive

2. Mac Knife’s 10-1/2-Inch Superior Bread Knife

No matter this Superior Bread Knife of Mac brand is a bit pricey, but it has crafted elegantly and worth investing in some extra bucks. Because of being an amazingly sharp knife, it’s excellent cutting stuff for your kitchen when you need to slice bread.

With 2mm serrated and 10.5inch tapered, this knife is crafted in Japan. Also, it has exclusively hardened with a full tang blade and made from sturdy high carbon steel that resists rust. As a result, the sharpness of the blade allows you to work with it for a long time.

Thus, it delivers the expected level of cutting performance. Apart from cutting through thicker and crusty bread, the knife is all set to cut poultry, roast, and fruit. Moreover, it offers you a smooth and clean cut of the bread without shredding it.

The extra blade’s length enables you to cut some of the thinnest slices when you want to cut long bread effortlessly. It’s just 5.6-ounce of weigh, meaning it has the right balance of weight. The knife’s high handle and offset blade design offer you extra safety with lots of knuckle clearance.

Likewise, you can handle its blade if you desire to use additional pressure when you need to perform more difficult cutting tasks. Coming with nice looking black colored pakkawood handle, the knife provides you a pleasant, ergonomic grip.

Also, because of wood made handle, it resists stain or discoloration even after a long time of use.


  • High-quality knife
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Hard-edged full tang blade
  • Well balanced


  • Not safe for dishwasher

3. Tojiro F-687 Bread Slicer 270mm

Tojiro F-687 is a Japanese made bread slicing knife that provides the optimum cutting strength. That’s because the knife not just comes with durable and robust sharpness; its craftsmanship also a very higher level.

So, this is an ideal bread cutting knife to use on all types of cutting tasks, from slicing the bread to chop onions, fruits, and even meats. It means that the knife is ready to make all sorts of cutting jobs easier regardless of you want to cut a sizeable crusty bread, poultry, or thick steak.

It’s a 270mm (equivalent to 10.5-inch) knife made with sturdy, forged stainless steel. The knife is very famous for incredible durability along with stain and corrosion resistance. With specially grounded serrated blade, the knife has 33 incredibly sharp teeth.

Also, it’s guaranteed to remain sharper for a long time and will just need occasional sharpening. Like some other lightweight models, it’s just 5.1-ounce and easy to use. Moreover, it enables you to monitor the cutting action that delivers you a clean and precise cut through thick crusty bread.

When you look at the handle of the knife, you’ll find it comfortable ergonomically gripping system with pakkawood. Due to this material, the knife resists stains, water, and fading. As the blade is safely attached with its handle with 3-rivets, you’ll get a reliable and sturdy knife.

For its overall performance and lifetime warranty, the knife is highly recommended for buying.


  • Great return of investment
  • Premium craftsmanship
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Versatile & well balanced


  • Blade gets bent while cutting long bread

4. Shun Classic 9-Inch Bread Knife with Serrated Edge

It’s a Classic 9-inch bread knife from the famous production house of Shun. The knife has a razor-sharp blade that’s made of durable VG-MAX stainless steel. That’s a proprietary method for edge maintenance, strength, and rust resistance.

The knife comes from the Japanese manufacturer with a pakkawood handle, which is excellent to deliver water-resistant and comfort grip. With a stylish Damascus look, the knife is dishwasher safe, but it’s better to wash by hand. Also, it has a lifetime limited warranty that keeps you free of getting stress to buy another bread knife very soon.

So, this is a high-quality bread knife that offers its price consequently. As the blade has handcrafted by skilled professionals, the knife symbolizes the optimal performance. With cutting-edge technology, it joins ancient traditions. Because of the bead blast of the blade, it reveals the layered steel and supports the cutting core of super steel.

Therefore, you’ll get the look of a wavy texture from the knife. Besides, the classic and sleek finish of the knife that functions as an art piece of a superb item for your kitchen. All these features are as handy as to make your bread slicing tasks comfortable and relaxed.

Thus, the knife simply deals with the whole thing from crusty bread to large baguettes. Above all, the manufacturer has used the latest technological process to offer the maximum outcome for its users.

