10 Best Sushi Knife { Update Reviews In 2021 }

It matters very little you’re a professional or a new sushi chef in the culinary industry. The best sushi knife is one of the essential tools that you must have in your kitchen.

The knife is a traditional item with a long, sharp, and thin blade, which is just right for slicing raw fishes. Everybody likes to get the type of sushi knife that has made of premium materials and feels comfortable in hand.

However, it could be a tricky task to choose the perfect sushi knife due to loads of availability in the market. Also, high-quality sushi knives are a bit expensive than the ordinary ones. That’s why we have done broad research to offer you some different types of sushi knives.

Well, let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Sushi Knife Reviews

1. Yoshihiro Shiroko 10.5-Inch Sushi Sashimi Chef Knife

While looking for the limited edition and high-quality knife, this one is our first choice and goes into the top-rated group. The blade of the knife has made of Japanese white steel that’s High-Carbon with the Rockwell hardness scores of 62 to 63.

Designed for just right-handed chefs, this 10.5-inch long blade comes with a single bevel. With hundred percent Japanese handcrafted, the knife’s blade has an entirely flat type of ground shape on its front side. The backside of the knife is concaved ground shape wit flat rim.

Also, this knife has made with the traditional Japanese handle that’s D-shaped. Moreover, the knife ensures a well-balanced and lightweight structure because of its beautiful and straightforward Shitan bolster.

Besides, this excellent sushi knife is packed with rust eraser, Tsubaki Oil for the knife, and a protecting cover made from Magnolia wood. So, you’ll get comfortable performance if you clean the knife with just hand wash and air drying.

It’ll provide you the maximum lifespan of the sharpness, and you don’t need to hone it for a long time. When you need to sharpen the knife, you can do it on the most types of premium water stones.

The knife will be unquestionably helpful for you with the way you like to cook sushi if you’re a new-comer into the culinary industry. It doesn’t mean the professional chefs can’t use this knife. Overall, the knife is just perfect for all types of chefs with optimal performance and workability.


  • • Best gripped handle
  • The longer, thinner blade
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Crafted by culinary experts


  • Not made of stainless steel

2. DALSTRONG Yanagiba 10.5-Inch Shogun Series S Sushi Knife

You must-have a sushi knife as your reliable ally when you need to prepare the best sushi. So, if you’re in search of the suitably sharp knife, it’s nothing wrong to choose this product of DALSTRONG.

The knife is your best choice after measuring its pros and cons. Like the previous knife, it has a 10.5-inch long, single bevel blade with the authentic Japanese crafted knife. As a result, it’s a slicing master for sushi and sashimi because of its three most essential grinds.

Thanks to its Shinogi surface, the knife runs with the flat blade surface to the edge. It allows you for a razor-like narrow blade edge, and thus this is an extremely sharp knife.

The ultra-sharp edge of the knife is just right for slicing as thinly as quickly that serve to get the perfect cuts of fish and vegetables. As the Urasuki of the knife is the mild concave blade’s backside surface, it makes a small air pocket when you slice.

Therefore, it ensures simple drag with a flat surface and sailing throughout fibers of different soft tissue types without pulling or tearing using negligible effort. The knife is hard and flexible enough due to accurate cryogenic tempering along with liquid nitrogen.

That’s why it increases the crystalline structure of steel. The “Metal-Storm” design on its blade reduced drag and jammed on foodstuff while maximizing its slicing capability as it’s hot-forged and gorgeously laminated. All these features and excellent performance are competent to recommend this sushi knife.


  • Best for push-cut
  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Excellent design
  • Safest finger protection


  • Issue of clipping for the knife’s thickness

3. SETO Japanese 8.5-Inch Chef Knife With Damascus Forged Steel

Probably you have used dozens of good knives to find the best one for their performance. But, when you’ll try this knife, it’s a beautiful knife, and it’s genuinely what you’re seeking to help you with cooking. It’s an 8.5-inch long knife with excellent fit of its blade along with a sleek finish.

