Kamikoto Vs Shun: What Are The Differences?

You’re about to get a treat if you’re a huge fan of Japanese knives! We’re going to offer you the comparison of two Japanese knife brands, those well-known the way of packing a gift. Indeed, you’ll get all wrapped into one from the performance to packaging presentation. When you unbox the new set of knives, both brands get top and ahead to give you extraordinary feelings. Thus, they make this gift sets wonderful! So, this is the right time to get an in-depth comparison of these two brands. It’ll make things easier for you to decide the best one for you or as a gift among Kamikoto vs Shun.

Brand Comparison Kamikoto Vs Shun

Making at a particular point smoothly is probably the toughest one while choosing a knife. In this case, the ways become hard to find the right one – east or west.

No worries; we’re here with a solution for you that will help you go through the way you prefer much with the great product of the best brand.


Dating back to the Edo age before centuries, the Honshu Island and particularly the Niigata city, have had a grand tradition of metalworking. After becoming the part of the knife industry, Kamikoto is continuing their craft to these days.

The most stunning feature of this Japanese knife brand is that it provides unique patterns and higher qualities of knives. It’s the most noticeable difference between substandard metal works in any other part of the world.

Kamikoto family had the past of making Samurai or Katana knives before they formed the company in 1908. Also, they have made steel knives for the Japanese navy formerly.

But, these days, the Kamikoto is a famous brand for their sharp, corrosion-proof, and long-lasting kitchen knives. Indeed, they get the steel from the Honshu Island of Japan. And then they handcraft these knives is complete in China by professional knife makers.

With highly regarded Japanese bladesmiths, this brand went for seeking advice from the experts of Japanese knives. As a result, they discovered knives that are getting appreciating by lots of world’s famous cooks along with the knife enthusiasts.


The brand Shun is a sister concern of the KAI Group, which is a Japanese company making kitchen knives along with other cutlery items in Seki City, Japan. After establishing in 1908, this famous brand has 11 different knife collections.

Extremely skilled artisans have handcrafted these knives throughout a 100-step of different processes. Because of their strong focus on craftsmanship and quality reverts centuries, they bring the traditions and legacy of very old Japanese swordsmiths.

Their unique designs and blade materials are two vital things that make Shun outstanding. They use materials to manufacture their blades, including VG-MAX, VG10, SG2, and Higher carbon “Blue.” As these resources are well defined, they have better edge retention with corrosion and chipping resistant features.

When it comes to talking about the design of these knives, they speak for themselves. They’re as sharp as beautiful with finishes and unique designs. Layering some particular types of materials like metal and alloys jointly, some of their knives feature Damascus style.

Likewise, the handles of their knives come with hardwood or synthetic materials in various designs. Shun knives are not just sharp and stylish designed; they’re also lightweight and well constructed.

As a result, they’re all set to end the needs of professional chefs and home cooks. You’ll get more comparison about Shun knives: Dalstrong vs Shun and Shun vs Wusthof knives.

Kamikoto Vs Shun: Comparison 3 Piece Japanese Knife Set

Both brands of Shun and Kamikoto have their premium 3-piece Japanese-style knife sets. This 3-piece knife set may not look like to be enough.

However, they’re not necessarily intended to be the just knives in the kitchen. Well, let’s compare these two sets of Japanese knives.

Kamikoto 3-Piece Kanpeki Knife Set

First up, here is the three-piece knife set of Kamikoto brand that has a wooden box with flippantly, nature-style ash color. If you feel earthier to it at your kitchen, these will fit in pretty well. Since these knives have made from high-class Honshu steel, you can pleasingly use this stylish knife set to prepare sushi.

Also, you can use these knives for all other cutting purposes like chopping, slicing, mincing, and more. The unique thing about these knives is that they’re correctly balanced as well as weight. That’s because they allow you to perform cutting tasks very quickly and fluidly.

Moreover, you can save yourself an exhausting effort with better weight for these knives. Indeed, it’s great when you work for hours in your kitchen. These knives stand the ordeal of time as they’re corrosion-proof as you’d be expecting.

If you look at their presentation, these knife set comes with its unique storage box. So, it’s a great suite as a top sort of gift box that makes it a beautiful gift set. Like the box, the knives are very pleasant as well.

As you know, they have made from premium Honshu steel; they’re well balanced that provide you better performance with comfort.

Shun Premier 3-Piece Kitchen Knife

Initially, this knife set will catch your eyes with the beautiful design with superb tsuchime finish. These knives are hammered finished with complicatedly layered Damascus and Premier mirror polish. So, they give you a unique Shun Premier look that’s as rustic as sophisticated.

The way they perform is the authentic beauty of these knives. The Shun Premium 3-piece knife set has designed exceptionally with an agile handle. They’re not just extremely sharp; they’re also precise and lightweight.

As it comes with the palm swell up on its handle, it snuggles into your hand to give confident control. It means that these knives are suitable to use for people with larger and smaller hands.

Also, they provide as balanced as beauty with the brass ring and embossed endcap. Besides, this beautiful knife set packed with three knives from the Premium Series.

Most importantly, you’ll find the curved pakkawood handles with the highly refined mallet finish. Apart from great design works and hammered finish, the knives get the ability to release food on their blades that’s the grantons alike.

Because this knife set comes with presentation-ready, it’s an ideal gift set. And don’t forget that these premium knives go to your kitchen after 100 handcrafted steps to make.

Thanks to their very best hardened steels, it helps them preserve the 16-degree ultra-sharp blades.

Which Knife Is Better Kamikoto Or Shun

As both of them are delightful knife sets, you’ll love to get both as a beautiful gift. We should recommend the Shun knife if you’re seeking for a superior brand with higher performance. We’re exceptionally at ease with their Premier knife series as well as we’re huge fans!

We love and like to suggest this brand and the model for many reasons. These include it’s a high performing knife, looks beautiful, and incredibly high-end. Indeed, it means lots if you want a suitable gift set. It doesn’t mean we’re in opposing of buying Kamikoto knife sets.

They’re fantastic as well. Kamikoto is an appalling choice if you don’t care brand or more delicate look. It means that Kamikoto was less costly while we’re writing this comparison. So, this one could be the better option as per your budget.

Indeed, if you’re with a bit tight budget, then Kamikoto is the right choice. And if you’re with a bit higher budget, then Shun is the best choice. That means you can choose from these two brands according to your budget and preferences.


Determining which one is the best in the debate of Kamikoto vs Shun for you is a bit difficult. That’s because Shun is a very famous and popular Japanese brand. Likewise, Kamikoto is also another Japanese brand with a bit lower popularity in comparison with Shun.

You’ll get premium knives with advanced performance and will be durable for years anyone you choose from these two brands. Although we have tested both of them, we suggest the Shun brand and its kitchen knife sets.

While we’re testing them, Shun knives felt as sturdy as durable and comfortable to grip. Also, they come with classic design and suitable handle to work with them is safe than most other brands, and their knife sets available in the market.

If you’re fond of Japanese knives with extreme sharpness and long-lasting features, among these two brands, Shun is ahead of Kamikoto.

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