So, the knife is worth investing in other than many other models.


  • Long, curved & serrated blade
  • VG-MAX durable steel
  • Japanese made
  • Pakkawood handle


  • Expensive

5. Dexter Russell 12-Inch SG140-12SC-PCP SofGrip Scalloped Roast Slicer

Using this knife off the Dexter Russell Cutlery means you’re all set to start slicing lots of things along with bread. Its soft rubber made handle offers you a slip-proof grip that reduces strain to its wrist. The knife is designed for better comfort with high-carbon stainless steel scalloped edge.

Its blade allows you to slice right through all types of bread, roasts, and poultry. Indeed, the better shape of the blade ensures easy slicing, and the unique, ergonomic edge with hand-honed sharpness lasts for years to the entire life of its user.

It’s an incredibly flexible knife that’s effortless to use for preparing different types of food. That means you can peel vegetables, chop fruits, slice cheese, unveil shrimp, and many things. Also, it’s easy to handle because of its lightweight and great length.

Despite light in weight, it’s sharp enough to accomplish plenty of slicing tasks in no-time. Thanks to its thicker handle, it prevents your hand from cramping while slicing the whole brisket. Its long length of the blade is well enough to cover the whole bread.

Besides, the blade is very sharp that can cut solid cold cooked brisket. For example, you can now cut slices for a microwave for lunch without much effort and precision. The knife is fantastic, and scallops keep it away from the brisket bark you find tough to slice perfectly.

Overall, it’s a great knife with incredible performance that’s worth buying for the best results.


  • Great blade shape
  • Exclusive edge geometry
  • Easy to restore sharpness
  • Hand-sharpened ultimate edge


  • Durability issue

6. Global 8.75-Inch Bread Knife

The next one is a type of knife for bread that all chefs dream of having it. It’s an 8.75-inch long knife from the renowned brand of Global and made of stainless steel. Also, the handle made of stainless steel with a molded design for the highest comfort.

The knife is safe to use because of its dimpled structure. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy a lifetime warranty with the advantages of cut through different types of bread. Apart from cutting bread, the knife is also good to peel off fruit and vegetables.

So, you’re going to be a master of cutting French bread faster with this knife effortlessly. That’s because this Global knife is sharp, and it takes a lower strength to cut bread with ease. Indeed, the edge of this knife is its signature, which is the essential feature of all knives.

The knife comes with a straight edge that results in a considerably sharper knife that stays sharper for a long time as well. Since its edge is substantial, you can see it with your naked eyes, which is a quarter inch extended from its tip.

With rigid and sturdy built, the knife’s serrated edge makes it simple to cut bread crusts. Because it’s the way of balance to work, and the edge of the knife is unique. Thanks to the hollow handle, it keeps the right balance as it’s filled with the necessary amount of sand.

Besides, the knife has made from the premium stainless steel that’s used to manufacture professional-grade kitchen knives.


  • Perfect for cutting hard crusts
  • Sand-filled handle for better balance
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Considerably sharper


  • Some user complaints that the handle is smaller in size

7. Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature 8-Inch Bread Knife

It’s a German-made knife with precision stamped that has created from a single premium piece of steel. As a result, the knife is lighter in weight without compromising on its sharpness. The knife has come from a proprietary formulation of stainless steel that’s hand-finished by the skilled artisans.

It has an ice-hardened blade that starts sharper and stays sharper for a long time. Also, it’s corrosion and chip resistant because of high-quality steel and manufacturing expertise. That’s why it boasts remarkable sharpness and strength that helps you to use precision prep tasks for the entire life.

Its laser-controlled sharp edge ensures the perfect cutting angle to get done your tasks right away. Using this TWIN Signature means you can clean up your kitchen tasks with ease and fast. The knife is dishwasher safe, but it’s always suggested to hand-wash to retain the optimum cutting edge of the knife for a long time.

The logo of Zwilling with 3-rivet handle is the sign of excellence in this industry with style and durable. With the full tang, the knife is as comfortable as perfect for a polymer-based grip. Because of its ergonomic design, the knife ensures stress-free cutting whenever you want.