The knife is exceedingly sharp with plastic made durable ferrule and handles that are sturdy enough to run for a long time. Also, the knife is affordable in price than other models of these features. That means this nice-looking little knife is set to do the job if you’re searching for the combination of performance and value.

You can use the knife for everyday use for cutting tasks like garlic slicing, boneless protein trimming, fine chopping of small vegetables, and more. The knife is the right choice for professional chefs that are seeking Deba hocho or Tanagiba.

It requires less maintenance than regular hocho knives are made of high carbon. Coming with Damascus33-layer with stainless steel of forged VG-10, the D-shaped handle of the knife has made from red sandalwood with plywood bolster class forged steel blades.

As a result, the knife is not just sharp enough to accomplish your various cutting tasks; it’s also very comfortable and beautiful. These features and advantages have made this knife the first choice for lots of professional cooks and chefs in Japan and across the world.


  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not dishwasher safe

4. Yoshihiro Hongasumi VGYA300SH 11.8-Inch Sushi Sashimi Knife

This is a handcrafted knife has made by professional and master artisans to ensure the highest quality. A knife is an essential tool of your kitchen because of its performance and craftsmanship.

Thanks to its stainless steel material and edge retention with sharpness, the knife is highly user-friendly and durable.  It offers Hongasumi grade, and the VG-10 hard steel delivers you an advanced sharpness.

Because of its better edge retention, its soft, surroundings steel runs for a long time without any trouble. Using traditional techniques, the knife has made by hand in Japan. So, this knife comes with a fully flat grind on its front side while the backside has a leveled rim and concaved grind.

The arrangement of these two things allows you to cut food without damaging the food’s cells and surfaces. That’s why you’ll not destroy the taste and texture of the food you’re going to cook. Coming with the traditional Japanese Octagonal handle, the knife is ergonomically welded and light in weight.

As a result, it’s just ideal for flawless use without compromising with the cutting quality. The knife has packed with a protective sheath made by wood that keeps the knife safe inside when you’re not using it.

Since the blade of the knife resists stain, it prevents the formation of rust while coming in a touch of water. On account of these features and performance, the knife is one of the bestsellers across the world. Also, we highly recommend the knife because of its combining presentation, extraordinary value, and beauty.


  • Durable & easy to maintenance
  • Simply elegant design
  • Handcrafted Japanese knife
  • Odor & stain resistance


  • Just suitable for the wet stone experts

5. Shun Dual Core Yanagiba 10.5-inch Stainless Steel Sushi Knife

Firstly, Shun is one of the leading cutlery brands in the world motivated by the ancient Japanese blade crafting traditions. The attractive design of the knife with an excellent comfortable handle will make you surprised.

That’s because this item comes from the preeminent cutlery brand, among many others on the market. As Shun uses VG10 type of material with stainless steel, the knife is stain resistant, lighter, and more durable.

Its pakkawood made wooden handle is exclusively shaped for crucial stability and comfort. When you need to clean this knife, it’s effortless, and you can do it by your hand and dry right away.

The knife comes with a conventional design that’s very simple to sharp as well as maintain because of the following of traditional Japanese techniques. Also, the knife is affordable in price in comparison with some other ordinary models. But, it never compromises with its quality and performance.

It has 71 irregular layers of steels that have made it a Damascus-style full-forged knife. These steels create smaller serrations on their edge, intending to remain sharper for a long time as they wear at different rates.

For the professional chef or a collector, this high-end knife is at all odds. With unmatched beauty and quality, this handmade knife comes from the most elegant touches of highly experienced shun professionals, needing no less than a hundred steps to get completed.

Indeed, the knife is the blend of the latest technology with traditional handcrafting techniques and premium materials. That’s why every knife of this manufacturer is exceptionally functional as a masterpiece.


  • Excellent slicing knife
  • Beautifully designed
  • Well balanced handle
  • Durable material


  • Very expensive

6. Global G-47 Two-Sided 10-Inch Stainless Steel Sushi Knife

The G-47 of Global brand is an incredible sushi knife for the beginner. The knife has made of stainless steel that resists stain instead of high-carbon steel. Of course, you sacrifice some rigidity in that swap; however, don’t worry about its rust.

