How to sharpen your WUSTHOF knife With few Step

WUSTHOF knife is a knife making company based in Germany which makes mid-priced to high-end kitchen knives for domestic and professional use. WUSTHOF knives are made of high end stainless steel and offer extraordinary sharpness and perfect balance. Also they offer premium quality Sharpen tools for you knife, I will add their all of available feature and tools for you to know “How to sharpen your WUSTHOF knife”

Use your WUSTHOF knives properly

You should use your knife duly at right way. If you want to use your knife more often then you clean or sharpen it, then there is chance for damage your knife. Sometimes home and professional cook getting bad just for blades. I have trying to add some common points that you should DO and NOT using your knives to keep your good works.

Do Not:

Never try to cut harder things, like hard plastic, Glass, Stale ETC. Although some WUSTHOF knives cutting this such as items but it’s help to reduce the blade’s sharpen quicker.


You can use a cutting board, Instead above list you can cutting wood, softer plastic, fivers, bamboo, but you should remainder that before cutting wood and bamboo it’s recommended to wash using water and that’s not be too much hot, you have to also carefully to sanitize the board each time after uses.

Do not:

Never try to showoff to other Fancy cut unless you gather a proper pro cutting knowledge using your WUSTHOF knives properly. It will quickly dulls your knife’s blades.


Always, use a right knife for your job. WUSTHOF makes around hundreds of knife, so you can just consider which one will fit for your works.

How to clean your WUSTHOF knives with care
If you keep clean your WUSTHOF knife that mean you make it long lasting the sharpen of your WUSTHOF knife. They make an excellent job, they are making all of knives corrosion resistant and their knives are stand up to years of use. So let’s to include some points that you should need to know.

Do not:

Never put water at your knife although you are using stainless still WUSTHOF knife. Stainless steel can be dissipate with water.

Do not think, it is good to wash your WUSTHOF knife at dishwasher. Because the chemical can be damage your blades even your WUSTHOF knife’s handle.

Do not store your all blades in a single drawer. If you do so, it can be damage your sharp edge each to other. So be careful on this point.


Never worry about wash your knife instantly after use, especially if you cut any acidic products.
You can use some detergent with bit hot water and wash your knives.
Make sure you have use gloves before start washing to protect your hands.
After cleaning your WUSTHOF knife then store it into a woo block.

How to sharpen WUSTHOF knives?

If you use WUSTHOF knife then you should must know “How to sharpen WUSTHOF knife “
This part of this article are very important. If you don’t sharpen your knives it will reduce the blades life. On this way, your WUSTHOF knives will be unable to cut anything for you

1. Angle Matters

There is no rules for specific models or configuration at WUSTHOF knife for sharpen. You might listen someone that you need to keep 20 degree angel but that’s not important. Just focus on the consistent of blade and your sharpen tools.

2. Think it easy to sharpen

There is a great mistake every newbie does it. When they sharpen WUSTHOF knife, they does over pressure on their knives. So just do everything at lightweight way, that’s best.

3. Rock option

You might get little bit idea for “How to sharpen your WUTHOF Knife already that you can sharpen using a stone . Yes you are right. It’s a very old technique but still useful all over the world. So why you not. But if you pick any rock then don’t think this rock can easily done the job. From my personal experience I have tried so many stones and I’m going to describe a best one for me.

The stone was low grit density, especially for a dull knife. After this one you can also try a Ultra that’s can be a next medium density stone. Keep in mind, the main thing is blades of a knife. So invest your more time to get a perfect blades with edge. Because if you are constantly sharping your knife it will reduce the blades knife.

4. Know your sharpen stone

You will notify that most of sharping stone can be use via water and dry. Anyway, there is a downgrade issue also, much stone can be broken by oil. You should must read manufacture’s guideline at sharpen stone. Sometimes when you try to cutting something you may see food clog the surface due to have it oil allowed stone.

5. How to test sharping blade

First you take a paper on your hand and try to cut the paper using your knife. If you can see the blade able to cutting the paper very easily and smoothly without any hassle or extra pressure. That mean, your blade is sharpen perfectly. One of the very important step here, never try to test the sharpen your self. Protect your arms, skins, and your body.

6. Using tool? (professional step)

How to sharpen your WUTHOF knife properly, in this step we cover it
All of our above technique was not so much professional. So want to have a try factory job in your home?. WUTHOF knives offer their own sharping tools for your knife. You can sharping your blades very easily and consistently with over safety and without any worry.


So, let’s describe bit actually which one you need to perfectly do your sharpen job.
If you are a not exert and newbie and don’t have any idea “How to sharpen a WUTHOF knife” then we absolutely recommended you to purchase the WUSTHOF knives sharpen tool, if you are intermediate label then you may try a sharpen stone with low density for comfortable.

Thanks for your reading, let us know how we can help you more. We will add more easy and pro way so that you can get a proper knowledge “How to sharpen WUTHOF knife”

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