As a result, this knife is best for daily use. On the whole, the knife is an excellent piece of a workhorse with an unbelievable presentation that’s worth buying for the optimum outcome. So, the knife is highly recommended for buying for its overall performance.


  • Beautiful blade
  • Perfect for sandwiches
  • Made in Germany
  • Ergonomically designed handle


  • Heavy and expensive

8. Victorinox Swiss 8.5-Inch Modern Bread Knife

Knives are made in Switzerland have an extra level of popularity. In this succession, this Modern Bread Knife of the Victorinox brand is an excellent serrated edged knife to make your bread cutting task simpler.

The knife has designed to deliver you the optimal knuckle clearance and easy slicing along with a unique rocking motion. It’s a 10-inch long knife that comes with a lifetime warranty to cover artistry and material defects.

The knife has made from durable and lightweight European steel and suitable for home and commercial uses. It’s because the knife is certified by NSF and equipped with a handle of black Fibrox to offer the maximum outcome.

Another great thing about the knife is that it’s dishwasher safe. But, the manufacturer just recommends washing it by hand. The knife offers you something more than its name indicates because it’s all set to cut virtually everything from hard bread to delicate fruits.

Apart from cutting bread and fruits, you can use this knife to peel off vegetables and fruits. As the knife has made with geometrically shaped, it’s sustainable enough with a lightweight handle.

Thanks to the serrated edge of the knife, it’s an excellent feature for you to slice anything, including sandwiches, crispy bread, melons, and fruits. When you are slicing them, you don’t need to squash their tender interiors.

Due to its high carbon blade that’s also made of stainless steel has grounded to make an excellent angle. That’s how it has a razor-sharp edge, and it stays unchanged for a long time.


  • Curved & serrated blade
  • Fibrox handle
  • European steel
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The blade may drag while cutting soft bread

9. KYOKU Daimyo Series 8-Inch Serrated Bread Knife

KYOKU brings you an outstanding knife for the users that’s suitable to cut bread, cake, and some other things. It’s one of the nice pieces of knives with an 8-inch long blade. The rubber-made handle of the knife is very exceptional for this type of knife that gives you a pleasant feel.

Because of this, the knife is excellent to grip that cannot glide like the plastic made handle models. The knife has designed straight, which means its handle and blade are in the same line. Despite this, it has a bit of a blessing for the knuckles.

Apart from being a straight blade, the serrations of the knife are curvy with medium length. So, this is a quite sharp knife that has no issue with cutting through the thicker crust. That’s why the knife is convenient when you need to slice bread.

As the item is safe for washing through the dishwasher, you’re free of getting stress to clean it by your hand. Unlike some other models, you should not be afraid of losing its sharpness or the probability of cutting your while cleaning through the dishwasher. But, you have to hone it occasionally to keep its sharpness on the optimum stage.

Since the manufacturer uses the traditional Honbazuke method to make the knife, it’s cryogenically delighted for absurd hardness and flexibility with the strength of corrosion resistance. Due to VG-10 steel, the knife is as harder as sharper than many western used knife materials.


  • Non-gliding rubber handle
  • Extremely sharp & efficient
  • Affordable price
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Requires regular honing

10. Wusthof Classic 8-Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Bread Knife

Wusthof is another famous knife manufacturer, and this model is an excellent collection in their production line. It’s an 8-inch long blade. It is perfect for cutting regular size bread, which is coming from durable German stainless steel.

As a result, the quality and long-lasting performance of the knife is guaranteed. The full tang knife has made from a single steel piece that’s a special high-carbon and stainless. It comes with the feature of a uniquely designed handle made of tremendously sturdy synthetic Polyoxymethylene material.

The material has a stiffer molecular structure that resists discoloration and fading. You need just minimal and straightforward crumbs to make the slices of your bread and baguettes.

Thanks to its serrations with the edge, this is a great feature that guides its blade to cut through hard coating without squeezing the inside softness of the bread. Without any joint, the handle of the knife has featured with long-lasting rivets that have made it as comfortable as robust.