The knife comes with a dual-sided blade; that’s what many professional and beginner cooks are familiar with. As the knife doesn’t have any issue of right or left-hand use, it delivers more natural sharpening.

The knife can cut sushi plus sashimi with ease because of its fantastic balance and lightweight design. Indeed, this knife has equipped with thinner, and a frivolous blade gives you more liveliness with less exhaustion.

You get it with an essential weighed down hollow handle that ensures the right balance of the knife. Due to its no bolster model, it allows you to use for the full edge with the entire blade sharpening.

Most importantly, the knife has entirely made of stainless steel that prevents slipping of its handle to keep you away from possible injury. Also, this Global knife has made with the latest technology from its handle to tip that creates a sensation.

Thus, it’s stuffed onto the culinary stage of the world as a substitute for European cutlery. With a larger taper than a shorter angle, the knife’s blades have made of face-ground and sturdy stainless steel.

That’s because the edge of the knife remains sharper for a long time than high-carbon made stainless-steel knives. This is why we recommend this 10-inch high-performing, durable, and more pointed knife for the beginners.


  • No issue for left/right-hand use
  • Stunning hammered blade
  • Full tang
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not included sheath

7. Cangshan J Series 62793 12-Inch VG-10 Steel Sushi Knife

The knife of the J-Series comes with the authentic testament of style by the touch of professional hand craftsmanship. It has a unique designed handle made from ultra-dense, rich African blackwood, which is why it faultlessly accommodates a firm pinch or natural grip.

Because of its attractive American walnut wood made Saya style casing, the knife protects itself when you don’t use it. The knife allows you to heavy use in the kitchen with trouble-free cleanup because of seamless made and reliable performance.

This 10-inch long, full tang knife has designed with 2.5mm thicker and 16-degree angled razor-sharp blade. It’s comparatively a long knife than many other models that have made from premium VG-10 steel. With 67-layer premium softer steel, the knife’s single side is patterned Damascus tradition.

Most significantly, the core steel of the knife goes through a 6-step heat treatment method makes it simple enough to hone with a whetstone with no difficulty. The edge retention of the knife is very high, unlike German steel knives or other similar steels.

Its Damascus-style blade has designed with creative graffiti-engraved for a traditional statement. Also, the knife is very user-friendly for both right and left-handed chefs because of its dual-blade bevel.

The handle of the knife is a military-grade material that provides a large gripping system regardless of wet or messy surroundings while cutting or filleting. Overall, its ergonomic design with a textured surface is comfortable to use and control the blade when you use it.


  • Exceptional pending design
  • Japanese handcrafted
  • Stylish, authentic testament
  • Full tang knife


  • Not enough sturdy

8. Tojiro DP Series10.5-Inch Sujihiki Slicer Sushi Knife

No matter you’re a novice kitchen enthusiast or professional chef, the DP Series of Tojiro brand is a leading and useful kitchen tool. It helps you to prepare different types of delicious food. With full tang and fixed blade, the knife has made of carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness score of 56.

So, if you’re looking for a durable and resilient knife with an extremely sharp edge, this knife of the DP Series is ideal for you. The sharpness of the knife will run for life without reducing its performance. It’s a multipurpose using knife that allows you to get a precise slice, cutting, carving, and chopping various foods.

Also, it offers you a faster pace to cut things, and you can get done your cutting tasks right away. That’s why you get a simple and effective option to cut fishes, meats, fruits, vegetables, and chop anything from onions to herbs.

The handle of the knife is ergonomic designed and much comfortable to slipping across to give you the maximum effort to get your job done immediately. You get some additional and precise balance for perfect control while adding a bit weight to its handle.

If you’re a chef, then you know that most models of kitchen knives become dull faster while using regularly. But, you’ll not experience this issue if you use this knife off the DP Series. However, this knife just requires hand washing to apply for a long time without any problem like dullness.


