How To Sharpen A Knife Without A Stone? With 5 Step

You can simply sharpen a knife using some usual home elements without wasting money on costly stone or sharpeners. Even you may save your life if you’re outside of your house and stop with the wilderness when you need an ideal knife.

But, unexpectedly, you find out the knife has not enough of its edge. In this case, you can use the gear that is equipped with you. And you’ll get a very sharp knife within a few minutes. As it’s not possible to carry a sharpener all the time with you, you can follow some tips and tricks in this situation.

If you know and use some tricks on how to sharpen a knife without a stone or sharpener, you can make your knife sharp enough with ease. So, here we’ll talk about five effective methods to sharpen your knife without using a sharpener.

1. Sharpen Knife Using A Simple Coffee Mug

As it’s a very common ingredient and every family uses it, we’re initiating with this. It’s handy for sharpening most types of knives from pocket to kitchen knife because it’s a homemade sharpening tool.

Since most coffee mugs have made of ceramic and this is one of the best sharpening substances. But the big question is how to use a coffee mug to sharpen one knife? Just turn it upside down and put a flat, stable surface, and use the bottom of the mug to sharpen.

Hold your knife, insert it on the bottom of the mug and try to keep the angle between 30-40 degrees because perfect sharpness is guaranteed! So finally, move your blade at least 4-6 times forward and backward. And carry on until you feel the true sharpness and hold the same angle.

2. Sharpen Knife With A Car Window

It may sound a bit weird, buy the car window could be an excellent honing device. If you have not enough essentials to sharpen your knife, this tip might be beneficial on an extended road trip.

However, the problem is how to sharpen your knife through a car window? You open a window in halfway or slightly down, and you just put your knife against the edge of the window.

And after this, pull back and forth using an angle of 10 degrees. You continue the sharpening 7-8 times, and you have to sharpen both sides of the blade.

3. Sharpen Knife With The River’s Stone

If you previously use the whetstone or sharpening stone, probably you know of it! But, here we have mentioned the river’s stone. We meant if you get a river’s stone near you, it’s simply possible to sharpen your knife.

Indeed, this simple tip of sharpening is more suitable for the people that spend lots of time camping, hunting, fishing, and/or hiking. It’s because you’ll get a clean stone on the riverside quickly.

And while you are watching, you can apply this method; you need a perfect blade to cut rope or fishing hook. This trick even allows you to sharpen your Machete. But how do you sharpen a knife with a stone on the river? It is so simple, really!

But it’ll be better to say you should clean the stone for the best result before you sharpen it. And place the stone in a safe location and then put your knife on it and put some pressure on it. Then move it back and forth, but the angle depends on the side of your blade knife.

4. Sharpen A Knife Using A Belt

It’s another excellent and straightforward knife sharpening method that you can sharpen your knife effortlessly. It’s because perhaps you use a belt every day; you have the option to sharpen using it if you’re outside of your home.

But, the method only works if you have a leather belt; other plastic or artificial leather doesn’t work for a knife sharpener. The basic thing then is how can a knife be sharpened using a leather belt?

But we want to say never try this on an expensive belt before you tell the method, just you can use your old belt if you are staying home. Never try to use your new belt only without any extreme situation.

First, lay your belt on a perfect surface because it will make it easier for you to sharpen. Place your knife on it, keeping an angle of 10-15 degrees, and pull back and front for at least 3-5 minutes.

5. Sharpen Knife With Another Knife

When you have two knives near you, this is a handy trick to work with. But, you may sharpen another knife without wasting much time utilizing one knife. First, you must hold your right-hand knife that you’d like to sharpen.

And take a knife that will support you sharpen, and it’ll be on your left hand. And it’s recommended that you slowly pull the knife back and forth against the dull knife that you hold in your left hand using angles of 15-20 degrees.

Maybe it’ll be a tough job! But if you’ve already used a knife sharpening steel in your kitchen, it’ll be much more comfortable. It is because sharpening steel is a similar way to sharpen a knife.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above-said five sharpening methods will help you sharpen your knife without using a sharpener or sharpening stone. It does not just assist you at your home; it’s also helpful to sharpen a knife in the wilderness.

Indeed, these methods are suitable to work with when your knife sharpener is out of order, or you don’t have it.

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