Aside from providing an optimum balance and safety, the full bolster of the knife protects your hand from possible injuries. Along with the long life of the serving blade, the edge retention is extended enough to use it for years.

Because the blade has sharpened precisely by robots on a whetstone, it has a higher cutting performance. The straight sharpness with blade and handle in the same line will remind you of the old school’s classics from the 80s.


  • First-class steel material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use


  • Becomes dull quickly

Buying Guide For The Best Bread Knife

You got some of the best bread knives above with some good reasons to buy them right away. Here we introduce some factors that you need to pay to keep attention before you buy a bread knife.

That means we’re going to know more and a bit deeper features and components of the perfect knives. It’ll help you to find out the expected piece of the most excellent bread knife you’re seeking.

Blade’s Length

Usually, the length of the bread knives is ranging from 7-inch to 10-inch. The ideal size of the knife may vary, and it depends on the size of the bread you want to cut. But, in any case, having a bit longer knife is better to use it for different functions.

For example, while having a long knife, you can use it to cut big bread, melons, and other more substantial foods. In this case, you can choose any one of the review lists because they all have a reasonable length.

Knife’s Shape

A large number of bread knives come with the straight handle where the handle and the blade remain at the same line. It can be curved or straight, but sometimes the handle is offset. As a result, it has positioned a bit on top of the blade.

This design has made due to protect you from getting hit the knuckles on the table or board while you slice bread. In any case, we recommend the model of knives have in line for some good reasons.

For example, it works better than the models of offset. But, we didn’t mean that the offset type of knives is terrible to use. It’s a matter of your preference and comfort.

Knife’s Edge

You already have learned that most types of knives have a serrated edge. That means they have teeth, and they may be different in various shapes. Some of them are normal with point-edged teeth, while some others are curved, serrated edges.

But, both of the types work well depending on their quality. So, the knife’s condition is something more than just different brands. And the shapes are not a big issue when it comes to quality.

Besides, some people find bread knives with narrow teeth better performing. But, many others prefer more extensive teeth models.


It’s crucial to know that it’s a bit tricky to maintain bread knives than other types. When the blade of the knife gets dull, and it happens eventually, it needs to sharpen its every tooth using a honing piece of steel. But, it has no assurance that it’ll be sharp as it was when you bought it brand new.

In this issue, many users buy the new one when they find the knife is not working smoothly while slicing bread. The simple way to avoid honing the knife frequently is to buy the top-rated product. It’s because cheap knives are lower in quality and get dull soon.

But, if you buy the premium models, you may need to hone it once in a year or not. Most of our reviewed knives have a lifetime or limited lifetime warranty. So, buying anyone from the above-said list will keep you free of stress honing or purchase a new one very soon.

FAQs & Answers About The Best Bread Knife

Can I Use A Bread Knife For Some Other Purposes Like Slicing Turkey And Brisket?

Yes, it’s a great feature of the bread knife best to use for multiple purposes. When you have a high-quality and sharp knife, you’re all set to cut roasts or larger sides of Turkey and brisket. But, you should avoid cutting any frozen items because it can dull its serrated edge faster.

Can I Sharpen My Bread Knife?

Yes, sharpening your bread knife is easy, and you should not be an expert if you use a better knife sharpener.

What Does The Term “Full Tang” Mean?

The term full tang means that the knife has made from the same piece of steel. It includes the tang and blade of the knife. That’s why the knife becomes very strong as it has not welded from separate pieces of steel parts.

How Frequently Should I Sharpen My Knives?

Knives made from stainless steel require sharpening after every 2 to 4 uses to keep them in a better stage of sharpness. But, knives made from carbon steel needs to sharpening after every use. You’ll have to sharpen the knives merely once every 1-2 years if you get them honed.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking the best bread knife in case of cutting bread and some other treats, you can grab one of the reviewed knives from the above-said list.

But, if you’re very selective, try each of the listings to find your preferred one. Depending on the budget, you can buy your suitable one as the list comes with different types of knives from affordable ones to expensive models.

Hopefully, this bread knife reviews will help you to find the expected model of a bread knife.

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