  • Unique, striking kitchen knife
  • Stain-proof slicing knife
  • Suitable for left & right-handed person
  • Well balanced handle


  • Not dishwasher safe

9. Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered 9.5-Inch Damascus Sujihiki Chef Knife

It’s another tremendous Japanese slicing knife, which is well-known as a Sujihiki knife. As a result, it’s one of the highly essential kitchen tools that cook and chef need to accomplish their cooking tasks. That’s because while using the finest ingredients, they need the right tools to complete the job accurately.

When you want to slice filets of fresh fishes or to slice a roasted chicken right from your oven, this is the unavoidable tool to get done your cooking. Even it allows you to do the most straightforward tasks to elevate using this handcrafted knife that has made beautifully to work effectively.

It’s a type of Sujihiki slicer that’s good for handling large roasts to make them thinly sliced like cucumber. Also, this is suitable as a slicing knife for the carving of the table-side when you enjoy exclusive events or holidays.

The knife is forged with a blend of the Japanese and traditional Western styles slicing knives. Moreover, it has a straight and long blade that effortlessly slices through vegetables, meat, and fruits with preserving the reliability and freshness of the ingredients.

With 16-layer of hammered and forged, the knife has made with VG-10 Core, stain-resistant, and the Damascus-style. Its Western-style hand made mahogany handle enlarges to its full tang. Because of its blade’s hammered texture, it eliminates abrasion and keeps the slicing items from sticking on its blade.

It’s beautiful and clean-cut with genuine effort, smooth gliding, the balanced weight, and excellent design that encourages us to recommend it for our reader. So, the knife is highly recommended by our side.


  • Effortless to cut various things
  • Balanced weight
  • Excellent designed
  • Professional & beautiful look


  • Not safe for dishwasher

10. Yoshihiro VGYA270SH Hongasumi Stainless Steel Sushi Knife

One more knife from the Yoshihiro brand is your best choice for the beautiful combination of competitive prices and higher performance. But, this is not cheap in quality of sushi knife with mass production.

The knife is handcrafted, meaning it has made by the hands of some individual artisans who are very professionals to make these types of knives. That’s why this high-quality knife is crucial in its performance due to the premium craftsmanship.

With incredible edge retention plus sharpness, this knife secured 62-63 scores in the Rockwell Hardness test. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a professional chef when making sushi.

The loveliness of the knife is its well-designed thin blade that’s able to slice through the most types of ingredients in long nonstop strokes without losing the freshness and integrity of the ingredients.

Along with stainless steel made durability and effortlessness of care, this knife offers Hongasumi grade. Because of its VG-10 hard steel, it allows you to experience an optimal sharpness with excellent edge retention.

It requires care as attention as it’s a classic Japanese knife that makes values a razor-sharp edge. The blade of the knife is stain resistant means it prevents the buildup of rust when you work it with water. Also, it allows you to complete your slicing tasks with ease and faster pace.

Besides, the blade of the knife has made of face-ground and sturdy stainless steel. All these positive things are enough to recommend this knife for our reader to buy and enjoy good times!


  • Handcrafted knife
  • Higher in quality
  • Sturdy build
  • Best possible sharpness


  • Users’ complaint about the sharpness issue

Buying Guide For Best Sushi Knife

Now, you have read our review of the best sushi knife. So, it’s time to know about some essential factors that influence your purchasing decision.

Also, it’s crucial to keep in mind these factors before you finalize your deal for any sushi knife. Well, let’s know what the factors/ features those are very important to think about.

Also, Read our tips  article How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife.

Blade With Handle Materials

Extremely sharpness and remaining it for a long time are the essential features of the better sushi knife. You’re seeking a very sturdy steel alloy, or high carbon material to get these features. As they allow the artisans to make a razor-sharp edge from their factory, it’ll assist you with excellent edge retention.

You have options to expect to find blue and white steel come as a combination of the right choices in high-quality sushi knives. But, if you go after VG-10 iron, it’s good enough and will save you some money.

Indeed, handle material is not as important as the blade. But, you should always avoid cheap materials with your sushi knife. You should like the way it seems if you wish to spend some extra bucks on a pleasant knife.

Blade Length

If you notice, you’ll find most of the sushi knives come in 7-inch to 13-inch of lengths. When you get the accurate slicing of sushi knife, it’s an uninterrupted, single pulling cut through your foods like meat that leaves a fine clean edge right through.

Having a longer knife is easy to slice and cut meat and fish pieces. But, a knife with a shorter length will not give this advantage, and the user needs to effort multiple strokes. While trading off a knife with a long blade, it requires a large amount of steel than the smaller length ones.

So, purchasing a long and high-quality blade will cost simply more than others. That means if you want a durable and functional blade with your knife, you have to pay a bit more.


Japanese sushi knives get pride in their trade’s tools. We already have mentioned above that much of making sushi is pretty much the presentation. Even it’s about the amusement of it all in many restaurants.

That’s why some higher-end sushi knives come with Damascus, Herringbone, and Suminagashi styles in them. You’ll get complicated etchings of signs or dragons when we noticed on the knives on the above list in some other knives.

This image shows some examples of designs you can see on the sushi knife. You can find similar models in the best Santoku knives and the beginning of the Japanese traditions.


As you have read the list with the review, you’ll understand brands of knives always matter much. If not notice a bit closely, you’ll find that the brands “Yoshihiro” are coming several times. It’s because this is a popular and widely used brand all over the world.

Also, it indicates that the brand has lots of types of knives, so you can easily choose your preferred one. Moreover, a product of the famous brand is somewhat higher in price because of their higher durability, excellent performance, and lifetime warranty.

But, you’ll not find these things in the products of non-famous brands. In everything, brands play a vital role from knives to electrical products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Their Answers

Q: Why Are Sushi Knives Expensive?

A: Everybody becomes mesmerized by the performance of the sushi knives’ slice of raw fish or meat. That doesn’t depend on the experience of the chef, but the job does rightly by the sharpness and comfort level of the knife.

As these knives are made of durable high carbon steel, they’re costly. However, the higher price doesn’t go wrong because these knives are sharp and balanced than the ordinary ones.

Q: How Should I Maintain A Sushi Knife?

A: Investing in a sushi knife is a significant amount of money. So, it’s vital to maintain the knife properly. It would help if you never put it in a drawer with forks, spoons, or any other kitchen tools.

That’s because it might be dented, scratched, and banged when you’ll open the drawer. You should avoid cleaning the knife on the dishwasher because it may damage the sharpness of the knife. So, you should wash it on hand, dry well, and keep safe after use.

Q: Which One Is The Best Among Sushi knife & Yanagi knife?

A: Indeed, Yanagi knife is a type of sushi knives. But, they have their features and pros and cons. Sushi knives are suitable for cutting things like fish, meat, vegetables, etc. They’re small in size than Yanagi knife.

So, Yanagi knife is used to reduce broad types of fishes while sushi is used to trim them. This is why; you have to choose the one that meets your preferences to find the highest usability.

Q: Who Is Most Likely To Use A Sushi Knife?

A: Before using any sushi knives, it needs lots of legitimate and preparing fixation. Many sushi knife specialists suggest using various sushi bars before use anyone to someone’s own. Having a sushi knife of your own isn’t essential; it’s helpful.

Q: What Doesn’t The Rockwell Rating Stand For?

A: The Rockwell rating is the standard of the hardness of any knife. That means it tells you how hard and durable your knife is. Usually, premium steel’s Rockwell rating is 59 or more. It means that this is very hard to get a pointed edge with having no higher risk of cracking or breaking.

Summary of Best Sushi Knife

Customarily, the best sushi knife comes with geometric, Japanese-style, pair or mono tone wood or with enamel plates to the classy characteristics of cooking.

Also, this knife is one of the most useful and crucial tools in the kitchen to make sushi gradually moderate as well as excellent as per the plan.

A sushi chef uses this knife to make it to make his food for an incredibly artistic way imaginable. Although this is a fantastic convention from Japan, it’s currently being used everywhere globally.

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